Meditative Mantras I Uploaded to TikTok

As most of you know, I have been uploading compilations of my TikTok videos to YouTube. My account on TikTok is vkjehannum and my channel name on YouTube is Vidian. My YouTube compilations, however, cannot include videos that incorporate copyrighted content such as funny audio clips or music. Since all of my meditative mantra videos included musical samples, and I cannot include them in my YouTube compilations, I am posting the collection of never-before-seen meditative mantras here in text form.

For clarity, you do not have to use any or these mantras that do not appeal to you or use them in any given order. Just pick the one(s) you like, and use them however many times and however often you like.

  1. Gonzay-ath Thod Dor Ha- This mantra calls upon Thor to strengthen your natural resistance to spiritual attack and magickally empower you.
  2. Liehsarak Ostaka Soth (lee-saw-rawk aws-taw-kuh sawth)- This mantra calls on Thoth/Tehuti to impart the ability to intuitively understand deities alongside a talent for astral projection and magickal empowerment.
  3. Gostor Alsar Zoth (gaws-toor awl-sar zawth)- This mantra calls on Thoth/Tehuti to impart an intuitive understanding of human nature and the Spiritual Shadow/Alternate Self alongside magickal empowerment.
  4. Ostea Alth Yaza (aws-tee-ah awlth yaw-zah)- Calls Satan to strengthen connection to your soul (Higher Self, Spirit Animal, etc.) and refine your energy.
  5. Phorsara Oth Yakara (for-saw-ruh awth yuh-kaw-ruh)- Calls Lucifer to impart confidence, an intuitive understanding of nature and spirits, and strength.
  6. Gaza Tenthar Orth (gaw-zuh tin-thar orth)– Calls Azlyn to improve emotional intelligence and astral hearing.
  7. Zarzor Thonthara- Calls Astaroth to strengthen your natural resistant to spiritual attack as well as strengthen your third eye.
  8. Orkarak Zoth- Calls Shalicu for discipline, talent for energy work, and talent for death magick
  9. Oktaea Althara Zoth Gor- Calls Characith for confidence, knowledge of self, and improvement of the psychic senses.
  10. Thordora Zathara Ossay- Calls Saksaksalim to impart a talent for demon magick, aptitude for Qliphothic sorcery, and empowerment of the third eye.
  11. Alsietha Sar Al- Calls Lilith to strengthen faculties for psychic vampyrism, aptitude for necromancy and death magick, and ability to concentrate.
  12. Zozz Ostar Azzyk- Calls Lilith to increase will-to-power, impart an intuitive understanding of nature and the Divine Feminine, and build healthy confidence.
  13. Phiesarrak Ostaea Zakoor- Calls Lilith to improve your ability to perceive and tap into energy, improves confidence and intuition, and imparts strength.
  14. Dorth-Yahd-Oss-Oth- Calls Hecate to impart spiritual balance, strength of heart/mind, and empowerment of the chakras.
  15. Mulsala Ostea Gar- Calls on Selene for attunement with nature, healthy self-esteem, and improvement of spiritual perception.
  16. Kiehzara Al Asara- Calls on Nyx to strengthen intuition, impart the strength to stand up for yourself, and engender magickal empowerment.
  17. Dolsaythar Onzara Asahtor- Calls Asteria for shadow integration, development of maturity, and magickal empowerment.
  18. Kiehkar Ost Lorn- Calls Loki to strengthen your energy body and Black Flame.
  19. Orth Kiehkar Dahd- Calls Loki to impart spiritual wisdom and the ability to interpret your dreams.
  20. Ossrahkay Arsea Doz Lor- Calls Anubis to strengthen your connection to the Death Current and awaken your intrinsic spiritual gifts.
  21. Systarrick Altorren Zah- Calls Apep to strengthen spiritual sight (ability to see spirits, auras, etc.).

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


9 thoughts on “Meditative Mantras I Uploaded to TikTok

  1. Just try it out. Got immediate response with the Satan chant. Someone dimmed the lights immediately after chanting. He is very much in rage and wrath. I made a stronger ritual for him exactly at Christmas.

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  2. Do you need to do any initiatory workings or spells with any of these deities before doing any of the incantations? Thank you.


  3. Here are some additional chants V.K. uploaded to tik-tok witch are now taken down.

    Emotional Healing chants
    Santa Muerte:
    (‘Thyth Za Yay Asara’)

    (‘Ovroora Dalasa Ahvea Arcall’)

    “Ostea Alth Yaza”
    (Aws-tee-ah awlth yaw-zah)


    1. Here are some more chants V.K. uploaded to Tiktok now taken down.

      Summoning chants

      (‘Donza Hakara Envay-awk’)

      (‘Zorlara Haza Enthar’)

      (‘Vala Zensar Oskar’)


      (‘Vos-Tay-On Gade Zear’)

      (‘Dor zar Vaga ossay’)

      (‘Lorzara pheak


      (‘Sorra Asara lak’)

      (‘Vorsay-ah goz Ara viak’)

      (‘Yorra zala Ea’)

      (‘Zea lorn Avaka’)

      (‘Vylton Hakara
      Gagala lyltar’)

      (‘Dendorren Vynla
      Hov Horth’)

      (‘Shylla Akara Vee-sar’)

      (‘Lorna Asaka Siallon yassay’)

      (‘Zorlar see Avak Ventala’)

      (‘Vorya Zea Sontay-ah Oz’)

      (‘Shee-za Var Vylla Gock’)

      Fenrir x2:
      (‘Zorleak Zynlea
      Harth See-tara’)

      (‘Zonla Yava Vornth Zorn’)

      (‘Lorza goz zenla Assuren’)

      (‘Zenla vara ee-sar’)

      (‘Zee-la Hoss
      Assay Gakhahn’)


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