Names: Sanasatas, Rialathon, Mia’sorhen
Compass: South & Southwest
Color: Black, Grey, White, Pink, Green
Elemental Attribution: the Primordial Chaos; the Four Elements
Planetary Attributions: Mercury & Planets Far Beyond Our Solar System
Preferred Offerings: Satya’s Midnight Incense, Satya’s Fortune Incense, Jasmine Oil, Spices, Black Pepper, Blood

Sanatas, the One True King of Demons, has a hidden aspect and twin by the name of Sanasatas. If you have not read my article about Sanatas, I would encourage you to do so before reading this article:

Most people are not ready to work with Sanatas or Sanasatas. Most of my initial experiences with Sanasatas were brought on by other people he was interested in working with, but later, he began showing an interest in me as well. He asked me to write this article.

Sanasatas is a glorious spirit of universal power. He should be called on for protection, grand alchemy, planar travel, and macrocosmic alchemy. Call on him to establish your will and desire in their many forms, but only when great change is needed. Ensure that you grant him the utmost respect and worship should you choose to pursue a relationship with him.

Do not fear Sanasatas, or he will turn on you. He is more wicked than Sanatas, but less violent and more approachable. While Sanatas dislikes being summoned and should only be called forth as guided by Arachne, Sanasatas can be summoned more frequently.

Sanasatas doesn’t seem to see much purpose in having a name for himself. All of the names I have seen Sanasatas don have been jokes or puns of some kind.

The alchemy of Sanasatas can beget immortality of any kind.

Magickal Chants

Rialathon Torzen Gar Han
Channeled All-Purposed Summoning Chant for Sanasatas

Sanasatas Liessahgor
Channeled All-Purposed Summoning Chant for Sanasatas

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

5 thoughts on “Sanasatas

  1. Hi Jehannum VK… Great post, great read, You is amazing…
    But can you one day please make a post about Tantavalerion, please!!


  2. Funningly, I was never interested in my magickal name. “Call me rabbit!” I thought by myself. The sigil is a arrow down with a “Z” at the tip and a line horizontally below all, very simple. But I doubt this “Immortality”-stuff, Anubis once said that immortality it is an illusion, at least the way we imagine it. Only Death himself is immortal.


    1. The magickal name is a sonic description of your soul, you take no particular benefit by knowing it, yet is the process to obtain it, that matters. It takes you to a new level of self perception, which is pivotal because there is nothing blocking evolution worse than lingering within illusions. About immortality, it is not illusory, there are organic living beings who never die, AND spirits which, as long as they can feed, remain forever active, and are never dragged to the deep sleep of the soul between lives (which is why very advanced spirits starts to worship death and teach thus to humans, as at their level death is very rare and yet it remains sought for the insight it begets, sought but never reached, for as mighty as they are, they never lose a battle). But yes I perfectly understand what Anubis told you and I can confirm: our current self is just a shell to be discarded. Only death (read: the soul and its constant transformation) is eternal. Anyway I suppose Vk was talking about getting more in touch with our Higher self: if you merge with it, you can actually experience its same condition of stability (“immortality”). Greetings pal!!!


  3. our magickal names will only bind us to them. Do not care about tomorrow. Live every day as if it is your last. “Being” comes into existance as the result of a vibration of a string between “existent Non-Existance” and “existent Existance”. That is why when you ask Sanatas questions he will answer in jokes and nonsense but when you remain quiet he will speak to you. He is very close with Ahriman who also does not talk much. You can even say that he never speaks. Greetings too!


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