V.K. Merch: Introducing the I Curse Rapists Clothing Line

Sara Petrucelly brought my clothing idea to life in three awesome designs which come on t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, and hoodies. The I Curse Rapists clothing line from Black Tree Blue Raven is the only official V.K. Jehannum merch on the market. Give our designs a gander: https://blacktreeblueraven.com/collections/v-k-jehannum-collection


4 thoughts on “V.K. Merch: Introducing the I Curse Rapists Clothing Line

  1. You mixed your most heroic and combatant sides and turned the result into something offering a widespread message (and even you’ll make money out of it). Well done pal. It is the proof that the material world is still interested in stuff imagined by a magician. You’ll make history, little by little.


    1. Someday VK will be the god some other race calls for emotionally healing assault victims and cursing a wide array of people into oblivion. Forget history – he’s going to be in the equivalent of a Goetia.


      1. Surely he is slowly making his way up as a spirit of Justice: he gives obscure spirits the acclaim they deserved, he gives honest people the knowledge they deserved, he gives bad people the punishment they deserved. All of these are forms of Justice.


  2. Lol.

    Are you all brain dead?

    Like WTF.


    You all sound like Christian youth counsellers on drugs😂

    “Making his way up as a spirit of justice..”

    “Forget history he’s going to be the equivalent of a Goetia.”

    Holy fucken shit, I want WHATEVER it is that you guys are smoking because it has fucked your brains to shit.

    What are you all even doing? Are you even aware that you guys are basically just polar opposites of religious bigots with you regurgitating of useless scripture?

    Do you think that these words mean anything?

    They are fucken bullshit strings of letters, composed of words long bereft of lodgement in our modern lexicon.

    You all may think you are part of something here, but you are just making a laughing stock out of the rest of us who are not fucken insane assholes who are somehow still attracted to the religious/occult ramblings of some dick head.

    We have learned our lesson from the GCOL.

    Never again will we allow people like you asshats to tarnish our noble ideals.

    Choose fuckers.

    You either leave religion, or you stick with it. So stop reciting these verses that are tantamount to a sermon on the mount for edgy kids.

    Get your shit together.


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