Three Obscure Aspects of Asmodeus

  1. Asmodeus-Toralon: the Monarch of Daath

This aspect of Asmodeus is a gate-opener who can create portals to any spiritual realm and assist the magickian in wielding the forces of the Abyss. This aspect is a useful one to work with when conjuring the spirits of Daath, essaying aeonic sorcery/macrocosmic alchemy, slaughtering the emissaries of Jehovah or battling deities, causing the destruction of forces in the Inbetween, conjuring the Shadow People, casting execrations, casting spells for protection, and healing mental illnesses.

Asmodeus-Toralon appeared to me as a robed and crowned being of shadow with two large serpents rising above his shoulders. The all-purposed summoning chant I have channeled for Asmodeus-Toralon is Toralon Nanora. His sigil is as follows:


2. Asmodeus-Haeoza: the Underworld Devourer

This aspect of Asmodeus is a useful one to call on when conjuring the forces of the punishment realm in the core of the earth or initiating through it. He can aid one in helping the dead pass on, summoning ghosts who have passed on, experiencing union with all of one’s past lives, safely summoning their own ghost even though they have yet to die, integrating the Shadow, empowering the Black Flame, and fully becoming an incarnation of the True Self and Spirit Animal.

Asmodeus-Haeoza appeared to me as a massive and bewinged alligator. The all-purposed summoning chant I have channeled for Asmodeus-Haeoza is Haeoza Goryalla. His sigil is as follows:


3. Asmodeus-Sordellin: the Reaping Magickian

This aspect of Asmodeus can sever the cord that binds the dead to this realm, obliterate the collective of an enemy’s ancestral spirits, obliterate a burial ground’s connection to the dead and the Death Current, astrally turn a given location into a sort of outpost for the Death Current, give assistance in death magick and lethal curses, annihilate an enemy’s astral double entirely, destroy an enemy’s Higher Self and past life echoes, and open gateways to underworld planes.

Asmodeus-Sordellin appeared to me as a scythe-wielding vampyre in a grey robe. The all-purposed summoning chant I have channeled for Asmodeus-Sordellin is Sordellin Tarala Goryaeroth Choz. His sigil is as follows:


This is a commissioned/paid article which I has hired to design.


  1. Infernus. Demonolatry Basics.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

4 thoughts on “Three Obscure Aspects of Asmodeus

  1. Everytime Asmodeus pops up unexpected and remains permanently, he is the bringer of justice, because someone has to die and pay for his or the actions of someone other. In Vodou he is known as Krabinay or Carabina and assists in desperate cases of illness or hexes. Yahweh is at least equal in power to him. Asmodeus works closely together with Astovidatu, they hunt unworthy souls and bind them into iron-plates. He is definitely not a spirit to play around with.


  2. Correct, he does not serve Ahriman anymore. His bond with Astovidatu is only very loose now. Those times have gone. Be cautious with Cagliastro’s book, those performances, once did, are irreversible because magnets create cracks that no spirit can repair. Seemingly your curses really affect many things. I am sorry when lashed out against you. We all make mistakes. Ask Satan, he will confirm my change. He is so awesome.


  3. Bokor Kendall also spoke of “destroying ones Higher Self” but got a reply that this is not completely possible even if it appears like that.


  4. Thanks for the Asmodeus-workouts and information! He is very delicate demon, well balanced when you treat him with respect. Sometimes he takes you to a flight into the heavenly realms. For 20 minutes or so. He is very good for geometry and learning and knows many things about human psyche because he was a human, yep.


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