The Rite of Tehuti’s Alchemy

This ritual calls upon Thoth/Tehuti to empower the witch, alchemically transforming her and boosting her psychic abilities. This ritual was designed to yield significant results without requiring magickal equipment of any kind. However, the sorceress may employ any materials she has at her disposal however she sees fit. It would be good to make an offering to Tehuti during this rite– he likes Nag Champa and Myrrh.

Phrases which appear in italics are meant to be chanted (recited repeatedly in a rhythmic monotone). Names which appear in bold are meant to be vibrated. Translations appear in brackets and explanations appear in parentheses. This ritual employs two channeled secret names for Thoth (Pobaroth & Shombradae). Secret names are only for use in magick and worship. The words Io and Ia basically translate to “Hail.”

TehutiAbove: Channeled Sigil of Thoth or Tehuti

Io Thoth-Pobaroth! Ia Tehuti-Shombradae!

I call forth Tehuti, the Numinous Scribe, the sempiternal and all-seeing deity of knowledge! Subject me to your alchemy and empower me for mediumship! I vibrate your names to conjure you forth!

Sheps + Tetu + Pobaroth + Khenti + Shombradae + Thoth + Zehuti + Hab + Tahuti
[(Nine Names of Thoth/Tehuti)]

Tehuti Mozrabor! Thoth Shadaremba! Malabae Yizrada Shondrala Yaezabar! Shobador Tehuti Yonduthal! Koradona Arabara Shandrador Shaeduroth!
[(Five Channeled Incantations to Summon Thoth)]

Salve Divinus Thoth! Invoco Dominator Zehuti! Voco Te Tetu! Superveni Zehuti Maximus Lar! Corire Omnituens Numen Sheps! Agios o Thoth-Tahuti! Concelebrate Sempiternus Tahuti!
[Hail the Numinous Thoth! I Call Lord Zehuti! I Call You, Tetu! Arise, Zehuti, Elder Deity! Appear, All-Seeing Spirit, Sheps! Numinous is Thoth-Tahuti! I Praise the Eternal Tahuti]

Jehuti Draza (x11)
[(Channeled Chant to Summon Thoth)]

Kara Thoth Yovra (x11)
[(Channeled Chant to Summon Thoth)]

Io Thoth-Pobaroth! Ia Tehuti-Shombradae!


10 thoughts on “The Rite of Tehuti’s Alchemy

  1. Beautiful. You sound crystal clear in the last video and also I am very very happy about Kurtis’ part on youtube about “Karma and Malicious sorcery” – it is EXACTLY the same message as Baron Samedi said: “Karma does not exist in this form, only echo exists – will you be able to absorb the recoil of your sorcery or not.” Some people say: oh, there is nothing wrong for you, you even won’t feel anything. But when there is no feeling of a recoil in your sorcery – it is just Psychodrama.

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  2. Now this is one i will try.. I like the flow of the vowels. Just to double check.. A=ah as in aha! In the head E=ay as in fate. Throat I=ee as in she.. Chest O=ow as in show, Dantien U=oo as in you… Perenium

    Do u have a vid or youtube clip of yourself chanting? I am a lone practioner, live in Norway, not so easy to find our kinda cheezy. Would be nice to hear a proper ritual voice again. Also, i want to check and see, if what i see and hear in my minds eye when i read your stuff, is dead on or totally off.

    Ave & Blue Cheers Buddy, Respectfully, EdMe 93

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    1. The e’s in my channeled chants are supposed to be pronounced like the e’s in egg, bell, etc. Never as an ay unless specified otherwise.

      In my channeled chants, i’s should be pronounced like the i in igloo, not as an ee.

      I try to write my channeled chants and secret names such that a redneck could attempt to sound them out and wind up saying them accurately. Every once in a while I channel a chant or name that sounds different from most of what I channel, and in those cases, I provide pronunciation instructions.

      I have one video of myself performing one of my rites and one of myself reciting some of my magickal hymns.


  3. Also:
    Tantra comes from the Sanskrit “tanuti,” meaning “to weave.”
    I have always felt that there is a secret connection between the Egyptian Tahuti and the Sanskrit Tanuti. Especially since Tantra was seen more of as a way or path instead of just the western interpretation.


  4. Hello , Thank you for this sharing ! I really would love to speak someone on a call to guide me to do this right my English is not so good and I feel I do something wrong 😦 I AM A EX MUSLIM FIND MY TRUE IN TEHUTI. PLEASE HELP ME


  5. More Names of Toth Include:
    Chequetet, Arelich, Volmalites
    & (‘NIGAJITA’) A name given to ENKI’s KID AKA TOTH

    Some deity’s (Mainly ‘Egyptian’) have a Demonic Aspect for Example ‘ISIS’ is ‘Astroth’, and another goatic demon
    I’ve heard ‘Enlil’ is ‘Yahweh’ from many sources, ive still yet to test it. so take it with a grain of salt (Enlil is Enkis brother)
    *Note *
    One can chant the first 3 names in the given order to summon Thoth


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