Nyarlathotep or So Upcaqaiu

Element: Water
Compass: Northeast
Zodiac Attribution: None
Sacred Numbers: 4, 12, 17, 94, 84, 397, 521
Colors: Blue, Rainbow, Transparent, Black, Purple
Qliphothic Attribution: Daath; Golachab; Satariel
Planetary Attributions: the Black Sun; Uranus; the Black Moon

nyarlathotep-sigil-improvedAbove: Sigil of Nyarlathotep Channeled By DancingCorpseWitch

Introduction & Disclaimer

Many black magickians have come to the realization that some or all of the deities described in the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft are objectively extant intelligences as well as viable initiators and spirit guides.

Multiple theories regarding how these entities came to be presented as fictitious characters exist. I have previously covered the three theories which I am aware of on both my WordPress and YouTube channel and presented my personal gnosis on the matter in my recent video “Azagthoth Reveals the Truth Behind Lovecraftian Magick.”

I have already covered Kutulu/Cthulhu, Ishiniggarab/Shub-Niggurath, Azagthoth/Azathoth/Atazoth, and Xastur/Hastur on my WordPress due to my interest in the Necronomicon by Simon (the Urilia text in particular). Thereafter, I decided that I would cover Yog-Sothoth and Nyarlathotep here because I considered covering all of the deities described by Lovecraft to be an impressive accomplishment for a medium and demonologist. My reason for ditching my plan to write an article about Yog-Sothoth is covered in my YouTube video entitled “My Personal Gnosis of Yog-Sothoth”.

Regarding Nyarlathotep

Nyarlathotep is a spirit of Da’ath, an emissary of Astaroth, and a dethroned lord of the underworld who is capable of manifesting in the Inbetween. In terms of species, he is a mixture of a demon, a daeva/div, and a nightmare angel. When I asked the spirit if he had a name which he preferred to Nyarlathotep, the name he presented to me was So Upcaqaiu (SOW-oop-SAW-qee-ath).

My personal gnosis is that So Upcaqaiu is an exile of Arezura, as well as an exile of Irkalla/Kur. When I asked Nyarlathotep why he was exiled from the realms of Ereshkygal and Ahriman, he said that he committed many acts which were offensive to the dwellers and lords of those planes.

I asked him about his relationship(s) to Kutulu, Azagthoth, Ishniggarab, and Xastur. He told me that he was friends with Kutulu, Azagthoth, and Ishniggarab, but that he didn’t interact with Xastur. So Upcaqaiu specified that he and Kutulu do not work alongside one another on their own time (obviously witches often evoke the two alongside one another). This may or may not contradict the gnosis of given authorities on Lovecraftian magick.

A manuscript from the Temple of the Ascending Flame described So Upcaqaiu as the “initiator into the mysteries” of Lovecraftian magick and “the companion of all who walk the path of the Great Old Ones.” According to the ToAF, “Nyarlathotep is the guide who leads man to the stars, showing us how to transcend our finite nature and become infinite and eternal.”

According to Asenath Mason, “[Nyarlathotep] is the Left Hand Path initiator who destroys everything and ruthlessly shatters all weaknesses within our minds. He is the Crawling Chaos who opens the gate to the Outer Void through which the Great Old Ones can enter our consciousness. Nyarlathotep is thus the beginning (the initiator of interactions with the Outer Gods) and the end – the destroyer and the principle of disintegration.”

154762A1-470B-4390-B7CB-A6FB17AFD11DAbove: My Channeled Sigil of Nyarlathotep

According to DancingCorpseWitch, “Nyarlathotep, to me, is suave and eloquent in his speech, he’s a classy but whimsical dude that likes to party. He also seems to enjoy Paganini. He’s someone that would help you out because he’s nice and he likes you, but he’d also be the kind of person that would help you simply for fun. In my work with him, he is extremely useful in opening portals and gates across various multidimensional planes, but that is probably only a fraction of what he can actually do.”

Nyarlathotep is knowledgeable regarding Egyptian magick, Norse runes, spells of oppression, lust spells, spiritual warcraft, and protection magick. His auspices are of use in conjuring masses of spirits to accomplish a large goal.

So Upcaqaiu first appeared to me as an anthropoid, vaguely insectoid in nature, apparently devoid of facial features, and coated in the colors yellow and black. During my second encounter, he appeared as a robed, cloaked, and chained floating corpse-thing. The Temple of the Ascending Flame purports that Nyarlathotep usually dons a humanoid appearance, and often an appearance familiar to the operator.

DancingCorpseWitch described the spirit as “A dark, shadowy figure stepped out… [whose] face was entirely featureless, save for a very wide toothy grin that seemed friendly but could easily be mistaken for one that was menacing. He was in a very dapper-looking tuxedo, with pointed shoes. His coattails flapped in the wind as he extended a clawed arm out for a handshake. It was then that I realized he was Nyarlathotep. His hand was a little cold to the touch, and it felt almost as though I was grasping cold sand that was constantly shifting against my skin. I also realized that at that moment that the figure in front of me was merely an extension of him, and behind him there was this incomprehensible, black, seething mass.”

According to DancingCorpseWitch, “[So Upcaqaiu] talks in a lilt, and his accent is a mix of American and something else that I cannot place – I would best describe it as that of a sinister Bond villain.”

Magickal Chants

Zanasnor + Soaqit + Loafsou + Aznaea
Four Channeled Names of So Upcaqaiu
(Zaw-naz-NOR + SOW-ah-QUIT + LOW-awf-SOW-oo + Oz-NEIGH-UH)

Azsae Yal Sor Azgae
Channeled Chant to Evoke So Upcaqaiu

Orjon Ala Nara Zor
Channeled Chant to Invoke So Upcaqaiu

Yarzae Yaltae Yorson Alloth
Channeled Chant to Invoke So Upcaqaiu

Veni, Veni, Soaqit, Zanasnor
“Come, Come, Soaqit, Zanasnor!”

Evoco Loafsou Pe Fende Chaos
“I Call Loafsou, Fiend of Chaos!”

Vocavi Te, Zanasnor, Magna Paladin
“I Summon You, Zanasnor, Great Sorcerer!”

Ambrosius Aznaea-Soaqit Gloria
“Glory to the Immortal Aznaea-Soaqit!”


1. DancingCorpseWitch. “Nyarlathotep, the One and Only.” The Private Journal of a Void Witch, 4 July 2019, https://dancingcorpsewitch.wordpress.com/2019/07/02/nyarlathotep-the-one-and-only/.
2. Mason, Asenath. Necronomicon Gnosis. Black Tower Publishing, 2014.
3. Simon. Necronomicon. Ibis Press, 2008.
4. Temple of the Ascending Flame. Nyarlathotep as the Guide to the Necronomicon Gnosis. 2016, http://www.ascendingflame.com/.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


16 thoughts on “Nyarlathotep or So Upcaqaiu

  1. Vk, max of respect, but I sense like he had been lying to you, in good terms, like creating a riddle for you to decypher. He does that kind of things, not as a way to show he doesn’t consider you worthy of the truth, but like it was his personal style, or one of the techniques he employs as normal.

    I do not absolutely felt him as an exiled, no more than Odin is, goin around cloaked as beggar.
    The entity I felt when tried to contact Nyarly was so clear I for a while supposed He is ONA’s At-Azoth.
    You use the word Watcher to describe envoys from the Ain/AinSoph stuff of the like? He’s of that race. Ultimately. And a big guy of them. If not the biggest. I sensed something of the race of Sepheranz. Thaumiel connected to say the least, if not Beyond (difficult, you and I have different names for same places, you often talk about places Beyond the Qliphoth, to me THAT is Thaumiel, words are meaningless).

    Anyway, no offense intended toward you: our styles differ but you are brave, committed, and purposeful, and altough some of your methods are not my cup of tea, I seriously respect you
    More than anything, for your willingness to change your mind and update. it’s the difference between doing magick and focusing on books (or personal encrusted preferencies)


    1. A cross between a Draelith and a Watcher makes very little sense, and considering how invested the Draelith are in the supremacy of their kind (see R13), it wouldn’t surprise me if the Draelith would exile such a mixture.


      1. I really do not know, I just sensed it like it was embarassingly similar to how Nyarly is described in actual Lovecraft’s books, a cosmical entity, completely above anything else I ever sensed. I am still very grateful to you. Bye…


  2. One more thing, VK
    I need to say THANK YOU
    In the last days, you had been the chance for me to stumble across Gaubni and this entity now (which I insist is BIG).
    Thank you, from the heart.


  3. I would like to add to use extreme cautiousness with this being. I am not unexperienced. I have almost twenty fucking years of experience on the LHP, and deal daily with the Nekalahs.
    This being is completely fucking me up my ass until my head. Not at work these two week, I saw myself in the mirror today for the first time after three days, I look like the fucking Mad Arab of Lovecraft’s stories, Abdul Alhazred or how the fuck it is written, He is unleashing every single fucking dualism I had in my unconscious until the very fucking dualism between the soul and the body it operates within, and I cannot stop making rituals, because as soon as I try to step outside, I see the very inner fights I am dealing with, projected at me by every single thing I see and/or that happens to me. So I simply have to reflect about, I must, and when reflection fails, I need a ritual to ask Him the infos my mind fails to grasp by intuition.
    And it is healing me of dualisms which had been destroying my life since I was a CHILD. But meanwhile, it is no less than being obsessed.
    He doesn’t possess you, but his influence floats above you and NEVER STOP PUSHING things toward the light.
    Peerless compared to WHATEVER I EVER summoned, for what it relates to how purifying and helpful it is. But bitch He is (his “words”) “…not here to take NO for answer”. He is even polite, paradoxically.
    But overbearing. he keeps repeating me “This is what you really wanted, this is what you really needed”.
    But is CRUSHING me. It doesn’t enlight you: it reincarnates you in a totally different you, far far above what you used to be.
    Peerless. Supreme. Completely estrange to the psychological concept of “mercy”.
    Be careful when you summon him. He has layers. He can be summoned in a soft version. A friday night fuck. If you ask for a serious thing, be ready, he does things 100% his rules, not yours.

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  4. It can also happen that it advices/orders you to reprise contacts with spirits you already worked with, in order to complete what they could mean to you, and teach you. The thing can last a couple of days, but could also last longer, it depends.
    He has something of a link with Shugara, Budsturga and Gaubni, not because there is any relationship between them, but because they best represent what He’s up to teach, how the meaning of the LHP extends Beyond the human form and its fight against hybris and unconscious, describing (even containing the RHP) the true structure of the universe. Budsturga links to his stellar aspect, Shugara implies the embarassing horrors the magician learns that await for humantity among the stars, and Gaubni is linked to Death, necromancy, the afterlife, which, according to Nyarly, “…are just another thing to be known&understood, in peer with life and distant worlds, in order to see existence as a logical whole”.

    Since I had a huge insight with Budsturga, He didn’t pushed me to work with Her again, but He adviced me to work again with Gaubni, and also to return to Shugara for a while.

    He can debunk the dualism between LHP and RHP, and between spiritual and scientifical approach to life. To misquote (they were from a different thing, not about Nyarly) Smith of the Atlantean Current, I could say that Nyarly “…balances the Empyreal and the Infernal”

    Indeed he is too large to be contained within a consideration about “the infernal divine”, not because there is anything divine outside of the infernal (the empyreal doesn’t exist at all, it’s just a graphical symbol of the wiseness and love-toward-Humanity possessed by some of the biggest entities around us, but no entities in existence is pacifist or harmless), but because the very term infernal links too much to something dark, threatening, or so to speak, “fiery”
    This entity doesn’t give a fuck. He’s very “airy”, very cosmical, almost serene, transcendent, very little “infernal”. He is anyway a terribly dark entity, but NOT in itself, more in the guise of what his existence implies to us: that the skies are not populated by angels, but by monsters, which we could befriend or fight, yet monsters they are.
    He helps accepting that like is not Light and Darkness, it’s only Darkness, and you must shine a light because why not. He is the stellar light, but the ultimate demise of any illusion/hope/delusion about “angelical stuff”. Angels are just avatars of wider entities, none exist in themselves. Those wider entities are like Nyarly, Gods of the Limitless Space, of the Stars… no really anything qliphothic or terrestrial… like he comes from a level where there are no symbols, no matter/magic dualism, no light and dark as concepts, no cold nor hot, not even a sensation of threat, or awe… he almost “disperse” your emotions, making you transcend them… make you feel like in a stupor, like “Uh, really? Azathoth as described by Lovecraft really exists? He’s eating a universe right now? And aliens are about to attack Earth? Fuck Earth, we were talking about another universe, being digested by Azathoth…” and the BAM there you are in your room again, feeling like you made a rollercoaster from heaven to hell.

    Cautiousness with this guy
    And fucking thank you VK

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    1. You seem to see how broad in scope the great old ones are. I won’t even go as far as to say Nyarlathotep lied to VK… I feel as though he gave him everything he needed to be able to work with him and for the work to be digestible to his audience. With that being said there are many mysteries and primal “gifts” hiding behind his masks. As with all the Great Old Ones…
      If I could describe em in archetypal terms in one sentence, I’d say they each represent specific aspects and/or functions of reality, both the manifest and unmanifested natures.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I dig that, and reply (not say the opposite, saying the same from an acausal existence where opposites are one) they are the ONLY entities which are NOT specific functions of existence (terrestrial entities are, answering to our need to understand existence), but ACTUAL, COMPLETE and “healthy” (if you see what I mean) living beings, which still, out of compassionaed love, MASK themselves to stir emotions and reflections in us

        Still he is kicking my ass. Today I decided finally to shave, take a shower and go buy some food. I am physically dying to be reborn, this entity is terribly mighty.
        For what concerns how he dealth with VK, yes your are right, you said it much better than I did
        Greetings Priestess!!! And if we do not interact until that, more greetings for Samhain, whatever you are preparing…!


        1. I worded the statement about acausal existence better than I did. I meant to imply that with my words lol, but yes I agree with you on that
          As for the infernal divine & the celestial herarchy, and their relationship with the “RHP” and “LHP.” I’d like to draw your attention to solar consciousness and lunar consciousness and how they correlate with those paths. The Old Ones operate through stellar consciousness , which at it’s root is without dual nature. The paths correlating to stellar consciousness have been barely touched since the era of predynastic Egypt with the Typhonian cult. The goal when walking the stellar path or trodding amongst the stars is to go beyond em. Your evolution is ultimately their evolution.
          This is all I have to say

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            1. Yes yes I managed to understand you meant that, grammar is a bitch 🙂
              To be honsest, just to chat with a fellow on the path, I came to realize (Shugara was extraordinary on this) that Stellar consciousness is not only the root of Solar and Lunar… but that these latter two doesn’t exist at all, we built them as perceived habits until we illused ourselves they are archetypes. They are not.
              Just like, if people really study Theosophy will discover that it talks about 7 Aspects of existence, 5 of which already inherent in elements and in human level and thus not studied, while the last two to be achieved, are the Second Ray of Wiseness (and also instinct toward love) and the First Ray of Liberation (also regeneration, destruction, violence, darkness, yet NOT in the hybriatic stance of the ill-hearted mundanes), so theorically speaking RHP and LHP are not opposite, they are just the natural follow up one of the other (indeed, having completed the RHP -which is not what many LHP pratictioners think it is- before starting the LHP, I had never experienced the stern attitudes many evolved entities are said to have toward LHP pratictioners, as the reason behind such manifestations is that they are unmerciful toward immaturities and some of such flaws are best eroded if you got a RHP background before starting LHP). I actually can debunk the existence of whatever angelical hierarchy, stating it’s just a symbol to tell the solemn maturity and balance of the Old Ones, while the infernal is more complicated, sometimes is a mask of the might and intensity of the OE, sometimes indeed are perdatorial entities havily focused on (and much limited to) the darker sides of existence, not that interesting to me, I care not for power (altough it comes, when you can actually befriend entities and send them even without rituals), I care for the liberation of my mind, I need to perceive existence as a logical Whole, understanding that Theory (usually associated with angelical/divine essence, perfection, calm), does NOT “clad” itself with visceral and Dangerous life… it comes to life through it. The adversarial nature of existence is the true manifestation of the love of god, which is evolution through hardships and the mastering of our conquering and destructive impulses. Quite scientifical indeed, in the end, too. No silly dualisms. No Light&Darkness, only Darkness, yet with Light as a compass. Constant shapeshifting, turning back to Chaos.
              A limitless hug Priestess, see you soon if you want!

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