Kutulu or “Cthulhu”

Compass: Southeast
Qliphothic Attributions: Gamaliel
Colors: Purple, Black, Orange, Green, Red
Zodiac Attributions: Scorpio, Aries, Gemini
Elemental Attributions: Air (Primary); Water
Sacred Numbers: 6, 11, 13, 17, 47, 94, 98, 354, 497
Attributed Fixed Behenian Stars: Algorab, Arcturus
Planetary Attributions: Uranus (Primary); Mercury (Primary); Earth (Tertiary); Pluto (Secondary); Black Earth (Secondary)

KutuluAbove: Channeled Sigil of Kutulu

Introduction & Disclaimer

Some of my readers may be taken aback when I present “Cthulhu” as a legitimate deity who may be summoned and communed with by black magickians. I will state openly that the spirits which H.P. Lovecraft described as “Cthulhu,” “Hastur,” “Nyarlathotep,” and “Azathoth” objectively exist. There are three major Occult theories that I know of which aim to explain why/how the intelligences described in Lovecraft’s fiction exist objectively, and they are as follows:

(i) H.P. Lovecraft had personal experience with the Occult.
(ii) H.P. Lovecraft knew one or more spiritualists whose knowledge he could “rip off” or otherwise incorporate into his fiction.
(iii) H.P. Lovecraft was a psychically-gifted atheist who was unknowingly oppressed by spirits, which spirits forced him to record them in his fiction.

Personally, I am partial to theory (iii). You may pick whichever theory makes the most sense to you or dismiss all three. That’s on you. I’m just here to tell you what the spirit is like.

This article about Kutulu will not draw from the descriptions of “Cthulhu” in Lovecraftian ficiton, but rather, will present an understanding of Kutulu based on my personal gnosis and his description in the Necronomicon by Simon. For those who have not read Simon’s grimoire, Necronomicon influence is the reason I refer to the spirit described by this article as “Kutulu” instead of “Cthulhu.”

For interested parties, H.P. Lovecraft has publicly stated that “Cthulhu” is a name which a human is incapable of pronouncing. According to Lovecraft, the closest that a human can come to accurately pronouncing this name is kuh-thew-loo.

Regarding Kutulu

Kutulu (koo-TWO-lew) is a Da’athic/abyssal spirit of transformation and a necrosophic/necromantic god of alchemy. He can help one transform themselves in any manner they see fit. He is a harbinger of macroscopic alchemy and a warrior god.

The Necronomicon by Simon translates the name Kutulu as “Man of the Underworld” and describes Kutulu as a dweller in the abyss. The Urilia text delineates Kutulu as follows: “Of all the Gods and Spirits of Abomination, KUTULU only cannot be summoned, for he is the Sleeping Lord. The magician can not hope to have any power over him, but he may be worshiped and for him the proper sacrifices may be made, so that he will spare thee when he rises to the earth. And the times for the sacrifice are the same times as the Sleeping of MARDUK, for this is when Great KUTULU moves. And he is the very Fire of the Earth, and Power of All Magick. When he joins with the Abominations of the Sky, TIAMAT will once more rule the earth!”

Despite the description of Kutulu as sleeping, Kutulu has appeared to my friends and I more than once. His appearance was as a hairless grey anthropoid with yellow eyes and a purple-and-black spiraling portal suspended behind him. Pazuzu, who has appeared to me alongside Kutulu, always manifested to me with an identical portal behind him.

Unlike most deities, Kutulu is capable of manifesting in the Inbetween, or as it has otherwise been called, the sub-astral plane.

As for species, Kutulu is a djinnic god. There are multiple types of djinn, one (or more?) of which may be described as Shaitanic, and Kutulu encompasses all of these types.

According to the Necronomicon, “the Tomb of Man” is “the joy of Kutulu.” The grimoire gives Kutulu such monikers as “mighty Kutulu,” “dead Kutulu,” and “dread Kutulu” throughout the text.

Kutulu governs all manners of knowledge and can teach the sorceress about numerous spiritual praxes. His auspices are of use in working with djinn, the dead, and the undead.

The Necronomicon presents various colorful descriptions of Kutulu sporadically throughout the text. Examples include:

  • “Kutulu raises his head and stares through the Veils of sunken Varloorni, up through the abyss”
  • “…she [Inanna] conquered the realm of the Underworld and vanquisheth Kutulu.”
  • “…the dread Kutulu strains at his bonds.”
  • “From the Waters of Kutulu, protect me!”
  • “[Lugalabdubur] Chained Kutulu to the abyss.” (Note: this is one of many times in the text that the spirits of the names of Marduk are described as having played various roles in Marduk’s battle against Tiamat. While I will not adduce each example individually, I would like to point out that, in these descriptions, Kutulu, Azagthoth, and Tiamat are clearly presented as affiliated and aligned with one another).
  • “The Dead Kutulu, Dead but Dreaming”
  • “the ABYSS, also called Kutulu the Corpse”
  • “On these days [when Marduk is sleeping and powerless], the Mother Tiamat is restless, the corpse Kutulu shakes beneath the Earth, and our Master Enki is sore afraid.” (Note: the days that Marduk is said to be sleeping and powerless are described as “when the Great Bear hangs from its tail”).
  • “And of Kutulu/ the Serpent who sleepeth Dead.”

Magickal specialties of Kutulu include shielding, pyromancy, vampyrism, the Black Kundalini, astrology, and the subpersonal chakras. Other specialties of his include astronomy, automobiles, leadership, decision-making skills, architecture, history, self-awareness, lucid dreaming, intuition, dealing with insecurity, breaking down mental barriers, and reasoning skills.

Kutulu has various aspects including a worm aspect, a jellyfish aspect, an alligator aspect, a goat aspect, a spider aspect, and a hyena aspect.

For persons wondering, Kutulu and Kthunae are not the same being.

Magickal Chants

Kutulu Goznonzaea
This is a Channeled All-Purposed Summoning Chant for Kutulu. Being All-Purposed, It Is of Use in Invocation and Evocation Alike.

Maranana Dalontorem Gozombala Oznasorem
Channeled Chant to Invoke Kutulu

Hozarana Alathana Anazorem Gozadaea
Channeled Chant to Evoke Kutulu


  1. Simon. Necronomicon. Ibis Press, 2008.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


6 thoughts on “Kutulu or “Cthulhu”

  1. Part iii makes most sense to me, too. The spirits you were born with need to be rediscovered, so there are not truly “new” spirits that come into your life, and secondly, they choose you, not you choose them.


  2. Greeting do you have invocation for vampire  spirit varcolaci ,any invocation nythra vampyress.

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


  3. You missed theory four: Thought and the act of thinking or imagining something is a VERY VERY powerful force. We are ABSOLUTELY putting energy into thinking so strongly and often of these things, correct? Even a daydream is a goldmine of positive and strong energy.

    Obviously the energy we put into things goes SOMEWHERE, but I don’t see remnants of little thoughts and fantasies floating around in the air. The sheer amount of energy of everyone and every animal thinking all the time no matter what would be suffocating to people with any strong spiritual process.
    My belief is that the energy has been manipulated by the spirits that control this world from their level of existence to output somewhere else. A self-contained containment ‘universe’ if you will (though that’s not the right word for what I mean, it’s the closest I can think of at the moment) where it won’t spill out and cause mayhem and mischief.


    If thought is that powerful, what happens if hundreds of thousands of people think about the same thing?
    Take for instance…say…Slenderman? The Roman Gods? Anything other than what exists on our carbon level of existence?
    Or, say, Cthulhu and the like.
    Eventually, that entity that has been brought into a small amount of existence by a single thought, if thought about hard enough and passionately enough and by enough people, will grow stronger and stronger from the energy put into it.
    And eventually, if it gathered enough of that energy, and hand in hand gain more spiritual power, a creature originally completely made up by a thought could potentially be able to leave that self contained storage facility of sorts, and cross to other levels of existence, like the Shadowlands or even the level we exist in our flesh prisons on.

    You ever heard of tulpas? In general the same concept.


    1. I would also like to point of that Lovecraft and Crowley were both well acquainted and within the same circles and practiced the craft together. If I can find the old report/account I will post in reply but shortly before Lovecraft passed, there was an incident to do with summoning non-human forces that even shook Crowley because of the events that happened. I think it involved an explosion.

      I’d also like to point out that I still absolutely believe that a good portion of the spirits and entities that exist were created by something different (I call it Void because it is unknown) and not by thought.
      BUT I have a strong reassurance from every spirit that I come into contact with [which is very VERY many, I was born with practically no eyesight but my astral eyes WIDE OPEN, and have lived my life only able to see because I can perceive the other levels of existence, which also (regrettably? luckily? I don’t consider it a gift but I don’t despise it either) counts the things that exist outside carbon existence.] that not all of them, in fact most of them, we’re not around before humans were on this planet. Some created by other entities to help manage the sudden new freethinking and powerful creatures on this planet, but a GOOD chunk coming into existence because they were BELIEVED IN FIRST.


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