Element: Fire
Compass: Southeast; West
Zodiac Attribution: Virgo; Capricorn
Colors: Purple, Brown, Blue, Rainbow
Qliphothic Attribution: Herab Serapel (Venus/Ba’al)
Sacred Numbers: 13, 95, 23, 359, 444, 18, 45, 91
Planetary Attributions: Pluto (Primary); the Black Moon (Secondary); Mercury (Tertiary)

GaubniAbove: Channeled Sigil of Gaubni

“My presence leads to desolation. I am death itself.” -Gaubni


I do not support the Order of the Nine Angles or associate with persons affiliated with it. Nonetheless, I do have beneficial relationships with many of the entities venerated by the O9A, and introducing these entities to the broader black magickal community has been something of a side-project of mine for some time.

I am writing this article because I believe that Gaubni and other spiritual intelligences venerated by the O9A deserve a better pool of magickians to work with than that which the O9A has to offer. I believe that many members of my audience are or will become better equipped to work with and venerate Gaubni than any “Niner” ever will be.

This article will exclusively feature original methods (chants & sigil) for conjuring Gaubni. My experience is that the magickal current of the O9A causes the spirits they venerate to manifest in ways that are unusual, often undesirable, and generally unpleasant to both the magickian and the spirit.

Ergo, I have channeled a unique sigil for Gaubni, channeled many original chants which may be used to summon Gaubni, and created my own chants which may be used to summon Gaubni. The chants and sigil which the O9A present for the conjuration of Gaubni do not appear anywhere in this article.

My Personal Gnosis of Gaubni

Gaubni is a member of the collective of spirits which has been variously referred to by such monikers as the “Watchers,” the “Grey Ones,” the “Holy Ones,” “Those Who Are Awake,” the “Iyrin,” the “Grigori,” and the “Egrogoroi.” Based on Gaubni’s words as quoted under the sigil, it would appear that Gaubni is, like Santa Muerte, an aspect of the divinity or metagod I call “Death Itself.”

Gaubni is a guide to black magickians and a spirit of death, fire, and the Black Flame. He is a dark intelligence who resides in the Void and presides over the chaos which befalls the initiate of the Nightside. His alchemy is black and cruel, and he imparts knowledge to those he deems worthy.

Gaubni is a spirit of death, and if you only venerate him because you are partial to some “Order” he never gave a fuck about, you are very much out of luck. While the O9A has decided that he was to be one of the chief entities they venerate, he lacks interest in them and their cause.

The auspices of Gaubni are of great use in execration magick and money spells.

Gaubni is wonderful guide to those working with the Death Current, and his auspices are of use in pursuing initiation through any underworld plane you can think of (Irkalla, Purgatory, Yomi, Hades, etc.).

Gaubni is not to be fooled with and he does not take kindly to mistakes made by the witch who pursues communion with him.

Gaubni can be called upon to intensify the love which the members of a (romantic) couple feel for one another, assuming that both partisans of the relationship consent to his intensification of their romance.

Gaubni is ruthless, and he can destroy the enemies of those who follow him very, very quickly. He is a magnificent protector for those who venerate him and he can initiate a witch into more necromantic/necrosophic paths than she will ever live long enough to learn about.

In short, Gaubni is one of the best divinities an initiate of the Death Current can choose to venerate. Gaubni’s alchemy transforms the witch on both spiritual and cellular levels. His true follower will not be the same manner of being that she was when she met him.

The Nephilimic Undead are the priesthood of Gaubni.

Gaubni appeared to me as a slender, sword-wielding merman. His eyes and his inhuman lower body were black. His skin was snow white, and his hair was long, wild, and red.

My dreams when sleeping with Gaubni’s sigil in my pocket were laced with psychological horror and strange sex acts, which sex acts I was witness to, not partisan of.

Gaubni in Hebdomadry*

Naos, a core magickal text of the Order of the Nine Angles, attributes Gaubni to the second path of the Tree of Wyrd (note: the ToW is the O9A’s answer to the Sephiroth. Naberius has referred to the initiatory workings of the ToW as “subhuman alchemy,” so I would not recommend working with it). The second pathway leads from the sphere of the Moon to the sphere of Venus. It is attributed to the goddess Nythra and the Death card of the Sinister Tarot (the O9A’s unique deck).

Naos purports that Gaubni is often referred to as “the Great Demon” and that the spirit Gaubni is liable to manifest when the name “Nythra” is vibrated. In my personal experience and that of others, it is not uncommon for Gaubni to manifest when the goddess Budsturga is evoked.

I use the term “demon” to refer to a very specific species of spirit in my literature (not all black magickal influencers do this). Gaubni is not a “demon” insofar as “demons” are described in my literature. In actuality, Gaubni is a Watcher, insofar as “the Watchers” can be defined as “a group of divinities led by Semyaza, Azael, and Azazel, which group of divinities descended from Ain/Tohu, Ain Soph/Bohu, and Ain Soph Aur/Chasek, and were thereafter inaccurately described as fallen angels in apocryphal scripture.” To be clear, that definition of “the Watchers” is my own unique definition.

Niners and former Niners have described Gaubni as a “pure black mass of energy that absorbs,” ‘a huge guy wearing a beautifully-sown, hooded robe made of human flesh,’ “a powerful presence to be around,” “a chaotic being,” and a “dark god.”

Don’t ask me why, but one O9A offshoot group, for one reason or another, felt the need to butcher the Necronomicon by Simon with the following quote: “The Lord of Abominations is GAUBNI of the South Winds, whose face is a mass of entrails of the animals and men. His breath is the stench of dung, and no incense can banish the odor from where GAUBNI has been. GAUBNI is the Dark Angel of all that is excreted, and of all that sours. And as all things come to the time when they will decay, so also GAUBNI is the Lord of the Future of all that goes upon the earth, and any man’s future years may be seen by gazing into the very face of this Angel, taking care not to breathe the horrid perfume that is the odor of death.”

The Necronomicon excerpt which the “Tempel ov Blood” felt led to bastardize reads as follows: “The Lord of Abominations is HUMWAWA of the South Winds, whose face is a mass of the entrails of the animals and men. His breath is the stench of dung, and has been. HUMWAWA is the Dark Angel of all that is excreted, and of all that sours. And as all things come to the time when they will decay, so also HUMWAWA is the Lord of the Future of all that goes upon the earth, and any man’s future years may be seen by gazing into the very face of this Angel, taking care not to breathe the horrid perfume that is the odour of death.”

While Gaubni and Humwawa are manifestations of the same deific force (i.e., aspects of the same metagod), the two do not want to be mixed up with one another. Butchering the Necronomicon in this manner is a great way to get a deific facepalm from Gaubni and Humwawa alike.

Don’t do this. Stop. Get help.

It may or may not be of interest to the reader that Humwawa and Nythra manifested side by side to empower/transform me during my last invocation of Chernobog. After Chernobog, Humwawa, and Nythra, were finished with me, Senerron manifested to tell me that he was interested in working with me.

My first invocation of Gaubni was performed by using traditional O9A chants. During this invocation, Gaubni said, at one point, near the beginning of the rite, “I am death.” At the end of the invocation, Gaubni said, “Now you are death.”

*Hebdomadry, “the Sevenfold Way,” or the “Septenary Path,” is the magickal tradition/praxis of the O9A.

Magickal Chants

Iaeril + Goznasaea + Mobaclo
These are three channeled secret names of Gaubni which I have been authorized to publicly release. Secret names are only for use in magick and worship. The first name is pronounced EYE-ay-REAL. The “a” in Iaeril is pronounced the way that you would pronounce the letter “A” if you were singing the alphabet song. The third name, Mobaclo, is pronounced muh-BACK-LOW.

Gaubni Gorasaeron
This is a channeled all-purposed summoning chant for Gaubni. Being all-purposed, it is useful for evocation and invocation alike.

Dozanana Gozrataea Porembala Arisaemba
Channeled Evocation Chant for Gaubni
(the i in Arisaemba is pronounced like the i in Miss)

Gozombala Kalanana Dadathora Gozratem
Channeled Invocation Chant for Gaubni

Enascere Gaubni Lar Mortis
“Appear, Gaubni, God of Death”
This is an all-purposed Latin Gaubni-calling chant which I designed, empowered, and consecrated.

Ascende Domine Gaubni
“Rise Lord Gaubni”
This is an all-purposed Latin Gaubni-calling chant which I designed, empowered, and consecrated.


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-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


9 thoughts on “Gaubni

  1. you may use any of 5D sigils and or depictions of the dark gods . i have a painting i did of Gaubuni. its similar to what you describe. id like you to gaze upon the flesh or lack there of and the swirling black mabel above this god and i will share with you what else manifested in void and the geometries


      1. V to the K: I must enter the vault chamber where such workings are said to take place. Both Gaubni and Bugsturga most fulfilling yet _ auspicious_ (like look over your shoulder after poltergeist 10 years kinda creepy) manifestation ever watched take place on canvas.. It took me a year to finish it because Amy painted some oil canvas paintings that were tossed in the bin due to lack of cohesive subject material,, hmm ok until the waste bin was smoldering with nothing else in there and wires were burning up in good power tools all around the areas were canvases had been . I then reworked them in paint pen and Marker/acrylics until very dissociative catatonic and ambulatory and electromagnetic qualia befall the other adherents when the came within 30 feet of my own layers. And then there was that day that they were done…….. I will share them privately on fb or where you prefer. There disturbing for folks who need a flushing out of the community. Very dangerous and Fatal curses have been ushered forth with these.

        Liked by 3 people

  2. “undesirable, and generally unpleasant to both the magickian and the spirit.”
    This is the whole explaination of why the Goetia and other demonic forces are seen in such a bad way. “Stop. Get help.”

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Starting to work with Gaubni now. I felt a powerful connection with Golachab too, or better said, Golachab foreshadowing Satariel, so destruction producing desolation.
    The essence I felt was that of an entity which we perceive so awful (its inner perfume was beautiful and gentle) because he vibrates on a level which is Death FOR US

    Many entities do that trick but are easily recognized because Beyond the inherent attrition between their level and our, they remain “calm” entities within their own level

    Gaubni (which I feel connected with Abatu, not only with Nythra, though not necessarily being one and the same) is indeed a warfaring entity, noble but unmistakingly martial.

    I actually saw a huge hooded figure with entrails for face, and whose robe was made of bodies. He told me he was a bit disappointed to be perceived as such, because “…that is how they see me when they are still dressed with the corpses of their former selves”

    Like we see Him for how WE are

    His teaching to me insofar is to discover that violence is ridiculously put in service to our hubris, but that also after we stop (and temporarily start to consider violence permanently unfitting, almost like switching to a RHP perception of life) violence remains the essence of the Blue Room, shaking existence and generating Azoth

    It is the same line-essence of Azerate itself, the secret behind the Yang aspect of all Death Worship (which is completely different from the the Ying aspect, which is Necromancy)

    In the end, the two forms of deathful life, which are 1 “the life which remains through Death and permeates the dead” (main focus of 218) and 2 “the life which, though remaining alive, transmutates after meeting death” (main focus of ONA) will join as one, producing immortality (currently in Death, as Undead Gods, or like Exus and Pombagiras, later on in human evolution, through immortal bodies created by science so to colonize the universe like the ONA says)

    The silly thing is that TRUE (not modern) RHP advocates the same thing, becoming a Warrior Buddha, dark and sinister but devoid of hubris

    I will go with Gaubni for a while. I hate so much hubris I sometimes refrain from action in order not to fuel my arrogance after victory, and this is immature and pathetical, and blocks my evolution
    I also fear Death because I know what does it mean to inflict it and it scares me with its majesty, I feel unworthy of her
    Gaubni will guide me to a more mature me


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