Santa Muerte

Element: Earth
Sacred Numbers: 18
Planetary Attribution: None
Zodiac Attributions: Leo, Gemini
Qliphothic Attribution: Thaumiel
Stellar Attributions: Algorab, Algol, Deneb Algedi
Compass: East (Primary), Northwest (Lesser), North (Secondary)

santa muerte 2Above: Channeled Sigil of Santa Muerte

Santa Muerte is an aspect of Mictecacihuatl and an aspect and emissary of Death Itself. She embodies the Death Current and holds authority over every manner of spirit. Since Death Itself answers only to the Spider Queen of the Void, the same goddess that the Goetic metagod answers to, it is worth considering that the macroscopic agendas of Santa Muerte and the Infernal Divine most likely coincide to some degree.

Traditional monikers of Santa Muerte include La Flaca [the Skinny One], Nina Santa [Holy Girl], La Calaca [the Skeleton], La Santisima Muerte [the Most Holy Death] (and the colloquial version, Santisma Muerte), La Nina [the Girl], La Milagrosa [the Miraculous One], La Huesuda [the Bony Lady], and La Madrina [the Godmother].

The wisdom of Santa Muerte will impress the ideal philosophy upon the sorceress and lead her to spiritual transcendence. Santa Muerte is not picky about how witches work with her, but her suggestions regarding how she is approached are best adhered to.

In my clique’s experience, Santa Muerte is very extroverted and aggressive when pursuing a working relationship with someone, providing really cool synchronicities and random mundane blessings, as well as volunteering to receive offerings.

Santa Muerte and Chernobog go way back. They started as best friends, and now, according to Santa Muerte, they are “interested in each other in another way.”

Santa Muerte crushes her enemies with the sickle of Death Itself and destroys the enemy of her beloved devotee on every level. Any form of allegiance to her will ensure her protection of the sorceress, so long as the goddess is approached consistently and kindly.

Santa Muerte can bestow large monetary sums, concealment from law enforcement, control over others, the destruction of enemies, and liberation from baneful magick. She can operate as a skilled medium for communication with the dead and she is a big supporter of small businesses.

Santa Muerte takes pleasure in taking on stereotypical feminine inclinations insofar as she enjoys jewelry, sweets, and designer clothes or accessories as offerings.  Other offerings she enjoys include raw meat and alcohol (especially Mezcal, Tequila, and Champagne). She loves cigarettes, but does prefer Cuban cigars and ceremonial tobacco over them.

Asmodeus and Santa Muerte are friends, and they work together to further multiple shared agendas.

santa muerteAbove: Channeled Sigil of Santa Muerte

Another ally of Santa Muerte’s is Xastur, or as H.P. Lovecraft called her, “Hastur.”

The alchemy of Santa Muerte transforms the witch on many levels, restoring her to a level of divinity unfamiliar to most Occultists. She can elevate a person to physical immortality and undeath, just as she can reduce someone to a sniveling worm. She can transform the witch through the power of every element except water and engender necromantic, shadowmantic, and therionick alchemy, as well as liberate the witch from the internal impediments to her ascent.

While the descriptions of Santa Muerte as vengeful and vindictive are false, she will take advantage of the witch who only approaches her for favors. If you take her favors for granted or keep your relationship with her transactional, your relationship will grow sour.

The spider, owl, and bat are traditionally held to be related to Santa Muerte. In my personal gnosis, she is also related to the snake, the dragon, the horse, the octopus, and the worm.

Personally, I have worked with Santa Muerte in alchemical pursuits including the increasement of my capacities for destructive magick, empowerment through the forces of numerous underworld planes, harnessing the power of the planetary spirits of Saturn and the Earth, the transformation of my spiritual essence to increase my capacity for mediumship and my connection to my Higher Self, Kundalini alchemy, improvement of my energy body, the reinforcement of my natural psychic defenses, transformation and empowerment through the archetype of the reaper, and the empowerment of my energy pathways through the power of death energy.

An upcoming operation with Santa Muerte which I’ve channeled will deal with the awakening of the subconscious and DNA activation.

In the interest of full disclosure, a decent amount of the information in this article was personally given to me by a witch who knowingly and, by his or her own preference, anonymously contributed to this article.

Magickal Chants

Reisaz + Nonzal + Ozsaean + Milipon
Four Channeled Secret Names for Santa Muerte
(Secret Names Are Only for Use in Worship and Magick)
Reisaz is Pronounced RAY-(saz rhyming with jazz). Nonzal is Pronounced nawn-zawl. Ozsaean is Pronounced oz-SAY-ON. The i’s in Milipon are Pronounced Like the i in Igloo.

Iznon Zatha Zilae Azae
Channeled Chant to Evoke Santa Muerte
(The i’s are Pronounced Like the i in Igloo)

Ozon Onon Ozra Zala
Channeled Chant to Invoke Santa Muerte
(All of the o’s are Pronounced Like the First o in Oncologist)

Ia Io Reisaz-Milipon
“Hail, Hail, (Two Secret Names of Santa Muerte)!”

Agios Es, Santisma Muerte, Admirabilis
“You Are Numinous, Santisma Muerte, You Are Wonderful!”

Salve Santísima Muerte– Domina Alba Et Nigrum Ossa
“Hail Santísima Muerte– White Lady and Black Skeleton!”

Ave Era Ozsaean-Nonzal
“Hail Lady (Two Secret Names of Santa Muerte)!”


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  2. Dreadwood, Somnus. Charnel Whispers. Second ed., Black Court Reliquary, 2014.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


11 thoughts on “Santa Muerte

  1. Wow. Again Chernobog…They are coming, for sure. VK, you should really think of writing a big book on all those findings etc. If you want some artistical illustrations or fotos of my paintings, or want otherwise some help, let me know it. I am the guy who is posting all the dumb shit, so probably you still have my e-Mail. Blessings!


  2. I am very happy that Santa Muerte found you. May she protect you wherever you go. Be careful with “Good friends” because a lot of them will envy you and will be telling: “Oh, VK, I had such a bad life before I met you, so horrible things that I went through”blablabla, only to trap you emotionally. And they planted right before their words “Anti-Divination” – that you may find their wrong personalities leading you to conclusions like: “Oh, this guy is really OK, Oh, this girl is really good for me.” They work with their own creatures, they will divinate, with what entities you work. But with Santa Muerte, Chernobog, Baron Samedi, those guys, they are tricksters per excellence and you cannot pierce through this, but they will never let you down. I found Enoch Petrucelly excellent man, simply watching his evocation-vids is sometimes enough to feel the effects. And even Yehowa is willed to help a mage ascending when avoiding 2 things: Love-Spells and Death-Spells. I wish you all luck and success in the world.


  3. My brother and my mentor, I thank you for this great article. Please i will like to know your personal gnosis regarding Santa Muete and Qayin.


  4. If somebody would call Baron Samedi a Drinking Clown, they probably all would be half-dead at least. Saturday is a good day.


  5. Hello, so you woukd say she doesn’t mind being evoked next ti demons?
    I am thinking of including her in a necromantic rite next to Eurynomous and Belial


  6. Heres A Good Source Of info For Any who Want To Work With Santa Muerte.
    alot of need to know info.

    A WIse Mane Once Said
    “”IT’s Not About what She Can Do For You, But What You Can DO For Her””

    it’s Like Working With ‘Lucifuge Rofocale’ or Any ‘Leo’ it’s a Relationship built over time not A Exchange.
    (One’s Unconditionol love and Devontion And Appriciation of what One Already Has, are Vital Factor’s, in these relationship’s)

    One Address and ask for things concerning only needs, ie (Health, Food, Evolution, Sanity, Protection, of one self or a friend.) Everything Else is Earned or given Through Devotion, the Building of this RelationShip.

    So Talk To her Ableast once a day, Tell Her What you’ve been going through, How it’s Effecting you What your golse Are The HardAce And VIctorys The Good The BAD The Ugly, Be Honest.

    Ask her How She Wants You to Work With Her.
    Invite Her to The Table, Eat With her, Enjoy her Presence, Spend time with her.

    (Even the Food You Offer Her. One may ask to eat the food offering and if possible Replace it With another offering or more fresh food She might just bless the food.)
    She ALSO Dislikes
    BROKEN PROMISIS, DISHONESTY, or Being Used Thourgh Eccecive Request.

    She likes Liquid, Water, Cola, Cigars. And To Spend Time With You.


  7. I do believe there has been a gross misunderstanding on Muertes gender. Maybe at one time female but Muerte is definitely male now. The war is coming everyone had better have all of their information correct if your going to attempt to do things like you are.


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