A Rite to Pazuzu, Azagthoth, Xastur, and Ishniggarab

This ritual calls upon Azagthoth, Ishniggarab, Xastur, and Pazuzu for magickal self-transformation. The rite is designed to allow the spirits to transform and empower the celebrant in any manner they see fit, but it is fine for the magickian to make specific requests prior to performing or after performing the rite. No equipment or sigils are required, but such materials may be incorporated as the celebrant sees fit.

In Nominibus Lapis Exilis Et Alogos! Ave Ishniggarab Mortifer! Salve Azanana-Xastur! Salve Azagthoth Monogrammo Deo! Salve Pazuza Spiritus Tempestas!
[In the Names of the Stone of Exile and Unwritten Gnosis! Hail Ishniggarab, Bringer of Death! Hail (Two Names of Xastur)! Hail Azagthoth, Shadowy God! Hail Pazuza the Storm Spirit]

Invoco Xastur Messorem! Vocavi Te, Azagthoth, Princeps Tenebris! Perveni Pazuzu Ventum Ad Regem Colerent! Advoco Domine Ishniggarab– Deum Ab Inferis!
[I Call Xastur the Reaper! I Summon You, Azagthoth, Dark Ruler! Come, Pazuzu, King of the Demons of the Wind! I Call Lord Ishniggarab– Lord of the Underworld]

Xastur, Dominus Caeli, Vocavi Te (x12)
[Xastur, Lord of the Air, I Summon You]

Zalon Nazaron Asanagon Anathal (x12)
[(Channeled Chant to Evoke Xastur)]

Veni Pazuzu Venti Meridiem (x15)
[Come, Pazuzu, Southwestern Wind]

Praedicate Rex Pazuza (x15)
[I Praise King Pazuza]

Ave Azagthoth– Elymas Magus Niger (x13)
[Hail Azagthoth– Black Sorcerer]

Noznaeon Yalsaear Galsaeon Anasa (x13)
[(Channeled Chant to Evoke Azagthoth)]

Ave Ishniggarab Mortifer! Veni Pazuzu Venti Meridiem! Omnituens Xastur-Zalathal, Laudamus! Azagthoth, Dominus Primitiua, Gloria!
[Hail Ishniggarab, Bringer of Death! Come, Pazuzu, Southwestern Wind! Praise the All-Seeing (Two Names of Xastur)! Glory to Azagthoth, Primordial Lord]


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