Nebo or Nabu

Names: Nebo, Nebo Kurios, Nabu
Sacred Number: 12
Planet: Mercury
Color: Blue
Material Attributions: Quicksilver, Sand

NabuAbove: Channeled Sigil of Nabu

Nebo/Nabu is the deity which the Necronomicon by Simon ascribes to the gate of Mercury. He was considered an all-knowing and all-seeing divine scribe, the guardian of the gods, the keeper of the knowledge of science, the son of Marduk, the god of literacy, the lord of prophecy, the harbinger of abundance and the harvest, the deity of the rational arts, the patron of scribes, and the inventor of writing said to inscribe the fates allotted to humans.

I found “Nabu” translated in a Sumerian dictionary as a word meaning “prophet” or “seer.” According to Joshua J. Mark, “[Nabu’s] name means “the Announcer” which refers to his prophetic and creative powers in calling forth words, the harvest and other plant life, and the visions of prophecies. ”

The Necronomicon describes Nebo as a very old being. In my personal gnosis, he is a god of alchemy. He can bring about the perfection of the energy body, help the magickian work with their spirit animal, and give aid in tarot divination. Nebo can both help the magickian achieve astral projection and cause the magickian to have an out of body experience.

The Invocation of the Nebo Gate refers to this deity as “the Custodian of the Gods,” “Master of the Chemical Science,” “Lord of the Subtle Arts,” and the “Father of the Sacred Writing.” The ritual monologue implies a grand significance of the deity by asking who does not know of his wisdom and magick, and asking which spirits are not conjured by his writing and compelled by his sorcery.

The Necronomicon‘s praise of Nebo’s literature’s ability to conjure spirits is backed up by my personal gnosis that the auspices of Nebo are of use in raising the dead, conjuring dragon spirits, summoning elementals, and providing all manner of familiars.

The aid Nabu is of use in both protective and maledictive magick. He can bring about the swift downfall of one’s enemies. His auspices are of use in all manner of protective spells, including the magickal fortification of a given location, potentially incorporating the creation of location-bound protector-egregores.

Nebo can help the magickian commit a form of magickal suicide,* if you will: departing the physical plane by way of the rainbow body. He can also help one achieve spiritual healing by working with natural forces and crystal magick. He can give aid in all manners of planetary magick as well as initiation through all of the Sephirothic pathways.

Nabu can help the witch with writing, including songwriting and writing poetry. He can give aid in money spells and augment the sorceress’s intelligence.

Nebo appeared to me as a horned, semi-bestial anthropoid composed of brilliant light. The Necronomicon describes him as a long-bearded man adorned with a hundred-horned crown and the robes of a priest. Quoting Joshua J. Mark, “he was also depicted as a bearded man in royal garb, holding a stylus, standing on the back of a snake-dragon (known as the Mushussu Dragon, a powerful protective spirit associated with Marduk and other gods…).”

*Please consult a professional if you are having these kind of thoughts.

Magickal Chants

Nozathon Anonon Azator
Meditative Mantra Calling on Nabu to Attune the Witch to & Transform Her to the Power of Mercury

Anon Dara Zordae Zalon
Channeled Chant to Invoke Nebo

Azondol Azordon Nonattona Anon
Channeled Chant to Evoke Nebo

Io Io Nebo Kurios
“Hail, Hail, Nebo Kurios”

Invoco Erus Nabu Deum De Scripto
“I Call Lord Nabu, God of Writing!”

Salve Nabu Dominus Appositi
“Hail Nabu, Lord of Magick!”

Nebo, Numine Mercurii, Gloria
“Glory to Nebo, Deity of Mercury!”


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-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


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          1. I was from a tradition of Tibetan Buddhism so it is surprising hearing it from an occultist. Of course it is a very difficult system to master. I am wondering if you have considered contacting the Deities from that tradition or successfully establish contact with them. It would totally change Tibetan Buddhism. Haha

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