Aphrodite or Venus

Compass: North
Primary Planetary Attribution: Venus
Lesser Planetary Attributions: Pluto, Black Sun, Black Earth, Sun, Dark Moon
Elemental Attributions: Fire (Primary); All Four Elements
Sacred Numbers: 16, 22, 17, 3, 5, 46, 87, 97, 427, 564, 545, 1754, 2394
Qliphothic Attributions: Gamchicoth (Jupiter/Astaroth), Thaumiel (Neptune & Pluto/Moloch & Satan)
Colors: Green, Grey, Red, Black, Pink, Orange
Stellar Attributions: Arcturus, Nibiru, Deneb Algedi, Algoral

AphroditeAbove: Channeled Sigil of Aphrodite

The content of this article will focus entirely on my personal gnosis. Below the article appears a list of articles for recommended reading, some of which at least appear to contradict what I channeled. I was commissioned to write this article by a client. The table of correspondences above which I personally channeled may be incomplete– I do not choose what the spirits tell me.

My personal gnosis is that there is no distinction between the Goddess Aphrodite and the Goddess Venus. I preface with this because it is common for Greek deities and their Roman equivalents to be different aspects of one deific force, and the pair of aspects may or may not be functionally independent depending on the deific force behind them.

The teachings and auspices of Venus-Aphrodite are of use in cleansing, grounding, banishing, exorcism, the coercion and enslavement of spirits, binding spells, object consecration, protective magick, sex magick, lust magick, nature magick, the use of crystals, and the pursuit of working with water elementals. She can also give aid in the creation of unique protector-moneymaker egregores.

VenusAbove: Second Channeled Sigil of Aphrodite

Aphrodite works alongside entities which can be described as primordial and dark. She can help those who seek the darker aspects of the Numinous by granting them gnosis of the Black Light and initiating them through the elements. She can grant power of all kinds and knowledge of many varieties.

Lady Venus operates alongside Belial, Hecate, Lucifer, Basmijael, Raziel, and Uriens.

Aphrodite can transform the magickian’s personality, imparting charisma, charm, and talents for seduction and flirtation. She can help one create artistic expressions of love (for example, poetry) and give aid in love spells (I believe love spells should be used by consenting couples to intensify pre-existent love, not for romantic coercion). Aphrodite can guide the celebrant in courting the apple of her eye.

Lady Venus-Aphrodite gives aid in working with Nazala (the Life Center), the heart chakra, the Zeal chakra, the second heart chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the third eye, the crown chakra, the first transpersonal chakra, and all five subpersonal chakras (these are the energy centers she specializes in; she can doubtlessly help one work with all of them). She can also cleanse and heal the entirety of the subtle body.

Aphrodite can make the sorceress powerful and wise. She can defend the magickian against both spiritual and physical attack, and help one come by quick money in particular and financial benefit in general.

Aphrodite has a bear aspect which is useful to call on for stellar magick, working with black holes, opening portals, and solar alchemy and magick. She also has an owl aspect which is a useful one to work with for soul readings, divination, scrying, and developing claircognizance and the ability to psychically locate missing objects. Her snake aspect is a destroyer aspect, and her fire aspect is apt for working with the Void.

Aphrodite’s dragon aspect is a hard one for me to get a read on, but it seems to be more of an underground/cavern dragon aspect than a primordial chaos dragon aspect. Her aspect as a goat mistress seems equally abstruse at the moment. It would be accurate to describe her snake and goat aspects as crone aspects, whereas Aphrodite the bear is more of a maiden aspect. She also has an aspect as a lunar maiden and a warrior aspect as a reaping/death figure.

As soon as I was commissioned to create this article, I knew that I was meant to work with Aphrodite myself in pursuit of my own glory, not just in pursuit of a check. I drew three Norse runes to discern what I was meant to gain from my partnership with the goddess. The first was Tiwaz, which signified that Aphrodite came to me to help me develop as a warrior (note: Aphrodite originated as a warrior-fertility goddess). The second was Dagaz, which rune signifies the completion of an initiatory process* whereby one’s inner warrior is revealed. The third rune, Ehwaz reversed, meant that the auspices of Aphrodite were going to help me correct my course after I pursued an initiatory pathworking that I shouldn’t have.

I fucking love Aphrodite.

*This implies great aptitude for alchemy on Aphrodite’s part 🙂

Magickal Chants

Mozdaeur (mawz-DAY-er) + Zhizlal (zihz-lawl)
Two Channeled Secret Names of Aphrodite
(Secret Names Are Only for Use in Magick and Worship)
Try Focusing on One of the Chakras Aphrodite Specializes in Working with, Vibrating One of These Names Three or Five Times, and Thanking Venus-Aphrodite Afterwards. You Will Be Glad You Did.

Argennis, Apotrophia, Aphakitis, Aphrodite
Magickal Chant Composed of Four Names for Aphrodite

Salve Domina Kupria
“Hail Lady Kupria/Aphrodite!”

Arcesso Paphia-Limenia
“I Summon (Two Names of Aphrodite)!”

Agios Es, Aphrodite, Divum Et Vorsipelle
“You Are Numinous, Aphrodite, Spirit and Shapeshifter!”

Invoco Aphrodite-Zephuritis
“I Call Aphrodite-Zephuritis!

Veni, Veni, Venus– Divinitas Et Creatrix
“Come, Come, Venus– Goddess and Mother!”

Hoznaeduron Ozdaeror Koznathaera Ozsaean
Channeled Chant to Invoke Aphrodite

Borzaeron Oztaea Gosthaear Oznural
Channeled Chant to Evoke Aphrodite

Recommended Reading



  1. “APHRODITE – Greek Goddess of Love & Beauty.” Theoi Greek Mythology, https://www.theoi.com/Olympios/Aphrodite.html.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

3 thoughts on “Aphrodite or Venus

  1. I’m just stupified by how synchronous your posts are with my own ritual rhythm. Not just currently. But over the past two years. Ty for providing a Guru quality! Sometimes I check out but am glad when I check in. Ty for sharing.


  2. Same with me, the synchrocity – maybe there is an objectivity in those matters when it comes to the final line of exploration and understanding. So the people who say, oh, wow, it is all so subjective are simply fools. In Vodou they say the spirits adapt a liitlebit to your own personality but the gross of their character is an absolutum.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Awesome Aphrodite! Fun fact she also Has a Spider Aspect, and works well with the ‘Erotes Aka Amores or Cupids’ like Eros & Anteros, cool to see the greek pantheon still works well with demon boys like me.


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