Compass: Southeast; Northwest (Primary)
Planetary Attributions: the Black Earth; the Black Sun (Primary)
Elemental Attribution: Water
Sacred Numbers: 12, 74, 86, 95, 344, 898, 17
Qliphothic Attribution: Samael (Mercury/Adramaleck)
Colors: Red, White, Grey, Transparent
Ranks: Priestess of the Black Sun; Lieutenant of the Qlipha of Mercury; Demonic Princess

Sigra SigilAbove: Sigil of Sigra Channeled By a Reader

Sigra is a priestess of the Black Sun and lieutenant of the Mercurial Qlipha who works with black magick and dark lunar energy. She is a wonderful protectress and a highly desirable guide for astral projection and lunar magick who engenders horrific transformations of those who work with her.

One magickian whose experiences were related to me mistook an initiation by Sigra as an attack.

Sigra is a passionate spirit who yearns for her own growth. She wants to be interacted with as a friend, not a being you serve. She’s definitely a being you should feel comfortable approaching, and she’s not going to concern herself much with your agendas, goals, etc. She’s pretty laid back.

56544556_434348210443498_6369347499655692288_nAbove: Channeled Sigil of Sigra

Sigra strives to root out enemies to the path, creating dark spirits and forces to annihilate them and influencing them to destroy themselves. She may be called upon to cause terror and conflict.

One magickian described Sigra as a fuzzy, one-eyed monster with tusks and a big, “SCARY” mouth. She appeared to me as a woman with snow-white skin and hair so red it looked like it had been dyed. She wore a crown and had circular, black, shark-like eyes. She wore multiple slim silver bracelets, black heels, a black dress, and a black gown. The therionick forms she revealed to me were a black shark with red eyes, a green snake, a green dragon, a unicorn, and a giant turtle. The sorceress who introduced me to Sigra has seen the demonic princess’s warrior-protectress aspect as an anthropomorphic rooster, and has seen Sigra appear as a chickadee on other occasions (chickadees have been described as being able to thrive in nature during any season).

Sigra is a charming and funny lady. She initially spoke with a childlike female voice, which I would later find out she only used in imitation of a lover of mine who uses a childlike voice when being affectionate or “naughty.” Her adult voice is very attractive as well.

Magickal specialties of Princess Sigra include working with the spirit animal, vampyric execration, draconic magick, Santeria, the use of tarot cards in spellwork and divination, Sephirothic magick, and dreamwalking. She is knowledgeable regarding psychology and she can help the sorceress improve her reasoning skills, her attention span, and even her aptitude for strategy.

The sorceress who introduced me to Sigra described her as playful, having a sense of humor and occasionally mischief. Sigra often interacts with said sorceress on the physical plane by influencing chickadees. The witch describes the demonic princess as proactive in cooperative in their interactions, relating a frequent exchange of offerings from the witch and gifts from the spirit unlike the magickian’s interactions with any other spirits.

Shortly after I made a YouTube video promoting this article and the spirit it regards, Sigra surprised me, made me laugh, and then started empowering me with the Death Essence, raising two undead beings to do the same.

Sigra is described as showing her presence frequently, getting along with the sorceress’s other spirit companions and concealing her presence from those it would frighten. The demonic princess is a source of joy, and sometimes, of inspiration. She influences the magickian’s mindset towards productivity and self-improvement.

I was commissioned to write this article by a client.

Magickal Chants

Sigra + Asana + Sadagon + Sorala + Sagator
Name Vibration Formula for Sigra
(Apart from Sigra, the Names Used in this Formula Are Only for Use in Magick and Worship)

Zada Para Zanar Sor
Channeled Chant to Evoke Sigra

Zortata Zatara Kalala Zadagon
Channeled Chant to Invoke Sigra

Sorpatal Katal Gadra Gadror
Chant Calling Upon Sigra for Protection

Sordon Gala Salal Par
Chant Calling Upon Sigra to Empower Your Baneful Magick

Ia Io Sigra-Asana
“Hail, Hail, (Two Names of Sigra)!”

Perveni Ambrosia Sigra
“Come, Immortal Sigra!”

Salve Meticulosa Sigra
“Hail the Fearsome Sigra!”


  1. Belanger, Michelle A. The Dictionary of Demons: Names of the Damned. Llewellyn Publications, 2010.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


A Rite for a Golden Voice and a Silver Tongue

This ritual serves to improve vocal adroitness for singing and impart charisma, supercharging the celebrant for his or her craft. I was commissioned to create this ritual by a client.

All ritual equipment is optional here. The rite employs many channeled secret names of the spirits it calls upon, and the celebrant must remember that secret names are only for use in magick and worship. Phrases which appear in italics are meant to be chanted, and names which appear in bold are meant to be vibrated one by one. Translations appear in brackets and explanations appear in parentheses.

Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia! Salve Dominator Parfaxitas! Salve Apollyon-Exterminans! Salve Ducis Murmux! Ave Balan– Amplus Bellua Autem Gamchicoth! In Nominibus Lapis Exilis Et Alogos! Liftoach Pandemonium!
[Numinous (is the) Alchemical Attainment and Underlying Force of All Demon Magick! Hail Lord Parfaxitas! Hail (Two Names of Abaddon)! Hail Duke Murmux! Hail Balan– Great Beast from the Jupiterian Qlipha! In the Names of the Stone of Exile and the Unwritten Gnosis! Open the Infernal Plane]

I call upon the darksome emissaries of the Nightside to take flight and descend and manifest before me! Open the blackest gates of the Palace of Deathful Wombs and rush forth, black spirits, amidst a sea of dark energy! Envelop me in your divinity and permeate my soul with your demonry so that I might attain a silver tongue and a golden voice! Black spirits, open the gate of the Qliphoth and transform my arena of sorcery!

Kadratal Dagatar Doradal Dadator (x13)
[(Channeled Chant to Create a Sacred Space By Prescencing Qliphothic Energy)]

Parfaxitas, I call you forth!

Parfaxitas + Zindatar + Zordagal + Kalandrala + Pazatal + Toryalala
[(Six Names of Parfaxitas)]

Invoco Parfaxitas In Nomine Qliphoth (x11)
[I Call Parfaxitas in the Name of the Qliphoth]

Ave Khaosophoros-Parfaxitas (x11)
[Hail, Parfaxitas, Bringer of Chaos]

Tandagadra Dadondora Zandandara Dandandal (x11)
[(Channeled Chant to Evoke Parfaxitas)]

Balaam, I call you forth!

Balan + Tandaraga + Toradala + Pasalagara + Torandagal
[(Five Names of Balan)]

Agios Es, Erus Balam, Praevalidus Divus Ab Qliphoth (x11)
[You Are Numinous, Lord Balam, Mighty Divinity from the Qliphoth]

Agios o Balan Arbitrator Acharayim (x11)
[Numinous is Balan, Lord of the Backwards Tree]

Zordandar Kantaldor Torgandal Tondagal (x11)
[(Channeled Chant to Evoke Balaam)]

Murmur, I call you forth!

Murmur + Mormo + Murmux + Mombala + Porandal + Coragal + Soraton
[(Seven Names of Murmur)]

Agios Murmux Rex Mormolyceae (x11)
[Numinous (is) Murmux, King of the Terrible Wolves]

Mormo Murmux Matthias-Daimon (x11)
[(Three Names of Murmur)]

Zortantal Zataga Zatara Torgatal (x11)
[(Channeled Chant to Evoke Murmur)]

Abaddon, I call you forth!

Zortanala Zorgatandra Zagatara Korakadra Tangathal (x7)
[(Channeled Chant to Evoke Abaddon)]

Zaeadal Dorgator Pordagal Kagathagra Zoratandra Toragoth (x7)
[(Channeled Chant to Evoke Abaddon)]

The demonic rulers of the Black Plane of Chaos have convened within my arena of ritual, and by their power, I am elevated amongst the other muses of my craft and transformed for the purpose of my art. As I have spoken, so let it be done.

Magickal Chants to Contact the Higher Self

Zazora Nagatal Zadagal Patrala
Channeled Chant to Invoke the Higher Self

Zordala + Xisdargala + Kadratora + Agathal + Zaddural
Channeled Words of Power to Invoke the Higher Self

Zanara Gadrala Padrator Gorakala
Channeled Chant to Be Guided By the Higher Self in Interpreting Dreams or a Tarot Spread

Channeled Word of Power Calling the Higher Self to Help You Discern the Intentions of a Spirit (Whether an Entity is Here to Help or Harm)

Zada Lala Zana Gatal Zagara Koral
Channeled Chant to Receive One or More Messages from the Higher Self in Dream

Zortalala Zata Kaka
Channeled Chant to Initiate Communion with the Higher Self

Bah Zis Daga Tadal Dagal
Channeled Chant Calling the Power of the Higher Self to Help You Clean Your Chakras, Aura, Etc. At Once

I was commissioned to create this chant selection by a client.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

A Rite to Qalilitu & Her Spirits to Strengthen Sexual Magnetism & the Heart Chakra

This ritual calls upon Qalilitu to not only strengthen sexual magnetism, but empower, and if necessary, open the heart chakra. Chants appear in italics, translations appear in brackets, words of power to be vibrated appear in bold, and explanations appear in parentheses. All sigils and magickal equipment are optional. I was commissioned to create this ritual by a client.

Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia! Venire Mater Qalilitu! Liftoach Pandemonium! In Nominibus Lapis Exilis Et Alogos!
[Numinous (is the) Alchemical Attainment and Underlying Force of All Demon Magick! Come, Mother Qalilitu! Open the Infernal Plane! In the Names of the Stone of Exile and the Unwritten Gnosis]

Qalilitu, dark mother of demons, destroying aspect of Lilith the Empress, descend unto my arena of ritual and permute my subtle bodies. Activate my heart chakra and transform it through your demonry, and magnify my sexual magnetism! Cast the dark shadow of your influence over me so that I might be transformed! So mote it be!

Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Qalilitu (x8)
[Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Qalilitu]

Qalilitu Venire Et Germinet Xul (x6)
[Qalilu, Come, and Bring Forth Infernal Light]

Agios Ischyros Qalilitu, Filia Luna Nigrantis (x6)
[Numinous and Mighty is Qalilitu, Daughter of the Dark Moon]

Dana Lara Zara Kal (x11)
[(Channeled Chant to Evoke Qalilitu. Translation: Open the Black Gate and Transform My Heart)]

Qalilitu + Zadarala + Zanoralla + Nagalalazar + Pharala + Pazissar
[(The Names of Qalilitu and Her Spirits)]

Zadarala Kananara Zaragala Zorathal (x9)
[(Channeled Chant Calling the Spirits of Qalilitu to Increase Power & Strengthen the Heart Chakra)]

Ya Namosh Sitra De-Smola Alogos Drakosophia Exat!
[In the Names of the Sinister Left Side, the Unwritten Gnosis, and the Underlying Force of All Demon Magick, It Is So]