Magickal Chants to Aeshugar

Aeshugar is a revealed name for the entirety of the Infernal Divine. A revealed name can be used to refer to the entity or entities it designates in casual conversation, whereas secret names are only for use in magick and worship. Aeshugar does not include rogue demons denied by the Qliphoth. Nonetheless, guidance should be sought if one intends to call upon Aeshugar to intervene in magickal violence or before offerings to Aeshugar are partaken of. I was commissioned to create this chant selection by a client. One should only call upon the entirety of the Infernal Divine for alchemical purposes. If you intend to call upon Aeshugar at all, you should start by calling upon Moloch specifically, and then proceed to call Aeshugar forth.

IMG_0114 (2)Above: Channeled Sigil of Aeshugar

Aeshugar + Oryala + Anoranal + Zora + Azeiala + Nagala + Zarala
Channeled Names for the Entirety of the Infernal Divine. With the Exception of Aeshugar, These Names Should Only Be Used for Ritual and Worship. The ei in Azeiala is pronounced EYE, such that eiala is proncouned EYE-ALL-UH.

Agios o Zora-Aeshugar
“Numinous is the Infernal Divine!”

Ia, Io, Ia, Io, Anoranal-Nagala!
“Hail, Hail, Hail, Hail (Two Names for the Infernal Divine)!”

Existite Oryala Numinibus Infernales
“Step Forth, Infernal Divine, Infernal Spirits!”

Anoranal Gloriae– Aeshugar Laudamus
“Glory to the Infernal Divine– I Praise the Infernal Divine!”

Sanana Zalala Azala Ara Zator Zala
Channeled Chant Which Calls on Aeshugar to Create the Perfect Sacred Space for Whatever You Are About to Do

Zazorala Zananana Zalala Zakatora
Channeled Chant to Evoke Aeshugar

Zapapora Zakatagora Nanora Zalala
Channeled Chant to Invoke Aeshugar

Nanora Lakora Zarakara Zapatalagor
Channeled Chant Calling on Aeshugar to Transform the Energy Body in Whatever Way(s) the Higher Self Deems Fit

Naetalaga Zorala Adadra Zala Rathor
Channeled Chant Calling on Aeshugar to Empower the Astral Double in Whatever Way(s) the Higher Self Deems Fit

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


3 thoughts on “Magickal Chants to Aeshugar

  1. You are gifted and kind hearted – Shugara told me 2 days ago that real power still comes from the heart when I discussed with her your work and the work of others. Blessings!


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