A Ritual to Kali

This ritual serves to summon Kali by means far removed from orthodoxy. It calls her forth by channeled secret names, channeled chants, and channeled words of power. It was created via partial possession by Kali and given approval by the same. Names and words of power which are to be vibrated appear in bold. The channeled chants are to be repeated in a rhythmic monotone (Kali specified that each should be repeated seven times), and will appear in italics.

In the channeled chants, names, and words, all i’s are to be pronounced like the i in igloo. I write my channeled voces magicae in a way that they will be correctly pronounced if the celebrant sounds them out like a redneck. The letter combination “aea” is pronounced as ay (as in day) and uh (like when you’re struggling to remember something or stumbling on your words). All u’s are pronounced like the u in pull. All of the o’s in the channeled voces magicae of this rite are pronounced like the o in odd.

I was commissioned to create this ritual by a client.

I summon the black-fleshed goddess of the fields of cremation! Wild divinity who holds dominion over death! Everlasting Kali, eternal Kali, Immortal Kali, come! Descend unto my arena of sorcery and bring about my transformation!

Salander + Montala + Orriphora + Hagala + Anaeagal + Asora
[(Channeled Secret Names of Kali)]

Apora Ahora Ananor Nala (x7)
[(Channeled Chant to Summon Kali)]

Nalala Azala Oraga Anal (x7)
[(Channeled Chant to Summon Kali)]

Manana Asala Orala Saea (x7)
[(Channeled Chant to Summon Kali)]

Yanora (x8) + Saganor (x6) + Zazorrul (x5) + Satha
[(Channeled Words of Power to Be Transformed and Empowered by Kali)]

Hail the Eternal Kali! As I Have Spoken, So Let it Be Done!


One thought on “A Ritual to Kali

  1. Thank you for this. Kali and Shiva are two of the more interesting deities in the Hindu pantheon, in my opinion.


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