Names: Urobach, Ukobach
Channeled Secret Names: Kandrathor, Tandra, Kontara*
Numbers: 8, 12, 24, 52, 65, 564, 455, 816
D/N: Nocturnal
Planet: Saturn; the Moon; Pluto (Primary)
Element: Fire; Azoth
Colors: Brown, Orange, White
Compass: South; Northeast; Northwest
Qliphothic Attribution: Daath; Satariel

*Secret Names Are Only for Use in Magick and Worship

Above: Channeled Sigil of Ukobach

Ukobach is said to be the spirit who pioneered the art of frying foodstuffs and the inventor of fireworks. He is usually described as a demon of the “inferior orders of Hell.”

Ukobach is said to have been charged by Baelzebuth to maintain the boiling blood of the damned which serves as the oil of the infernal boilers forged in the West. Alternatively, he is said to be one of the spirits who stoke the flames. Some say he carries hot coals to torture the damned, or instead that he tortures them with flames. Some lore describes him as the lamp oil for the jack-o’-lantern.

Ukobach is the Wizard of Causal Obliteration and the One Who Brings the Dark Beings to Death. He opens gateways in order to further transform the universe.

Ukobach brings about the transformation of the witch through manners of initiation unknown to most. He presides over fire magick, nature magick, stellar magick, working with the planetary spirit of the earth, psychic vampyrism, blood magick, skrying, the use of crystals in magick, spider magick, fateweaving, the atavism of the bull, torture magick, nocturnal magick, lunar magick and the alchemy of the moon, and Saturnian and Plutonian magick.

Ukobach appeared to me as a demonic leopard, but he is traditionally depicted with a red and/or flame-wrapped body, big eyes, big ears, and either a frying pan or a hot poker.

Magickal Chants

Kandrathor + Ukobach + Tandra + Kontara + Urobach
Name Vibration Formula to Summon Ukobach

Agios Es, Sempiternus Urobach
“Numinous Art Thou, Eternal Urobach!”

Salve Urobach, Spiritus Tenebris
“Hail Urobach, Dark Spirit!”

Praedicate Urobach-Kandrathor
“I Praise (Two Names for Ukobach)!”

Taladadal Kalimgatal Asalagor
Channeled Chant to Invoke Ukobach
(The i in Kalimgatal is pronounced like the i in igloo)

Saladador Horagatal Hantaragor Tal
Channeled Chant to Evoke Ukobach
(Tal is pronounced like Tall)


Dictionary of Demons by Fred Gettings

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


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