Names: Raziel, Razeil, Razeel, Rezial, Reziel, Ratziel, Galizur
Primary Compass Attribution: Southeast
Lesser Compass Attributions: S, SW, N, NE
Primary Planetary Attributions: Uranus; Neptune
Lesser Planetary Attribution: Jupiter
Power Day: Wednesday
Zodiac: Twentieth Lunar Station
Elemental Attribution: Fire; Earth
Sacred Numbers: 2, 12, 22
Material Attributions: Frankincense; Clear Quartz

Raziel is described as the Angel of Mysteries, the Ruler of Chokmah, the Keeper of Secrets, and the Chief of the Er’elim. He was believed to have written a magickal text for Adam to help him and his wife redeem themselves spiritually after the fall, which text was temporarily or permanently lost to humanity shortly thereafter. He is believed to be a great spiritual teacher, a protector of angels, and an agent of humanity’s spiritual evolution. He is purported to know all the secrets of the Universe, and experiences which beget increasements in spiritual conviction are said to be symptomatic of his influence.

The name Raziel is generally translated to mean “Secrets of God,” which I will tentatively reinterpret as “Secrets of the Numinous.” His name Galizur, meaning “Revealer of the Rock,” has obvious alchemical implications. Raziel is also one of the various entities who self-identifies with the title “Lucifer” (Samael and Lumial use this title for themselves as well).

Raziel is called upon for alchemy, magick, and the refinement of psychic faculties. He can help one understand esotericism and attain spiritual insight. He is held to be the patron archangel of lawyers, judges, law enforcement, and law creators.

Raziel presides over the pursuit of turning knowledge to wisdom, tuning in to the spiritual, discovering new opportunities, and identifying underlying patterns in one’s life. He removes blockages and imparts creativity. Learning from him is said to fill one with greater curiosity concerning and motivation in pursuing communion with the Numinous as well as faith in one’s destiny. His energy is described as rainbow-hued.

The auspices of Raziel are useful for healing, banishing, exorcism, shielding, warding, protection, and energy cloaking. He is helpful in working with the chakras, the Black Flame, and both the Black and Red Kundalini. He is knowledgeable regarding nature magick, solar magick, stellar magick, herbal magick, money spells, and necromancy. He can protect and help one have and raise children.

Not only is Raziel one of the highest ranked angels out there, he is also one of the eldest amongst them, such that he is a progenitor of many or most of them. He would appear to be far more powerful than even Michael based on one interaction I have seen between the two.

Raziel can impart all manners of gnosis and give aid and instruction in every kind of divination. He transforms the magickian through black magick.

Raziel can give aid in the consecration of chalices and weapons and communion with the Higher Self. He can help one attain gnosis of past lives and experience oneness with the all in meditation. He is knowledgeable regarding the manners in which djinn, nature spirits, and the giants of Norse religion can be worked with in magick.

Rites to Raziel are best performed in nature– by lakes, in caves, on mountains, or in woods.

Raziel can be called upon for binding spells, non-lethal execration, and psychic vampyrism. He specializes in lunar magick and mind tricks and he can strengthen the magickian’s natural psychic defenses. He can impart luck and ensure safe travel. He can also get you friends and get you laid.

For chants and sigils for Raziel, follow the link below:

I would recommend reading these articles regarding the archangel Raziel, most of which I would cite as sources:

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One thought on “Raziel

  1. Kundalini rising is so close 😉 U have the answer already.
    And all the Spirits to help with it, Micheal, Raziel, Astaroth.
    Astaroth brings more, her Blessing of Mastery of Serpents
    i have perceived it has another phase in the transformation
    in the Black Alchemy, The 3rd Helix, becoming more…
    Serpent. Allowing U to discover Magical Powers U never tough
    U had.

    P.S. ” I understand U might wounder who i am, i like to keep
    under the radar, but let me assure U that my intentions towards U r
    only of good nature, in order the see U grow. At anytime i will be glad
    to share my own gnosis with U, if i see it helpful.
    Dark Blessings.

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