A Rite to Adrammelech for Astral Projection

This ritual calls upon Adramaleck to transform consciousness and empower the astral double for the purpose of astral projection. The witch may attempt astral projection with Adramaleck’s help directly after this rite of self-transformation if she likes– if she would like to do this, she is to vibrate the channeled word of power Naeragatarum four times after the end of the rite before attempting. I was commissioned to write this ritual by a client.

Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia! In Nominibus Lapis Exilis Et Alogos!
[Numinous is the Alchemical Attainment and Underlying Force of All Demon Magick! In the Names of the Stone of Exile and the Unwritten Gnosis]

Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Adramaleck (x11)
[Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Adramaleck]

Salve Adramaleck Terrore Flammae! Concalo Ignipotens– Voco Te Adrammelech! Agios Es, Nasthala, Divum Et Vorsipelle! Superveni Arumgala Maximus Lar! Aperiatur Acharayim, Et Germinet Adramelech! Induperator Est Sagath Etiam Reshut Ha-Rabbim! Exorna Alogos, Praegrande Adramaleck!
[Hail Adramaleck, Bearer of Fire! I Call the God of Fire– I Call Thee Adrammelech! Numinous Art Thou, (Secret Name of Adramaleck), Deity and Shapeshifter! Come, (Secret Name of Adramaleck), Great Deity! Open the Backwards Tree, and Bring Forth Adramelech! Lord is (Secret Name of Adramaleck) of the Kingdom of Manifoldness! Prove the Unwritten Gnosis, Great Adramaleck]

Baruch Ha-Adrammelech, Melech Ha-Qlipha Ha-Kokab (x11)
[Blessed is Adrammelech, King of the Qlipha of Mercury]

Agios Adramelech Rex Venenum! Salve Adramaleck Terrore Flammae! Aperiatur Mavethol; Devoco Sagath! Arcesso Praevalidum Agenti Smola– Invito Adramaleck!
[Numinous (is) Adramelech, King of Poison! Hail Adramaleck, Bearer of Fire! Open the Nightside; I Call (Secret Name of Adramaleck)! I Summon the Mighty Emissary of the Left Hand– I Call Adramaleck]

Kaeragandrala (x7)
[(Channeled Word of Power to Transform the Mind for Astral Projection with the Help of Adramaleck)]

Traeandala (x7)
[(Channeled Word of Power to Transform the Astral Double for Astral Projection with the Help of Adramaleck)]

Ya Namosh Sitra De-Smola Alogos Drakosophia Exat!
[In the Name of the Sinister Left Side, the Unwritten Gnosis, and the Underlying Force of All Demon Magick, It Is So]


6 thoughts on “A Rite to Adrammelech for Astral Projection

  1. Yes, he automatically enhances astral projection and makes dreams easier to remember and simultaneously teaches how to shape and control dreams. Confirmed. Sources are split whether living healthy children or stillbirths and deformated children were sacrificed but this definitely happened. He seems to attract Undead as companions when going into astral journeys.


  2. The second thing about him I experience inside the Qlippha Samael is: you are going to fall asleep and then suddenly this college-guy appears, with a folder in his hand and seemingly no life experience but a doctor-graduated dry psychologist. He will ask you now the most unpleasant questions about yourself that you could imagine for a period of almost an hour before he leaves you. The most heartless interrogation. He does not give you a single reward but only takes from your psyche. Interestingly, Asmodeus joined the company to provide energy and keep an eye on the situation. But next morning you will be thankful and feel drained in a very positive way. Funny, Met Kafou arranged it that way, that only after Thaumiel I had access to Samael. So you do not need to follow “paths” but can jump the Klippha or more exactly to speak, let your spirits guide you, what your next sphere will be. You can sense how fierce Adramelek can get psychologically and why he is feared so much, and that he can drive one insane with ease. All of those super-strong entities come very slowly, hard to sense, like a mist.


  3. there’s an alchemical effect in using that astral projection in the name of Adramelech. Pack one of your foam swords & its blade will become steel, just like an airsoft gun will spit lead (as I found out) arming myself against some dead fascist homophobic hackers & scammers


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