The Sinister Rite of Multiplicity

This ritual calls upon the Twelve Qliphothic Armies to Empower the Sorceress in Whatever Manner(s) They See Fit. Phrases in Italics Are Meant to Be Chanted in a Rhythmic Monotone. Translations of the Foreign Phrases Appear in Brackets. This Rite is Composed Entirely of Empowered Magickal Chants, Meaning that Every Single Sentence (Excluding the Hymn) has been Individually Enchanted for its Purpose. The Hymn Appears with Different Stanzas Separated by Slashes.

Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia! In Nominibus Lapis Exilis Et Alogos!
[Numinous (is) the Alchemical Pursuit and Underlying Force(s) of All Demon Magick! In the Name of the Stone of Exile and Unwritten Gnosis]

Liftoach Hekel Lebanath Ha-Adamas Ater (x13)
[Open the Palace of the Pavement of the Black Diamond]

Voco Te Reshut Ha-Rabbim,/ In Nomine Alogos./ Existite Arathatral./ Avete Spirituum Sitra De-Smola./ Salvete Dagdagiron,/ Et Salvete Bahimiron./ Shichiriron Laudamus/ Scandite Beiriron,/ Militibus Ex Inferno./ Pervenite Adimiron/ Voco Autem Shelhabiron/ Advenite Tzelilimiron,/ Numinibus Infernales./ Obvenite Tzephiriron,/ Legionem Immortalem./ Apparete Necheshethiron/ Erigite Obiriron/ O, Divinae Nashimiron Gloriae/ Supervenite Nachashiron/ Salvete Karathadragal/ Ascendam In Nominibus Kaerathatagoroth
[I Call to the Kingdom of Manifoldness (Qliphoth)/ In the Name of the Unwritten Gnosis/ Step Forth, (Channeled Name Referring to All Twelve Qliphothic Armies)/ Hail the Spirits of the Sinister Left Side (Qliphoth)/ Hail the Dagdagiron/ And Hail the Bahimiron/ Praise the Shichiriron/ Rise, Beiriron/ Warriors of the Infernal Plane/ Come, Adimiron/ I Call the Shelhabiron/ Come, Tzelilimiron/ Divine and Infernal Intelligences/ Come, Tzephiriron/ Immortal Legion/ Manifest, Necheshethiron/ Rise, Obiriron/ Oh, Glory to the Numinous Nachashiron/ Hail the (Channeled Name Referring to All Twelve Qliphothic Armies)/ I Will Ascend in the Names of the (Channeled Name Referring to All Twelve Qliphothic Armies)]

Alogos Teknon, Exousia Basileia Skotos, Arathatral, Khaosophoros Pneuma (x11)
[Children of the Unwritten Gnosis, Force of the Kingdom of Darkness, Arathatral, Chaos-Bearing Spirits]

Salvete Arathatral, Salvete Immortales (x11)
[Hail (the) Arathatral, Hail the Immortal Spirits]

Exorimini Ambrosiae Arathatral (x11)
[Rise, Everlasting Arathatral]

Avete Arathatral Magnae Intelligentiae (x11)
[Hail (to the) Arathatral, Great Intelligences]

Enasimini Praegrandia Divae Arathatral (x11)
[Appear, Great Spirits Arathatral]

Ya Namosh Sitra De-Smola Alogos Drakosophia Exat!
[In the Name of the Sinister Left Side, the Unwritten Gnosis, and the Underlying Force(s) of All Demon Magick]


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