Sanat Kumara

“I am knowledge, fire, death, and chaos.” -Sanat Kumara

Sanat Kumara
Above: Channeled Sigil for Sanat Kumara

There are countless differing delineations of Sanat Kumara throughout mystical literature and many aspects are recorded. I would recommend reading his Wikipedia article prior to my own for a general understanding. I cannot address the varied descriptions of his person, many or most of which are inevitably flawed, but I can, however, impart my understanding of Sanat Kumara.

Sanat Kumara told me he his allegiance was to Daath (the Abyss). He claims to open the way to bring forth more magickians. He claims to foster initiation, new power, strength, guidance, rebirth, courage, wisdom, fortitude, alchemical transformation, and Luciferian Diabolization. He said he seeks to perform and teach magickal evolution.

Sanat Kumara is a teacher of those who share their knowledge as well as those who pursue alchemy via black magick. He grants wisdom and magickal power to wayward hearts, and he imparts his teachings to those chosen by the demonic metagods. He transforms the sorceress into a deathly destroyer. He said that Daath was his home.

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Adveni Sanat Kumara
Agios Ischyros Sanat Kumara
Isti Ad Me; Vocavi Te
Sanat Kumara Gloria
“Come, Sanat Kumara/ Numinous and Mighty is Sanat Kumara/ Descend Unto Me; I Summon You/ Glory to Sanat Kumara!”
Magickal Hymn to Sanat Kumara

Naegathagator + Sanat Kumara + Rimkatagatagathor + Shaykathora _ Kaerathagakora + Faekatagathagorakoroth
Name Vibration Formula for Working with Sanat Kumara, Largely Consisting of His Channeled Secret Names (Secret Names are Only for Use in Magick. They May Only Be Released Publicly with Permission and When Possible Should Not Be Shared with the Uninitiated)

Kimraegathora Karatagra Kimramgathora Kagrakakakora
Channeled Chant to Summon (Invoke or Evoke) Sanat Kumara

Kiraeagathora + Karakakakara + Karatagrakarathor + Nialakatora
Channeled Words of Power to Become Transformed by Sanat Kumara

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


4 thoughts on “Sanat Kumara

  1. Really funny, because in Russia a long time ago they were selling metallic cards with different images on them and Sanat Kumara was portrayed there as a being “of light”, like an angel…Btw, this other guy Kumaras (it is impossible to channel or have this name with that precision and not knowing of Kumara…) and this witch (blood scrying, smoking lotus etc.) are really complicated people, not possible giving a normal smile – even when she talked about Anubis – I could not listen to her. Sometimes normal psychotherapy will have better effects than magick.


  2. What not mean that she is not sexy and carries a tempting malignancy – but I also know that she cursed me and her curses are very strong – so, balancing is the main action in magick.


  3. He has indeed many different aspects. I found out that giving them special meal, food calls almost automatically on their aspect. Giving Krishna honey and sandalwood and you expect the same. But you can also give him blood. Illumination or enlightenment people often confuse with somebody, who is now “good” or “perfect” – but for example, in Tibet they know an “Evil Buddha” who does baneful stuff. Conjure Queen said, she was perplexed that in Tibet they practise more Vodou than in Haiti. Experiment versus Dogma.


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