Triple Numbers in Demonic Numerology

Like many Occultists within and without my readership, I have received many numerological omens via triple numbers which I did not understand. So, I did my research, and now I intend to shed what light I can on these numbers in the hopes that the reader will benefit.

111 is one numerical value of the names Samael, Pan, and Baphomet (note: other methods of Gematria will lend a value of 131 to these same names). 111 relates to various types of extreme spiritual progression such as the attainment of gnosis, alchemical transformation, and initiation through Kether, the highest Sephira. Remember that Kether and Thaumiel (Neptune & Pluto/Moloch & Satan) are the same power and the same force.

222 relates to equal opposites such as life and death. It also equates to the double Aleph, which relates it to Thaumiel, the highest Qlipha.

333 is the numerical value of the names Shugal and Choronzon, which names are those attributed to the principal demonic rulers of Daath (the Abyss).

444 is the numerical value of the name Abramelin, not that I know what to do with that information. The number is often interpreted to mean that one’s spirits are among them, and thus to be a sign of comfort. Alternatively, it is interpreted as a call to action, sometimes specifically meaning that one should either double down on what they’re doing or start putting unused knowledge into practice. According to Frater Apollonius, the number 444 relates to the Qliphothic Sphere of Venus and the Sephirothic Sphere of Jupiter.

555 equates to a pentagram and signifies the Black Flame.

666 is held to be the “Most Holy Number of the Sun” in Thelemic consideration. The magickal square of the sun is comprised of every number from 1 to 36, and the sum of every number from 1 to 36 is 666. Shugal and Choronzon, while two separate entities, exist as a hivemind; their names together equate to 666. 666 is also the numerical value of the name Sorath, which name refers to the spirit considered the cardinal demon of the Sun. Coincidentally, Sorath is an excellent demon to work with in attempts to access Daath. Lastly, 666 is the numerical value of the name of the Qliphothic Army of Pisces.

According to Kenneth Grant, 777 relates to the Qliphoth as well as the Great Work.

If there is any particular piece of instruction which I want you to remember after reading this article, it is to slit your wrists down the road, not across the street. With any luck, your guides and/or the universe will no longer be met with deaf ears when attempting to communicate with you through these numbers. Failing that, you can use this knowledge to impress whichever godforsaken mongoloids are inextricably willing to suffer your abominable presence.

-Fookie Bookie
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


7 thoughts on “Triple Numbers in Demonic Numerology

    1. According to Gematria and the Tanakh by Brian Pivik
      888 Relates to “YHVH”, and some verses including “To cover/protect, enclose shelter shield surround” A “Boring or eating out, hole, hollow, A low place, you shell open, you shell engrave”

      Means “Silver refined in a earthen furnace” And “judge”
      in my experience it Relates to Satan, initiation, and Change.


  1. Fookie Bookie indeed
    Definitely Eye Opening, Had many of these Synchronicities.
    What of 303, (404, 414) (202, 212, 121) (321, 123) (515) (654, 456) (609, 906) & 911
    Especially ‘303’

    (I Assume (212 121) Relate to Ratziell 2, 12, 22 Are Scared to her)

    it’s possible Synchronicities like (414, 212, 515) Combine 2 meanings
    for example (414 holds the meanings of (111 & 444) or referring to the Point/Tunnel between The Venus Sphere (Netzach/Herab Serapel) and Mercury Sphere (Hod/Samael) Ruled by The Demon ‘Parfaxitas’


  2. An interesting insight by Kenneth Grant I came across recently in his book Outside The Circles of Time on page 124:

    “The number of the Satanic Trinity, Typhon-Apophis-Besz, is 666 (OMMV SThN); it is also the number of the name of Jesus, ShM IHShVH. The Christ and Anti-Christ are thus subsumed beneath one number, and they represent an identical current in two forms, the one manifesting on the hither side of the Tree, the other on the reverse. The number of the Christ Current, however, is 888 (according to Greek qabalah). This is also the number of LNTh BVTh, De Semitis, which means ‘concerning the paths’. Other meanings of this number are ’empyrean’ and ‘aethyr’, both of which relate to the Void and its reflex, the Abyss.”


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