Magickal Hymns to Moloch, Satan, Lilith, & the Goetikon

If you don’t know what my magickal hymns are for, look at the magickal hymns section of my blog. I’ve explained their purpose in that category’s prior entries. Long story short: use them for whatever the fuck you want, because I’ve made them all powerful enough to (probably) impress you, unless you’re from the Temple of Maergzjirah, because those people scare me. I just don’t wanna type it up for the thousandeth time.

Note: secret names for the gods are only for magickal use and should not be revealed to the uninitiated. Yes, I had permission to put these on my blog.

Oh, Asterius and Minotaur are both names for Moloch.

Magickal Hymn to Lilith

Concelebrate Divina Lilitu
Ambrosia Genetrix Et Deitas
Interveni Mater Riskora
Amplaudate Regina Qliphoth
Salve Domina Raeastora
Advoco Matrona Et Domina Lilith
[I Praise the Divine Lilitu/ Immortal Mother and Goddess/ Come, Mother (Secret Name of Lilith)/ I Praise the Queen of the Qliphoth/ Hail Queen (Secret Name for Lilith: RAY-UH-STORE-UH)/ I Call Mother and Lady Lilith]

Magickal Hymn to Satan

Advoco Te Omnipotens Raekathoroth
Sathanas Gloria– Adveni Satan-Diabolus
Agios Ischyros Domine Satan
Ornate Praevalidus Genitor Sathan
Salve Pater Satana, Ambrosius Seminator
[I Call You, All-Powerful (Secret Name for Satan)/ Glory to Sathanas– Come, Satan-Diabolus/ Numinous and Mighty is Lord Satan/ I Praise the Great Father Sathan/ Hail Father Satana, Immortal Father]

Magickal Hymn to the Goetikon

Salve Magnus Goetikon, Agente Ex Sitra De-Smola
Voco Te Potens Omnituens Goetikon
Agios Ischyros Draco Gehennalis, Domnus Acharayim
Ave Genetrix Et Seminator, Serpens Et Animus
Praevalidus Goetikon Gloria– Invoco Rimtharakhal
[Hail the Great Goetikon, Emissary of the Sinister Left Side/ I Call You, Great, All-Seeing Goetikon/ Numinous and Mighty is the Dragon of Hell, Dragon of the Backwards Tree/ Glory to the Great Goetikon– I Call (Secret Name for the Goetikon)]

Magickal Hymn to Moloch

Agios Ischyros Pater Moloch
Amplaudate Potens Asterius
Salve Dominator Moloch-Minotaur
Amplaudate Domnus Reshut Ha-Rabbim
Ornate Seminator Asterius-Moloch
Aethereus Et Ambrosius Patronus Et Rex
Obveni Amplus Asterius-Minotaur
Invoco Praevalidus Omnituens Aeristoroth
Concelebrate Domine Raerathaealakorok
[Numinous and Mighty is Father Moloch/ I Praise the Mighty Asterius/ Hail Lord Moloch-Minotaur/ I Praise the Lord of the Kingdom of Manifoldness/ I Praise Father Asterius-Moloch/ Numinous and Immortal Patron and King/ Come, Mighty Asterius-Minotaur/ I Call the Great All-Seeing (Secret Name for Moloch: AYY-ris-TOUR-oth)/ I Praise Lord (Secret Name for Moloch (RAY-ruh-thay-UH-LAW-CORE-ock)]

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


8 thoughts on “Magickal Hymns to Moloch, Satan, Lilith, & the Goetikon

  1. Thanks alot the great one. There’s one thing that i want you to teach me,the spiritual power that i will use for my business and protection and how to invoke them and what they need for ritual or sacrifice.


  2. Thanks alot, i want you to the goddess or marmiad that i will use for progress of my business and protection of life. And also how to invoke them and what they need for for ritual or sacrifice.


  3. Hi VK, hope not to bother you.

    You mentioned the Temple of Maergzjirah

    Why do they scare you? What do they summon?
    I know little of them, let’s say I know nothing


      1. Oh, I thought you knew some terrifying secret ah ah!!!
        Thank you, I’ll perform some skrying to understand what lingers around them


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