9 thoughts on “A Reader’s Channeled Sigil for Thaumiel

  1. Beautiful sigil that you channeled. I think I will use it myself if that’s ok? I guess it’s ok because you’ve shared it that’s what my intuition tells me.

    I wrote a blog recently that you may be interested in? It’s a Q & A prose style channelling from the ocean itself the biggest elemental on the entire planet. I’d be interested to know what you think about it if you have the time. It’s not one of my longer blogs. Lol

    It came to me one night sitting in our sunroom whilst listening to the ocean lapping against the cliffs here. As we live on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. It was so spiritual and so intensely beautiful to me.

    What I wrote on my blog was direct from my hand written Grimoire. I think it’s because I was looking for answers to some of life’s complexities and then the ocean just spoke through my body via writing.

    I’ve channeled some sigils too but haven’t shared them as yet. But after seeing yours I just might do so. It’s such an inspiration to me. Talk about synchronicity because it certainly is for me.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome and empowering sigil.

    Blessed Be & Namaste,🙏



      1. Hi there,
        I don’t know how to send it but it’s on my blog entitled Channeling the Ocean Q & A Prose. It’s really easy to find as it’s featured on my home page. Sry as I really don’t know my way around WordPress very well at all but am slowly getting there.

        Ok so it was channelled from a reader I don’t know how I missed that. 😂 lol Hope that you enjoy my blog that was Channeled. It certainly was such an awesome experience that’s for sure.

        Hope that you have a great week!
        Blessed Be & Namaste,🙏


  2. Very interesting, how fire is part of this sigil rather than usual lines. What do you use this sigil for? Going into thaumiel?


    1. I’ve only used it to block out the influence of negative entities thus far, surprising that it works for that. And yeah, channeled sigils can come in all shapes and forms.

      Two flames for Moloch and Satan methinks. Notice the moongate which lies beyond Thaumiel to the throne of Hecate 🙂


      1. Oh wow.. how did you discover that it works for blocking out influence of negative entieties?

        Thank you for pointing out the moon gate! Didin’t even notice it at first 🙂

        Im very interested in Hecate and how she plays into demon magick, I just started on my path so I eat up all the knowledge I can but don’t want to get stuck as a armchair occultist.

        Thanks for your response V.K, I absolutely love your work.

        One last thing! Could you point me where to look if I want to start on working through the qlippoth? I couldnt find what that exactly means anywhere.
        Do I need soul travel proficiency? Thanks in advance, youre awesome dude!


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