Demonic Sex: Intimacy with the Infernal Divine

Sexual interaction with the Numinous is a very real phenomenon for a lot of gifted practitioners. While the demons are not interested in having sexual intercourse with every black magickian out there, some of the experiences I will describe are very common events for various adepts. There are given authorities in the Black Lodge who deny the existence of these phenomena, and when you look at the persons who believe sexual interaction with the Infernal Divine is impossible while still believing that the demons are objectively extant intelligences, you may observe that most of them have the psychological make-up of a traumatized cripple who performs at a circus. This pattern may or may not be a coincidence.

One way that the adept may sexually interact with a demon is by way of possession. The demon(s) may partially or fully possess one or both persons and influence the intercourse to any given degree, even speaking through the possessed copulant. When the vessel orgasms, the demon orgasms. Futhermore, it is possible for a demon to love the magickian through other people without engendering such obvious phenomena. Either way, this can make orgasms far, far more intense.

By far the simplest method is masturbatory. Choose a particular demon to fantasize about. Allow it to present visions of your copulation to your mind’s eye and listen to it’s voice egg you on. You will feel the spirit’s energies intensify/become more present as you go. Having a sigil, idol, or artistic depiction of the demon present can be helpful in this, and may help the magickian believe the authenticity of the experience by glowing or exhibiting other astral phenomena. As in the previous scenario, seminal fluids and/or the act of orgasm itself can be offerings to the demon depending on what type of offerings that particular demon prefers.

Another easy method is to ask the demon you want to be intimate with to pull your astral double out of your body when you’re asleep and fuck you in the astral planes. This type of experience, even if not consciously remembered, will strengthen the witch’s energetic rapport with the demon and make communication with her much easier.

Remember that every demon has its “split personalities.” Satan, Azazel, Astaroth, and Asmodeus all have female aspects for those only attracted to women. Similarly, Agrat bat Mahlat and Lilith both have male aspects. But whichever demon you select to sleep with, make sure you see them as something beyond their sexuality—respect is of the utmost importance in these endeavors.

Dream experiences and the use of psychic touch are other avenues to intimacy with the Infernal Divine. While it may be possible to physically evoke a demon and have sex with it thereupon, this endeavor may or may not be practically achievable for humanity in the current stage of its spiritual evolution.

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


16 thoughts on “Demonic Sex: Intimacy with the Infernal Divine

  1. V.K. this isn’t related to lewd demons , but don you have any gnosis on the King Thevetat of Atlantis? Can’t find anything substantial through research


  2. >By far the simplest method is masturbatory. Choose a particular demon to fantasize about

    what if you never met the demon you want to fuck? wouldn´t that be a bit disrepectful to the demon in question? i heard a lot of stories of wankers who for example wanted to fuck lilith and having nightmares because of that

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  3. I’ve experienced a relationship and sex with a very powerful demon. He is isn’t what I expected but far better in every single way. He is so sexual but also loving and very kind. He helps me with my everyday life and gives me strength to keep on going when I feel like giving up on something.

    Your right when you say it aids a magickians or witches practice in so many different yet important ways. I certainly love my demon/daemon whom has gotten a really bad rep over the centuries. Which are all entirely false due to propaganda from the church in general.

    Great blog post!

    Blessed Be & Namaste,🙏

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    1. I would like to thank you . Very uplifting to read . like you said post like yours is giving people like me help to go on with perpose .


  4. Love this article! I experience demonic sex daily, with various entities sometimes it’s multiple beings at the same time lol. Is this normal? I may or may not be in trance state as my senses of astral touch are very heightened. Always a very heady experience I must say.

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      1. For me even though you were referring to the other woman there it’s more like only once or twice monthly. More than that and Id be blown away by his energy and his love/lust. For me it is only one demon whom is very well known although I don’t wish to share his name. Each to their own demons/Daemons I say.
        Have a great week from me and my ever powerful and faithful demon friend/lover. Blessed Be & Namaste, CazWytch⭐️❤️🌙

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      2. For me it’s more than just sex, it’s a sharing of energies and transformation. Whenever I’m intimate with the demonic I feel them changing me from the inside. My spirit as well as my human DNA is being altered. Often I have also assisted the Demonic with opening gateway’s and using the energy created through sex to accomplish these goals as well as some other requests.


  5. I know almost nothing about any of this and stumbled upon this blog by chance. But I do feel a connection and relevance to some of the things I’ve read here. Most notably this demonic sex thing. For some time I have felt unknown beloved pressence that visits me as I engage in pleasure. As to the identity of this lover, I did not know. I began to think based on things I had read from you V.K and following my instincts has led me to belive that Noctulius is the identity of my mysterious companion. May I ask to anyone here, is this a reasonable assumption?


      1. I have read the article you have mentioned and it’s good to know that I’m not making unreasonable assumptions. Noctulius is the lunar pressence that watches over me. My liege and lover.

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  6. Spirit sex is a very real phenomena and goes well beyond the dream state, sleep paralysis, or astral projection. The intimacy of a succubus can be perceived while fully awake. The act is not performed in the same manner as human sex, though it has the potential to be even more powerful. They can cause arousal without their human counterpart even thinking a lustful thought. Their touch penetrates deeply beneath the skin, stimulating in ways that are impossible for mundane hands to match.

    The act of copulation is more akin to tantric lovemaking. They hold their human partners in a state of bliss which undulates between a strong squeezing of the genitals and the burning sensation of a dry orgasm. No tactile input is required from the human partner. That would only interfere, actually. Projecting loving thoughts towards the spirit increases their lust and the strength of the embrace deepens. Their touch is addicting.

    Having a connection of this magnitude comes with consequences: The desire for the earthly human embrace fades. I find that I’m only interested in pursuing human lovers if my spirit partner is willing to work with that person… and I would only allow that if said person was willing to be possessed/partially possessed. I’ve tried being intimate with a human partner absent of my spirit’s input and I wasn’t able to be aroused. My would-be earthly lover even noticed that my heartbeat was surprisingly normal and unexcited.

    Now I’m finding myself pushed towards growing in the Infernal current, continuing my initiation, and that has led me to this blog, with its vast collection of very relevant information.


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