Necromantic Alchemy, Death Magick, & Psychic Vampyrism

The grey energy emitted by corpses and dead tissue is referred to by the titles of Death Energy and the Death Essence, and the variant of witchcraft incorporating it is referred to as Death Magick.

It is known to be a necessity for the witch to develop and attunement to the Death Essence prior to engaging in Necromancy, but the aspiring Necromancer is always warned not to allow the Death Essence to seep into her aura, less her health become diminished. Nonetheless, some amount of Death Energy always infiltrates the subtle body, and so a gradual debilitation continues.

There is a powerful loophole to this guideline which few magickians are aware of: a magickian who has acquired a proficiency in the practice of psychic vampyrism will have developed such an aptitude for digesting and altering foreign energies that she becomes capable of not only imbibing the Death Essence without harming herself, but even benefiting from the act.

I refer to the act of becoming saturated with the Death Essence as “entering the Mortis State.” To do so is to become magnified in power and undergo permutations of the very essence. The magickian becomes gradually likened to the entities which she interacts with by way of gradual permutation, and for the vampyric magickian, the alchemy of Death Magick and communion with the dead develops the psychic senses, renders the Kundalini easier to raise, causes the bestial manifestation of the Higher Self to be more easily accessible, and permutates the chakras such that working with them yields greater and quicker results.

In the Mortis State, the sorceress is more capable of perceiving the astral oddities about her and retrospectively remembering dreams. The magickian who is saturated with the Death Essence is more difficult to kill and less likely to die. Sometimes, a vampyric magickian can feed on the Death Energy within a moribund person, and in doing so, save their life.

I refer to the magickian’s aptitude for deprogramming exogenous human energy and attuning it to one’s natural ‘flavor’ by the name vampyric metabolism. By regularly feeding on the prana of other humans, the magickian develops the vampyric metabolism, increasing her aptitude for energy work in general, and making her suitable for the art of self-transformation via Death Magick. Of all the countless avenues of spiritual progression available to me, my spirit guides told me that Necromantic Alchemy was among the very most useful and essential to my ascent.

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


6 thoughts on “Necromantic Alchemy, Death Magick, & Psychic Vampyrism

  1. Hi vk nice work..i always follow you on your writing , i thot u always responce on ur followers..i texted you on fb masenger and your comments section but unfortunately u never responded. Thank for ignoring this brother.
    Towfique h. Chowdhury( THC)


  2. I am watching your video “Thoughts & Updated: the Cabal, Slayden, & more. You state an enemy said you were a weak psychic or something to that effect.

    I want you to know, that after watching your video on “Io Crasseron!” I began giving an offering of water to those who died nameless and forgotten–and for the first time, a HUGE breakthrough occurred for me. I see spirits, but don’t see them performing activities until now. Spirits open their mouths and attempt to speak to me, they dance and move and have begun manifesting most powerfully! Also, your sigils on this site are very powerful gate openers! I’m happy I have this resource for learning and evolving!

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  3. Very interesting article. I know about the lich state from the writing of Somnus Dreadwood in Charnel Whispers but to be honest found his explanation of corporeal necromancy to be quite a bit out there and not to my taste at all.

    As for the death essence or death current as I refer to it as, has never done me any harm when I connect with it. It may be because I saw my first spirit at the age of only 10years old in our old church graveyard.

    Necromancy is an area which is strong in my practice. I work mainly with my own ancestors but occasionally other willing spirits as well. I enjoy spirit work very much because much can be achieved from it when done properly.

    Blessed Be & Namaste,🙏


  4. Sry for the late reply but I haven’t been on WordPress for awhile but read your blogs via email or via my pc browser.

    Yeah it would be interesting if we could all come up with a different names for their different meanings perhaps? Please let me know if you do so.

    I often refer to deceased spirits as the disincarnate such as the Sorceress Cagliastro does. She’s done some really interesting work but again I don’t dogmatically agree with all of it but some of it is of great value. She is correct that the discarnate when practising necromancy are easily attracted or baited to use one of her terms by one’s own blood. This always attracts them because it reminds them of being alive themselves.

    There are times when I feel it is necessary and others when it really isn’t. That’s a matter that most Necromancers tend to disagree about quite a lot. I personally only use blood ritual when the disincarnate are related to me or I knew them well in life and/or occasionally when a spirit has come to me and I’ve come to trust them. Especially when they guide me to their gravestone via divination or psychic dreams where they take me to a cemetery and show me where their grave is. This has only happened less than 10 times so far but it’s not something that I really work at very much it just happens spontaneously so it seems.

    It’s incredible when it does though and then I go to the cemetery that I’ve been shown in my dreams or more correctly out on the astral plane. It’s incredible and I find it so humbling and spiritual that they have invited me into their world to help me or some need help from me sometimes. That’s a whole other topic.

    I often think that I should allow more free time to be made available for necromantic work as it’s so satisfactory when it all works out really well and/or helps another person or themselves to grow also. I find necromancy fascinating but sometimes I have to be careful not to attract too many spirits because that’s when it all becomes too draining and sometimes intensely tiring.

    Especially when one is with them from after midnight until the early hours. Then having to be up just a couple of hours later is really tiring but I always feel that it’s more than worth it.

    Well I hope that your doing well atm. I haven’t written a blog for quite awhile as my father passed away over a month ago now and it’s been one of the hardest experiences of my life. His spirit came to me every night for just over 2 weeks straight after he died. I was overjoyed to see him and he’s still around at times because we were both so very close in this life so why not the next. It was tough though as he died of cancer and it broke my heart when he was suffering so much. Anyways he’s in a much better place now that’s for sure.

    I must write a blog about it but some of it is just too personal to share but I will share some of my experiences though eventually.

    Well I’ve said more than enough. Lol

    Take Care,
    Blessed Be & Namaste,🙏


  5. Challenging to contact Bathory via Necromancy and to try to find out what is myth and what is real. You will enter a very special hell. It is insane. When it gets too hard, smudging with some Datura (SOME) is helpful. Do not even think of making a bloodpact with her.


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