UPDATE: This article needed to be amended because the individual formerly known as Austin Blackstone/Ryan Stirner has publicly come out as a trans woman. She now goes by the name Raine Ahava and her dead names have been replaced. Further amending will be done at a later date for quality of writing– I wrote this quite a while ago and I didn’t write it well.

I first spoke publicly about Sanatas on YouTube in a pair of videos which I removed. Despite the fact that almost no black magickian can stand in his presence without going homicidally insane, several of my viewers managed to work with him and survive. Now I have been led to release my teachings about Sanatas to the public. It was Raine Ahava who originally channeled and told me of his existence. And yeah, this was a quick essay I put together speaking about myself in third person for some indefensible reason. Enjoy.

Above: Channeled Sigil of Sanatas

Sanatas presides over the innermost singularity of the Trans-Qliphothic labyrinth. He is a great destroyer—a divine and destructive archetype which predates all other archetypes. He is the One True King of Demons, and he leads the Infernal Divine through Sepheranz. He is the precursor to Samael, Satan, and Lucifer which Satan purportedly strives to emulate. His name, Sanatas, is the reversed spelling of Satanas, the Greek name for Satan (the Latin form is Satana). Until V.K. Jehannum evoked Sanatas in 2018, one-thousand-and-seven-hundred years passed without any magickian summoning Sanatas without going insane or killing themselves as result of the endeavor. According to Sepheranz, many who tried did “unending horrible things” because they simply could not restrain themselves.

Based on what I understand from communing with fellow Occultists, Sanatas appears to have manifested himself to others during this 1,700 year time period. It would seem that summoning the spirit in and of itself is the deadly thing. When you summon a being, you use your own energy to manifest them. Perhaps it is this task that drives men mad, but seek guidance unless my hypothesis is wrong.

Sanatas is the master of voice disguise. When he fully possesses a person, he can speak in their normal voice, such that his control of the vessel is difficult for outsiders to discern. Otherwise, I find his voice quite deep and sophisticated, albeit so deep that the sophistication can he hard to detect.

Sepheranz told me to only call upon Sanatas after consulting her. With her approval, and thus, her blessing, Sanatas would appear to me and grant my request. Sanatas can accept or deny your evocation, as can any deity. If it’s not the right time for him or you, he will let you know. If the time is right, he will appear, again, with Sepheranz’ blessing. Do not withdraw after conjuring him. Should the magickian feel shame, doubt, or fear in approach Sanatas, he will be angered and depart, and he will hold a grudge, and he will refuse to appear to the magickian for a given period of time.

When a soul comes by sufficient spiritual attainment, it is Sanatas which separates them from the causal universe and the cycle of reincarnation. This is what the Black Lodge somewhat inaccurately refers to as “self-deification.”

Sanatas is to be conjured for the destruction of one’s enemies: whether they be a formidable threat or simply a nuiscance. He is not to be conjured for petty squabbles between coworkers. Do not speak to him with words, for he can read your heart, and he may see one thing where you say another. He many refuse to provide or even engender the reverse of whatever was asked of him. So, speak with your soul and your gnosis instead.

Sanatas swears that this world or universe (?) will be purged and renewed with the fires of his destruction.

It may or may not be a coincidence that Sanatas, in Latin, is a feminine plural accusative conjugation of a word meaning healed, cured, restored, repaired, or corrected. Here is my source for that:

Sanatas can appear as it, he, she, etc. He appears to Austin Blackstone as a swarm of bees and to V.K. as a large suit of armor, which is always black in visible astral manifestation, but varies in appearance in meditation journeys/visions. His secret names are Simmakhalla and Simmathal. Secret names are to only be used in ritual and never revealed to non-practitioners.

The numbers 75, 96, 47, 36, 97, 65, 198, 347, and 978 are sacred to Sanatas. Should you wish to pronounce some of them in Enochian as magickal words of power, my Enochian translations for some of those numbers include Med-Orth, Ceph-Un, Ger-Graph, Mals-Un, Med-Orth, Ceph-Graph, Pal-Orth, Val-Ceph-Tal, and Gisa-Ger-Tal.

Magickal Chants

Karzor Pozdogal Ozdorga Ozdogal
Channeled Chant to Evoke Sanatas

Harzorkae Ozdaera Hozdorgon Horzdora
Channeled Chant to Invoke Sanatas

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


10 thoughts on “Sanatas

  1. You mentioned that Jesus worked with Sanatas. He never spoke of “Jehova” as his God. I think that he did the right thing, because only the work with demons will produce stable results in progress. No mantra, yantra, tantra, sandra – those are for the moment and serve the purpose of self-hypnosis. Being crushed by demons has a totally different outcome, they never detach you from mundane reality. So I even would not wonder when he spoke of Sanatas as of his father.


  2. The correct Hebrew teaching is that Soul, Flesh and Spirit are separate. Soul, Heart and Flesh are separate. Jesus said: “Those who love their soul like a friend, will lose it. And those who hate their soul in this cosmos, will preserve it into an aeonic life.” Soul and Life was confused by Christian church and those teachings were attacked and distorted by many. There is nothing said about immortality or eternity but aeonic life that means a very long time but not eternity. Everybody loves “eternity” and once one gets a glimpse on it it terrorizes to death.


  3. Hi Jehannum VK… Great post, great read
    But can you one day please make a post about Tantavalerion, please!!


  4. Hey V.K, Not to offend, i just say this as my own gnosis and I might be Wrong, but in my personal knowledge He relates to the Void in the same way that Satan is, also, the fact that his name is the reverse spelling for Satanas looks like an acronim to me, when in use of my psychic senses I get that He is much likely the same entity that is called when used Hebdomadry to call on Satan… maybe Sanatas is his Original, True Form! Wonderful Article by the Way!
    Hail Sanatas!


  5. I am Terazak absolute one, merged with SanaSatas and merging with SANATAS, Manifesting Deofel all 66k legions of hell and all gods in one Deofol check me on FB Dragomir Vasilić


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