New Chants for Goetic Demonolatry

Agios Es, Exitialis Domnus Zagam
“Numinous Art Thou, Destructive Lord Zagam!”

Amplaudate Bathin, Antitheus Ab Gamaliel
“I Praise Bathin, Devil of Gamaliel!”

Salve Allocer Magnus Duellator Ab Sitra Ahra
“Hail Allocer, Great Warrior of the Other Side!”

Agios Pernimius Dantalian
“Numinous (is) the Great Dantalian!”

Voco Te Imperator Orobas
“I Call You, Lord Orobas!”

Salve Praevalidus Forneus
“Hail to the Mighty Forneus!”

Allaudate Bellipotens Marchosias
“I Praise Marchosias who is Mighty in Battle!”

Sabnac, Savnock, Salmac
Magickal Chant Composed of Three Names for Sabnock

Salve Praevalidus Domine Androalphus
“Hail to the Mighty Lord Androalphus!”

Invoco Aeviternitas Malthas
“I Call the Everlasting Malthas!”

Advoco Cordatus Aethereus Bifrons
“I Call the Wise and Eternal Bifrons!”

Interveni Andromalius, Antitheus Et Adsertor
“I Call Andromalius, Devil and Champion!”

Invoco Furcas, Praevalidus Bellator
“I Call Furcas, Mighty Warrior!”

Doctus Aeviternitas Otis Gloria
“Glory to the Wise and Everlasting Botis/Otis!”

Ave Inmortalis Spiritus Forrasis
“Hail to the Immortal Spirit Foras/Forrasis!”

Agios o Hage– Megist Domine Haagenti
“Numinous is Hage– Great Lord Haagenti!”

Salve Ose– Laudate Potens Voso
“Hail Ose– I Praise the Great Voso!”

Valax, Valu, Volac, Valak
Magickal Chant Composed of Four Names for Valac

Invoco Marax, Deus Autem Etz Ha-Daath
“I Call Marax, God of the Abyssal Tree!”

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia




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