Magickal Chants for Egyptian Paganism


Agios Ischyros Anubis-Anpu Ala-Mashavah
“Numinous and Mighty is [(Two Names of Anubis & Invented Magickal Name)]!”

Agios Anoup-Anpu
“Numinous (is) [(Two Names of Anubis)]

Agios Ischyros Yinepu
“Numinous and Mighty is Yinepu/Anubis!”

Anpu Anubis A-Na-Pa
[(Three Names of Anubis)]

Khenty-Imentiu Yinepu Anubis
[(Three Names of Anubis)]

Amplaudate Yinepu Coeles Autem Sa-Ka
“I Praise Yinepu, Deity of Sa-Ka!”


Agios Ischyros Basileus Asir
“Numinous and Mighty is King Asir/Osiris!”

Adoro Te Aethereus Asir
“I Admire You, Eternal Asir!”

Asar Un-Nefer Osiris Asir
[(Four Names of Osiris)]


Agios Es Aeviternitas Kheper
“Numinous Art Thou, Everlasting Kheper!”

Salve Dominator Chepri
“Hail Lord Chepri!”

Ave Sagax Khepera
“Hail to the Wise Khepera!”

Invoco Khepera; Divus Sophos Chepri
“I Call Khepera; Theomorphic, Wise Chepri!”

All of these chants were written, empowered, and consecrated by me. Like all of my original chants and sigils, these chants are uncopyrighted and make be used by any person in any forum, publication, etc. for any reason with or without giving credit to me or linking to my website. The numbers 7 and 13 are sacred in Egyptian magick, so if one of these chants is added to your rite, it should be recited either 7 or 13 times. To find descriptions, sigils, and magickal hymns on my site for these three deities, follow the hyperlink below:

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


Magickal Hymn to the Raviasamin

The Raviasamin are the four leviathans– or at least, the primary four leviathans (they’re primary to me). The most well-known among them is simply referred to as Leviathan– the draconic, primordial face of the Devil who manifests as male and female alike, and as dragon and anthropoid alike. He is the steed of Choronzon. The second is Leviathan’s bride, the draconian-primordial aspect of Lilith who’s known as Taninsam in the 218 Current– the steed of Shugal. Leviathan and Taninsam are both given the moniker Chaosifer [Bearer of Chaos].

The third levithan is Rahab, a Watcher and Demon-Prince of the Sea. His other names include Ramuel and Rahab Seriel. The fourth leviathan is the unmanifest dragon of the Qliphoth: Tanin’iver/Taninniver, the blind serpent who lies dormant in Gamaliel (Black Moon/Lilith)– the unmanifest leviathan who will unite Lilith and Samael when he awakes and engenders aeonic progression.

Generally, my magickal hymns can be incorporated into any rite for any intended purpose– usually magickal self-empowerment and alchemical transmutation. Alternately, my magickal hymns can be used as magickal exercises in and of themselves– one hymn can be recited repeatedly or a handful of my hymns can be recited once (or more). The first hymns I wrote called upon deities I wanted to work with closely in the future when I wasn’t ready to work closely with them at the time– by incorporating these hymns to deities I had yet to pursue a relationship with into my rituals, I started the process of reaching out to them gradually, conveniently, and regularly. This increased my energetic rapport with the deities, and by doing that, I was gradually improving my ability to perceive and call forth those deities.

This hymn is a little different. It serves to open internal gateways, improve the psychic senses, empower and increase the open-ness of all of the celebrant(s)’s chakras, increase magickal power, etc.– it engenders every kind of empowerment. This hymn is for advanced practitioners, but if the pendulum says you can perform it, you may do so.

Adoro Te Raviasamin, Colubri Et Imperatores
Amplaudate Dominator Leviathan, Genitor Sitra Achara.
Laudate Sophos Ramuel, Hyrdus De Algoral.
Agios o Mater Taninsam, Matercula Gamaliel.
Agios Taninniver Magne Serpentis; Devoco Raviasamin.
O, Sagax Raviasamin, Aeonifer Et Khaosophoros Gloria!
Salve Leviathan, Taninsam-Chaosifer, Taninniver Et Rahab Seriel!

Translation: I Admire You, Raviasamin, Serpents and Rulers/ I Praise Lord Leviathan, the Father of the Other Side/ I Praise the Wise Ramuel/Rahab, the Dragon of Algoral/ Numinous is Mother Taninsam, the Mother of Gamaliel/ Numinous (is) Taninniver the Great Serpent; I Call the Raviasamin/ Hail Leviathan, Taninsam-Chaosifer, Taninniver and Rahab Seriel

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Invocation of Satan

Physis is a term within Greek philosophy which signifies the ever-changing spiritual essence and character of the celebrant. Olam Ha-Qliphoth [Qliphothic World] is a Qabbalistic moniker for the physical plane. Translations of foreign phrases appear in brackets, and magickal chants appear in italics.

Agios Octinimos-Drakosophia! Io Satanas Khaosophoros To Mega Antikidos!
[Numinous (is) the Demon Magick and Alchemical Attainment of the Current of the Adversary! Hail Satanas, Bearer of Chaos, the Great Accuser!]

Regent of the Black Sun and the Qlipha of Stars Suspended Aloft,
I Conjure You Forth into this Temple of Flesh,
To Descend Within Me Amongst Chaos and Fire
And Imbue My Physis With the Essence of Your Being.
Hearken Unto the Magickal Words and Make Your Power Known Within Me.

Io Satanas Khaosophoros To Mega Antikidos! Ascende Seminator Diabolus! Aperiatur Qliphoth; Invoco Satan! Io Ho Kantegor! Cio Exitosus Sophos Satan-Zabulus! Salve Sathanas Megist Agente Ex Sitra De-Smola! Baruch Ha-Sathanas! Aperiatur Acharayim, Et Germinet Satanas! Voco Te Domine Satanael-Zabolus! Omnituens Diabolus-Sataniel Gloria! Salve Megist Satanas– Aedifex Sol Tagimiron!
[Hail Satanas, the Bearer of Chaos, the Great Accuser! Arise, Father Diabolus! Open the Qliphoth; I Call to Satan! Hail the Accuser! I Praise You, Destructive and Wise Satan-Zabulus! Hail Sathanas, Great Emissary of the Sinister Left Side! Blessed is Sathanas! Open the Backwards Tree, and Bring Forth Satanas! I Call to Lord Satanael-Zabolus! Glory to the All-Seeing Diabolus-Sataniel! Hail Unto the Great Satanas– Artificer of the Sun of Tagimiron]

Hail unto Satanas,
The Great Muse of Olam Ha-Qliphoth,
Master of the Temple; the Lord over All.
Patron of Alchemy and Self-Hood,
The Hammer and Dragon of Justice,
Saturnian, Black-Solar Spirit,
Fiend over Thaumiel.
Hail, Artificer of the Black Flame,
Father and First-Born of Darkness.

Satan Darzarrenna (x7)

Sathanas, Sathan, Sathanel (x9)

Diabolos, Deofol, Satanael, Satanas (x9)

Io Satanas Khaosophoros To Mega Antikidos! Ya Namosh Sitra De-Smola Alogos Drakosophia Exat! Io Ho Kantegor!
[Hail Satan, the Bearer of Chaos, the Great Adversary! In the Name of the Sinister Left Side, the Unwritten Gnosis, and the Undercurrent of Sinistral Demon Magick, Let it Be So! Hail the Great Accuser]



Rank: Duke
Sacred Number: 7, 9, 11
Element: Fire; Air
Colors: Orange, Blue, Green, Grey, Pink, Purple
Attributed Qliphas: Ghagiel; Samael; Satariel
Attributed Non-Qliphothic Spheres: Falak Al-Aflak; Shams
D/N: Equally Diurnal & Nocturnal
Plantetary Attributions: Venus; Saturn
Trans-Qliphothic Attributions: Tohu; Bohu; Chashakh/Chasek

Above: My Original Sigil for Syrach

Syrach holds authority and can give auspices in rituals to Acheron, Lethe, Cocytus, Irkalla, the Vaults of Zin, Shams [Planetary Sphere of the Sun], and Falak Al-Aflak [the Primary of the Spheres]. He can empower the shadow chakras which descend from the pelvis to the feet.

Syrach presides over concealment. He can grant one gnosis of her True Will and past incarnations and attune the magickian to the former. He can also strengthen one’s personal magnetism, and his auspices and guidances are of great use in Hatha Yoga and Tantra.

Syrach can manifest as either gender. Working with him is an abnormally excellent way to improve clairvoyance, dream recall, clairaudience, clairsentience, and dream interpretation. He can fix romantic and sexual relationships and help a person come by one-night-stands, fuckbuddies, and significant others. He can also make one a better lay both via alchemy and the provision of advice, as well as help one last longer in bed. He can also help one get or keep friends. His auspices are also of use in mortiferous malediction and rituals to the planetary spirit of the earth.

Syrach presides over masculinity and writing. He can alleviate writer’s block and heal one’s learning disabilities. He can give auspices in binding spells, necromancy, sex magick, banishing, all forms of divination, the consecration of a Ouija board, the attainment of gnosis, and shapeshifting the astral double into any given form.

Magickal Chants

Agios Ischyros Aeviternus Syrach
“Numinous and Mighty is the Eternal Syrach!”

Praedicate Erus Syrach
“I Praise Lord Syrach!”

Adsurge Praevalidus Syrach
“Rise, Mighty Syrach!”

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Magickal Chants to Satan

Io Satanas Khaosophoros To Mega Antikidos
“Hail Satanas, Bearer of Chaos, the Great Adversary!” Source: V.K.

Ascende Seminator Diabolus
“Rise, Father Diabolus!” Source: V.K.

Io Ho Kantegor
“Hail to the Great Accuser!” Source: V.K.

Cio Exitosus Sophos Satan-Zabulus
“I Call the Destructive, Wise (Two Names of Satan)!” Source: V.K.

Baruch Ha-Sathanas
“Blessed is Satanas!” Source: V.K.

Aperiatur Acharayim, Et Germinet Satanas
“Open the Backwards Tree, and Bring Forth Satanas!” Source: V.K.

Diabolos, Deofol, Satanael, Satanas
Chant Composed of Two Names for Satan and Two Words Meaning “Devil”

Sathanas, Sathan, Sathanel
Chant Composed of Three Names for Satan

Voco Te Domine Satanael-Zabolus
“I Call to Lord (Two Names of Satan)!” Source: V.K.

Omnituens Diabolus-Sataniel Gloria
“Glory to the All-Seeing (Two Names of Satan)!” Source: V.K.

Salve Megist Satanas– Aedifex Sol Tagimiron
“Hail to the Great Satanas– Architect of the Sun of (Black Sun’s Qlipha)!” Source: V.K.

Imkallathaggorrakkall Lattharra-Larraggal Mattaggorra Lagarrathaggoth  mim-TWO-UH-GOTH Lakkorra-Skakkalla Lakkorra Mathalla Lakkorraggall Lakkal
Channeled Chant Calling Satan to Detach a Battalion of His Spirits to Watch Over the Magickian or Destroy a Given Target. They Can Be Asked to Destroy Intruders or to Protect a Person or Location. Source: V.K.

Sathanus-Sataniel-Diofol Liftoach Shaari Reshut Ha-Rabbim
“(Three Names of Satan) Open the Gate to the Kingdom of Manifoldness!” Calls Satan to Augment the Strength of a Sacred Space & Program It to Magnify Astral Perception of the Spirits Within, Making Spirit Communication and Possession Easier. Whenever this Chant is Used, It Must Be Used Seven Times in a Row. Source: V.K.

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia



The Spider Queen or Spider Goddess (Sepheranz, Arachne, Illivryn)

Direction: Northwest (Primary); West
Colors: Red, Brown, Purple, Green, Pink
D/N: Nocturnal
Elemental Attribution: Spiritus
Stellar Attribution: Procyon
Planetary Attributions (from Most to Least Attributed): Moon; Black Sun; Saturn; Uranus; Sun; Earth; Mercury

Above: Channeled Sigil for the Spider Queen

No article about any god has ever been more difficult to write– I have revised this essay innumerable times, and no matter how many times I do, I cannot present even two percent of this goddess to the public. She is one of the most multi-faceted, powerful, amazing, confusing, mysterious, and all around wonderful spirits I know.

This article is dedicated to the divinity that is variously referred to as the Spider Queen, the Spider Goddess, the Hanged One, the Black Womb of the Universe, the Weaver of Numerous Chains, the Spider Mother of the Draelith, the Valsharess of the Draelith, the Spider Goddess of Atlantis, the Goddess of Weaving, the Queen of Space, the Queen of Isolation and Fire, the Goddess of Da’ath, the Queen of the Atlantean Gods, and the Ruler of the Black Plane of Chaos.

Mark Allan Smith calls the Spider Goddess Sepheranz. The Temple of the Ascending Flame calls her Arachne, Arachnidia, and Ka-Ra-An. The Temple of Maergzjirah calls her Illivryn. My channeled names for her are Latismock and Niesiealin (KNEE-SEE-ah-lyn).

A couple friends of mine have their own names for the Spider Queen to contribute. The first friend, who goes by Sauroc 777 on YouTube and Saurious777 on WordPress, knows the Spider Queen by the name Seraphanz (pronounced “Saraphawnz”).  The second friend, who goes by Zee Nehemoth, taught me the name Arachnetheia, which name can be appropriately used to call on Sepheranz and Lilith’s spider aspect alike.

In the Atlantean Current of the Draconian Tradition, Sepheranz is the hidden fourth point of the Atlantean Trident, a group of witchcraft gods including Lucifer, Belial, Hecate, and Sepheranz, which group is exoterically described as only having three members (i.e., Sepheranz is excluded).

In the Maergzjiran tradition, the Spider Queen is the goddess of Charnaggen d’Oloth, the Queen of the Draelith, the patroness of the Tower of Cressen, and one of the Thirteen Blighted Lords and Ladies– a group of divinities held to be incarnations of the Inexorable One. According to Somnus Dreadwood, “Illivryn is the manifestation of Akraeoth’s ambition, the pursuit of self-mastery and perfection, the bridge between living mortal races and the infernals and immortals… She is that ambition, and the wrath, and the vengeance, and that constant quest to better oneself, to be more perfected, to be a true master, so that none can stand before you and challenge you.”

In my personal gnosis, the Spider Queen is the Mother of Aradia who resides in the Grave of Davcina and rules the Trans-Qliphothic Labyrinth. She is the Consort of the One True King of Demons, who leads the Infernal Divine through her. Death Itself answers only to the Spider Queen, and the Goetic metagod is her pet. She is absolute darkness, and protection is the essence of her being. She is one with Lilith, yet nonetheless, the eleven lords of the Qliphoth speak to her, and not the other way around.

The Spider Queen is powerful enough to kill most other deities. She destroys those who try to enter the Qliphoth in the hopes of imposing boundaries upon black magickians who enter the Nightside to be freed of their Cosmic restrictions. She can destroy a human to the extent that they no longer have a path in life.

The Spider Queen rules the web which connects the Qliphothic and Sephirothic realms. She has the keys to the many concealed temples scattered amongst the Qliphothic regions and established between worlds, and she can help the witch self-initiate through any part of Sitra Ahra.

The Spider Queen is a protectress of the Black Lodge who watches over all of those on the magickal paths established by Lucifer. She guides the magickian through the Vaults of Zin, which no human could ever navigate without such a guide. She can meet you anywhere you like in the Qliphoth and take you wherever you want to go.

The Spider Queen endures much altercation on behalf of those who pursue Qliphothic alchemy. She, determines when and how (some?) black magickians will die, which presumably involves saving their lives on one or more occasions until the time is right.

The Spider Queen appears to give different stories about her origin to everyone. To Mark Alan Smith, she claimed to be the daughter of Lucifer and Hecate. To Somnus Dreadwood, she claimed to be an incarnation of the Inexorable One. To me, she claimed to be the first thought that separated itself from (what she refers to as) God. Various other stories of her origin exist throughout world mythology.

If you practice traditions lost of alchemy reserved for only a few, there may come a time when the permutations of the Spider Queen are recommended highly. The changes which she can bestow upon you will be required for you to proceed, but her alchemies come with great risk.

The Spider Queen embraces the enchantress who pursues true alchemy. She’s sadistic, but her tortures and trials serve a higher purpose. She has confirmed that, of the thousands of magickians she has tested, most wound up insane, dead, or both, and her tests must be face if the magickian is to work with her. She aggressively challenges the witch until everything is laid bare via intimidation, psychic attack, and what I would describe as verbal abuse.

The Spider Queen is vengeful and cruel with those who would chicken out of rituals she recommends, and she is also brutally honest regarding whether or not the magickian is capable of enduring the practices she is engaged in. She may tell you to back down and try to scare you into doing so, but this is a test, and she will not let you back down. She may offer gifts which the witch is often better off not accepting, which gifts often remove consequences or offer grant questionable coping mechanisms. Sometimes her tests include orchestrating horrible life events for her chosen ones, sometimes at early ages, and sometimes long before they get into the Occult. The things she does to people really are horrible, but unfortunately, for some of us, they are necessary. No matter what she does to you, she might just be the most important ally you have.

The Spider Queen does not concern herself with the doings of other (read: lesser) deities for the same reason a wolf does not concern herself with the doings or happenings of sheep. She speaks often of a True Way, explaining that all religions are merely branches of the same tree. She can manifest as male, female, hermaphroditic, etc.

The Spider Queen has appeared to me as a black dragon, a levitating hermaphrodite with some type of black sphere or disk suspended behind her head, a woman with a vortex for a body, a winged woman with a sword and the lower torso of a spider, a panther, a werewolf, and a vampyric/ghoulish looking anthropoid.

Apparently this form of prolific shapeshifting is normal for her, as many forms are described in The Scorpion God and ToAF literature: some cited in those appearances match one another in connotation but not in detail– most often amounting to a goddess affiliated with snakes, spiders, or dragons.

Somnus Dreadwood’s description of her differs, of course, since his gnosis of her centers around her rulership of the Draelith and Charnaggen d’Oloth. Practitioners of the Maergzjiran tradition believe that there are numerous depictions of the Draelith throughout world religion, such as the descriptions of the dark elves in Norse mythology. To learn more about the Draelith, I highly recommend The Black ScripturesRites in the Thirteen Tongues, and Profane Seals by Somnus Dreadwood.

The Spider Queen destroys the “worst kind of child molesters,” being those who molest children in attempt to further the agendas of the Black Lodge. If I understand this correctly, she will devour their souls for eternity.

The Spider Queen intrudes upon spirits which would repress your magickal ascent, and she is the destroyer of those mechanisms of causality which hamper our pursuits to be liberated from the cycle of reincarnation. She annihilates those who try to engender the downfall of those who pursue the True Path behind and beyond all religions.

The Spider Queen rewards the true magickian via the devourment of the algorithm—the mechanism of the Cosmos which serves to hamper the true magickian’s ascent. She describes herself as being “everywhere and nowhere” at once.

The Spider Queen presides over paradigms of magick which magickians of great power undertake at a point beyond what most sorcerers will ever achieve– the point of no return. She tests the magickian’s soul for all manner of corruption, flaws, and weakness and helps her surrender vices, hang-ups, fetishes, etc. She is knowledgeable regarding invocation, evocation, nature magick, necromancy, magick calling upon bodies of water, pendulum use, lunar magick, the secrets of immortality, psychic vampyrism, shielding, death magick, shadowmancy, and macroscopic alchemy. She can transform the essence of your being with Qliphothic energy, infernalize your third eye, and fill your soul star chakra with the fire of Thaumiel. She can guide you through the astral planes to locate grimoires. Her alchemy mutilates and reconstructs the subtle body of the witch– Smith describes being lacerated with scales and poisoned by insects, and I’m pretty sure we can all add to his list.

The Spider Queen is a diabolic goddess of witchcraft who begets both Qliphothic and Trans-Qliphothic alchemy, and she personifies both the lightest and darkest attributes of what I term pre-primordial divinity. She imparts alchemical change which is reserved for advanced magickians. She can empower the solar plexus chakra in such a manner that the entire subtle body is empowered. She can also empower minor chakras in your head right next to your temples, and/or invert the minor chakras in one of your hands.

The Spider Queen has a sense of humor, understands sarcasm, and has a gentle side.

The Spider Queen can strengthen the astral double, as well as give it the ability to shapeshift into a ghost (a spirit composed of the death essence), such that in doing so, it may detach from the physical body easily like a carrier pigeon and accomplish whatever is needed while you are doing whatever day-to-day shit you were doing before you sent it off.

If you like, you can call on the Spider Queen to generate a handful of a certain species of protector spirits which assist in spirit communication and prevent ritual interference. These spirits are very psychically subtle and difficult to sense– or at least, they can be. I watched these spirits crawl out of Arachne once– it was a horrifying. They were literally born with swords. Swords. How can anything be born with a sword? Why does her womb spawn weaponry? Is there a forge in there? I don’t fucking get it, and it scares me.

Magickal Chants

Seraphanz Moryazzenna
Channeled All-Purposed Summoning Chant for the Spider Queen

Latismock Orzarallyn
Channeled All-Purposed Summoning Chant for the Spider Queen

Niesiealin Orgarannon
Channeled All-Purposed Summoning Chant for the Spider Queen

Adoro Te, Aeviternitas Sepheranz, Meticulosa Deitas Inferorum
“I Adore You, Eternal Sepheranz, Fearsome Goddess of Hell!”

Laudate Era Sepheranz, Auguratricis Et Versipellis
“I Praise the Lady Sepheranz, Sorceress and Shapeshifter!”

Evoco Aranea Aeternalis– Interveni Sepheranz
“I Call the Everlasting Spider– Come, Sepheranz!”

Amplaudate Arachne– Sepheranz Gloria
“I Praise Arachne– Glory to Sepheranz!”
Useful for any Sephirothic or Qliphothic Sphereworking or Pathworking, as Well as Any Rite to Arachne.

Conlaudate Matercula Arachne-Sepheranz
“I Praise Mother Arachne-Sepheranz!”

Evoco Arachne, Domina Sitra De-Smola
“I Call Arachne, Lady of the Sinister Left Side!”
Calls Upon Arachne for Any Working to Her. Also Useful for Empowering Any Qliphothic or Sephirothic Sphereworking or Pathworking, as Well as Empowering Any Rite to Work with the Trans-Sephirothic Labyrinth.


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V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia