Balaam (Goetia #51)

Names: Balam, Balan, Ballan, Ballaam, Balaam, Balemm
Rank: King
Colors: Yellow, Purple, Green, Blue, Grey, Black, White
Elemental Attributions: All Five
D/N: Night
Tarot: 7 of Wands/Rods;
Sacred Numbers: 10 (Primary), 17, 18, 20, 21, 26
Date: Aug 12-22
Zodiac: 20-30 Leo
Qlipha: Gamchicoth (Jupiter/Astaroth)
Fixed Behenian Stars: Capella (Primary); Alphecca
Planets from Most to Least Attributed: Mercury; Sun; Venus; Pluto
Unranked Other Planets: Black Moon; Black Sun; Black Earth
Directions from Best to Worst: All Directions (NE = Best; NW = 2nd)
Attributed Ingredients/Substances: Gold, Frankincense, Vetivert, Sage, Mandrake

balam(Sigil Source: the OFS Demonolatry Website)

Balaam is said to be able to grant the secret of invisibility which, according to Jake Stratton-Kent, denotes the ability to travel unhindered through the spirit planes. The divinatory devices or methods which I know that he specializes in are tarot, hydromancy, bones, palm reading, and skrying– he’s best at skrying with mirrors. Silver are his favorite, black is second best, but crystals and especially water bowls are less of a strong point for him (he’ll still be very helpful).

Balan can give guidance and auspices in healing spells, Hebdomadry (Star Game, Tree of Wyrd, Nekalah Gnosis, etc.), shielding, astral travel, solar magick, working with tree spirits, and astral magick. He can be called on in magick to help people live up to their commitments to fidelity, fix romantic relationship, get someone one or more friends, cause someone to lose one or more friends, and dealing with legal issues. He can secure or obtain funds, concealment, sex (certain circumstances & requests), safe travel, luck, and employment when called on to do so. He can answer questions regarding the past, present, and future.

Balaam guidance is useful in working with the Undead Gods (of whose leaders he is one of) and Those Who Died Nameless and Forgotten. He can teach the magickian about the O9A’s Occult tradition: the Tree of Wyrd, the Star Game, and the rest of Hebdomadry (Sevenfold Way).

He can teach the magickian to shapeshift on the astral planes. One unique form he can teach which I considered worth noting looked like a four-winged lizard with no legs and two arms have a massive tendril descending from each finger. I think it can breathe fire.

He can present guidance and auspices in rituals concerning all five rivers of Hades except Acheron, the Vaults of Zin, Da’ath, Arezura, Elysium, and Shams [Planetary Sphere of the Sun]. He can inform the magickian regarding the mysteries of Babalon, Thursic sorcery (frost giant type stuff), Hoodoo, Voudon, and the Eleusinian mysteries, and he can strengthen the sorcerer’s psychic defenses, establish astral protections, and create egregores.

Balemm can impart wit, finesse, subtlety, cunning, creativity, obervant-ness, diligence, discipline, decision-making skills, motivation, wisdom, debate prowess, the ability to lie well, reasoning skills, self-awareness, leadership skills, better intuition, masculinity, concentration, sexual talents, shamelessness, and a stronger long-term memory.

The support and/or guidance of Balan is for singing, songwriting, and playing instruments. He can be summoned to greatly increase the witch’s ability to interpret her dreams and those of others. He can give amazing guidance and support for those who would like to tap into or work with the Higher Self, Spirit Animal, Shadow, True Will, the Black Kundalini, the Red Kundalini, the Subpersonal Chakras, and the Alternate chakras stemming from the pelvis to the feet (three of them are in the feet).

Magickal Chants

Porasor Orazanal Oryallaz Alathor
Channeled Chant to Invoke Balaam

Maesatorrem Nalasemdras Andrasaea Yorgaton
Channeled Chant to Evoke Balaam

Agios o Balan Arbitrator Acharayim
“Numinous is Balan, Lord of the Backwards Tree!”

Megist Sophos Balan Gloria
“Glory to the Great and Wise Balan!”

Adoro Te, Domine Balan– Adsurge Balam Rex Mavethol
“I Adore You, Lord Balan– Rise, King Balam of the Nightside!”

Ave Balan– Amplus Bellua Autem Gamchicoth
“Hail Balan– Great Fiend of the Jupiterian Qlipha!”

Agios Es, Erus Balam, Praevalidus Divus Ab Qliphoth
“Numinous Art Thou, Lord Balam, Great Divinity of the Qliphoth!”

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


3 thoughts on “Balaam (Goetia #51)

  1. Sidenote on tursar (old Swedish that the name come from), there are two types of tursar, rimthursar (frost giants) and eldthursar (fire giants like Surt). As you know the two sides of Gingungagap that starts creation is the chaotic forces of fire in Muspelheim and ice in Nifelheim, and the most ancient frost giants (rimthurs) comes from these primordial ice of Nifelheim and the fire giants (eldthurs) from the sparks of Muspelheim.


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