A Qliphothic Rite of Malediction and Vampyrism

This rite is a very effective curse which most beginners will get results from. The effects of this rite in the order they are inflicted are to emotionally torment and vampyrize the target, sick a succubus or incubus to emotionally torment him for a given period of time, and wreak total destruction on the mind, spirit, and soul of the target. It’s an easy way to fuck up a deserving target’s quality of life. The rite also engenders various types of magickal empowerment, and nothing breaks down the veil like destructive magick, so this is honestly a productive thing to do. I am not telling you to get curse happy. I’m saying don’t let a deserving target slide. With  that said, demons differ as to which circumstances they will help curse a person under. Amprodias will curse a person who hasn’t enacted violence (magickal or otherwise) against you as long as they really deserve it. Qulielfi, however, will not give assistance in this rite (or any “punishment” curse) unless the target has used physical violence (including rape and molestation, not necessarily sexual assault) on the witch herself. So just skip the part with her if your circumstances don’t work for it.

The rite calls upon Amprodias and Qulielfi. If you aren’t familiar with those demons, type “V.K. Jehannum Amprodias” into Google to find a lengthy article explaining the spirit. Since I’ve covered over 130 demons on my website, you can Google my name with any demon that interests you to see if I’ve covered them.

The medieval grimoiric tradition’s practice of calling upon the tribal war god of Israel to assist in the forced summoning of given demons was a corruption of a useful, widespread tradition of sorcery. Calling upon whatever your system deems to be a higher power to empower your conjuration of spirits is a time-honored practice in Western magick. The selected higher power is called upon to help the celebrant summon the spirit, not to help or force the spirit to appear. The higher power strengthens the ritual, but in doing so, it is not empowering the spirits you call on to carry out the task you’ve assigned them– the spirits are perfectly capable of that on their own. The higher power strengthens the ritual by empowering your efforts in spellwork.

The Black Lodge carries on this practice today. Common forces used as a ‘higher power’ in demon magick include the Nine Demonic Divinities, Chavajoth or Azerate, Satan, and various groups of demons attributed to the four elements or directions. This ritual should begin* with you calling upon a given higher power to strengthen your spellwork. You may use whatever you like for the higher power– the Goetikon, for example. The first step is an optional step: call up a higher power of your choice however you see fit. The second step, also optional, is to call upon your patron or matron demon. So basically, you can start the rite but reciting some chants to Chavajoth and then reciting some chants to your matron demoness.

*If you would like to raise a sacred space before hand, do so however you please.

Focus on a feeling of absolute rage and directed at the mark. As you recite the chants to Amprodias, visualize the intention to send Amprodias to the mark. Visualize Amprodias inflicting every form of emotional torture upon the mark as the demon sadistically drains the victim’s prana and filters it through his own acausal, Qliphothic essence. The energy leaving the body of the victim becomes elevated in quality as it’s processed by Amprodias, and it flows out of the demon as an enriching, empowering, vitalizing energy which you take into yourself, empowering your subtle body, opening your chakras wider, stimulating your Black Kundalini (do not envision it empowering the Black Kundalini if you’re a beginner), and opening internal gateways in your soul. As you focus on rage and visualize this, recite the chants below.

In Nomine Domine Amprodias, Aperiatur Kliffoth (x7)
[In the Name of Lord Amprodias, Open the Qliphoth]

Qodesh la-Amprodias Geber ha-Sitra Ahra (x9)
[Holy to Amprodias, Warrior of the Other Side]

Advoco Maticulosos Amprodias– Veni; Aur Chashakh Pandendam (x13)
[I Call the Fearsome Amprodias– Come; Spread the Infernal Light (Note: the English Translation of this Chant Does Not Describe its Effect. It Simply Serves to Call Upon Amprodias, Not Necessarily to Presence the Black Light)]

Continuing to focus on your hatred, visualize Qulielfi dispatching a succubus or incubus to torment the victim. Visualize the succubus or incubus subjecting the victim to every form of destruction as you recite the chants to Qulielfi. Have and specify a time period for how long the incubus or succubus is to haunt the mark. I’d suggest a month as standard, but you can choose years.

Invoco Qulielfi In Nomine Qliphoth (x9)
[I Call Qulielfi in the Name of the Qliphoth]

Agios Es, Ambrosia Qulielfi (x11)
[Numinous Art Thou, Eternal Qulielfi]

Wattaggathal Lorraggal LAW-taw-GORE-uh-CALL MAY-gah-LAW-CALL Orriggoth (x11)
[(Channeled Enn/Summoning Chant for Qulielfi)]

Pull out the pocket knife or something that you can pretend is a knife. Cuss out the victim, either speaking aloud or mouthing the words, as you swing the knife violently through the air, imagining that you are slashing the mark to ribbons. Such an expression of violent rage wreaks destruction upon the mind, spirit, and soul of the victim. Express the full extent of your rage through the words and the simulated violence such that you are physically exhausted. You will know when you are finished. You will likely be sprawled out on the floor by this point, so you might want to memorize the words used to end this ritual– you can keep notes for the rest (there is never something wrong with not memorizing a rite). Exclaim:

Ya Namosh Sitra De-Smola Alogos Drakosophia!
[In the Name of the Sinister Left Side, the Unwritten Gnosis, and the Undercurrent of All Demon Magick, It Is So]


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  1. A great blog you have here. It’s refreshing to find a very active occult blogger with so much detail. It is hard enough to find anyone sharing their experiences and posting working rituals/ceremonies in relation to Qliphoth Magick. Thank you.

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