Magickal Chants to Abraxas

Megist Abraxas Gloria
“Glory to the Great Abraxas!”

Adorire Abrasax Aedifex
“Rise Abrasax the Creator!”

Evoco Comclamatus Divus– Veni, Veni Abrasax
“I Call the Renowned God– Come, Come Abrasax!”

Adveni Et Ascende– Erus Abraxas Phosphorosophia Pandendam
“Come and Arise– Lord Abraxas Propagate the Black Light!”

Abrasax, Admirabilis– Adoro Te Abrasax
“Abrasax, Wonderful Art Thou– I Adore Thee Abrasax!”

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


7 thoughts on “Magickal Chants to Abraxas

  1. Id really like to see more feedback or more info regarding working with this Hidden God! I didnt even know you had an article about it.



  2. I need to chant hidden God I need instructions from you,I also need to chant spirit,please give me what I ask,the chanting words,the items use to chant,


    1. thats kinda a redundancy spirt is sophia which is the sheild of abraxas when you do your chants or prayers it is she who delivers your words whom sets them forth to you


  3. as a white magi and looking at abraxases sigil got me wondering if the angel who governs the elemental energy’s of the cedar tree would have a stronger connection to abraxas heres some quotes from igneous rose and it is the hidden iao within the name lebanon in why i would think it would help.

    read alchemicaly all tho samael aun wyor is great at speaking the truths in plain speak

    8. The back of our body must be bare in order for the spinal column to be in direct contact with the cedar wood.

    9. The elemental of this tree is clothed with a white tunic and a white mantle.
    15. When meditating on the cedar, the panorama of future events is revealed before our internal sight. We can then prophesy.

    16. When begging the elemental of the cedar to make us invisible, he grants us our petition and thus we remain invisible to the sight of our enemies.

    17. The inferior orifice of our spinal medulla is the door of our ardent furnace.

    18. The guardian of this door is the angel who governs all the elementals of the cedars.

    19. All the doors of the temples are made with the wood of the cedar. “Open thy doors, O Lebanon, that the fire may devour thy cedars.” —Zechariah 11:1

    20. This is why the door entering into the Sushumna channel is governed by the regent angel of the elementals of the cedars of the forest..


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