Gremory (Goetia #56)

Names: Gremory, Gamori, Gomory, Gemory
Legions: 26
Compass: North
Planet: Saturn; Uranus; Venus
Qlipha: Thagirion; Oreb Mavet
Trans-Qliphothic Veil: Tohu
Rank: Duke
Zodiac: Libra 10-20
Date: Oct 3-12
Element: Air; Water
Colors: Purple, Orange, Green, Pink, Brown
D/N: Diurnal
Tarot: 3 of Swords
Behenian Star: Capella; Algorab; Deneb; Algedi
Attributed Substances: Copper, Sandalwood, Rose, Mullein, Patchouli, Lavender

Screenshot (992)Above: Sigil of Gremory
(Source: the OFS Demonolatry Website)

Gamori presides over geomancy, divinatory rune-casting, necromancy, pyromancy, love spells, and hydromancy. She can strengthen the astral hearing and sight of the witch and empower her astral double. She can also control the weather and increase the witch’s magickal power. She has close relationships with Thantifaxath and Qulielfi.

Gremory can teach dance, improve the magickian’s physical reflexes, and increase her sense of confidence. She can initiate one through Shams [the Planetary Sphere of the Sun] as well as the Core of the Earth (long story, don’t try it without a spirit guide’s approval). She can help the magickian become more loving, caring, seductive, and/or intimidating.

Gamori presides over the trades of theft, assassination, dealing drugs, and bodyguard-ing. She can make the happenings of the present, past, and future known and reveal the hide-aways of hidden treasure. She’s thoroughly informed regarding numerology, so the next time a Gematria citation sounds like horseshit to you, give her a call.

I’m told that Gremory will know how to respond to you better if you are focused on your emotional state.

Gremory can basically fix your brain up. Whether you have an anxiety issue or a learning disability, Gremory can either heal the mind entirely or permanently diminish the symptoms. She can do away with mental blocks and engender recovery from addiction. She can help one break habits and heal all manner of physical ailments as well– digestive problems, for example.

While traditional demonology depicts Gamori manifesting as a beautiful dutchess riding a camel, modern practitioners tend to only see the demons manifest the way the grimoires describe if they expect the demons to do so. The first visage which the demoness adopted in my visions of her was some type of black bird, while her second was a wrathful-looking grim reaper– a skull for a head, a black, hooded robe, and a scythe with an ornate blade. When she manifested her wings in this reaper form, two black-feathered wings emerged first, followed by second lower pair of wings. The majority of the second pair’s feathers were red, but the bottom-middle of the wings were formed of black feathers.

The scales of Gremory’s draconian manifestation shimmer light blue. She has four appendages– two little arms and two little legs. She flies without wings. She appeared once in a vision as a demonic woman– her skin was lightish blue, and she wore nothing more than diaphanous white garments which left her stomach and legs revealed. Her eyes had huge white irises with no pupils. The remainder of her eyes surrounding the irises was black with little white dots like stars.

Magickal Chants

This is a summoning chant for Gremory that I channeled.

Praedicate Divina Gremory
“Praise to the Numinous Gremory!”

Ave Ambrosia Belua Ex Abysso– Venire Aethereus Gomory
“Hail unto the Immortal Fiend from the Abyss– Come, Everlasting Gomory!”

An Tasa Shi Gremory On Ca
This is the Demonic Enn or Traditional Summoning Chant for Gremory

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia





11 thoughts on “Gremory (Goetia #56)

  1. I’d so much love to evoke gremory. I saw your evocation pt.1 video but still in the dark,nor can I afford swords and staffs. Can I still evoke and work with gremory by these chants and placing the sigil in the circle/triangle?


  2. According to Morino Ravenberg the name Gremory derived from Gomori which means sexual asphyxiation. She was linked with an Indian Goddess but this is maybe wrong. About love-spells using her power there is a high risk that your target will get seriously ill but if you desire to house a Zombie-Lover, go for it. In general, love-spells have nothing to do with love but with baneful magick, subjugation and sexual perversion. Her medical properties which I tested out for a good while are medium, not that “powerful” as many demons are depicted. According to an article from Frater Alastor “Sigils and Veves” her goetic sigils has strong similarities to the Veve of Erzulie Freda, a powerful yet kinky and selfish Loa, that can slightly be offended and takes on her wrathful manifestation as Erzulie Ge-Rouge (Erzulie of the Red Eyes), turning uncontrollably against her devotees.

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  3. Love spells should be avoided if you’re putting them on a specific individual person .
    I know that is a fact.
    Rather than putting it on a individual the practitioner should do a love spell to begin the right individual to them, who ever that may be… etc
    Do you agree with that ?
    Thanks you very much VK
    Deven Lee


    1. You can make a honey-jar using good honey, dried Rose petals, Cardamom, Vanilla and Saffron. When you want it to be stronger, you can add some Datura seeds and you should always inform your lover about your intentions, THAN this will be bliss.


  4. When working with Gremory did you sense at all that she may enjoy bringing younger girls to older men. Possibly even underage girls?

    I was only curious because most of the goetia spirits that do love spells don’t seem to mention an age but this particular one very clearly mentions younger girls or maidens.

    I also noticed pretty much every activity criminal or not has a spirit that looks over the people who are involved in that activity. But I’ve never heard that in regards to men who crave or wish to corrupt underage girls. Probably because it’s such a controversial topic.

    Wondering if you had any insights on this rather it involves Gremory or not?

    Thank You


  5. I had invoked Gomory to make a blood pact and I ended up dreaming about a celtic goddess Morrighan instead and a crow. Not exactly what I expected. Then the dream preceded to dream about this connection with a woman I had worked with (she was my manager), which was somewhat intimate became a very disturbing dream when I was with her, we ended up in a cemetery. Maybe it’s because I tried to break connection with Morrighan because I feel like nothing good ever comes out of my interactions with her. That was the dreams I had all night when I formed a pact with Gomory. But that is not the first time it’s happened, a while back I was doing some ritual to invoke Morrighan and I recall Gomory popped up instead. Is there anything I should know about demons when I try to work with a goddess? What about dreams?


  6. I can not understand. Why am I never successful with these Gothic spirits? I was repeating the incantation – “An Tasa Shi Gremory On Ca” for an hour under the influence of binaural beats and opening the seal and nothing came. I have had success with other spirits, such as the four queens. I would say that Gothic demons simply do not exist.


    1. Maybe if you start calling them right (goetic, not “gothic spirits”), you’ll start having more success. Also, there might be a reason they are not willing to present themselves to you. Doubting their existence just because your experiences don’t match your expectations might be one of the reasons.


      1. It was just a typo. Haha. The forums are full of great wizards who summon demons, drink coffee with them and then get everything they want. In life, they wait for their parents to buy them a new phone, for example.


    2. I have called a good deal of these spirits from the Goetia, but not many have come to the point of me physically feeling them. However, they have given me results like I asked none the less.


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