The Goetic Rite of Atozephos

This rite serves to call upon the Goetic metagod known as Atozephos, Zobeteuma, or the Goetikon for the purpose of magickal ascent. This version of the rite is suitable for novices who are almost intermediate and good for practitioners wanting a shorter ritual; the Black Rite of Zobeteuma is the version I wrote for advanced and intermediate practitioners. If you don’t know what the Goetikon is, follow the hyperlink below to read my essay about it:

My rituals are written to be powerful as fuck with or without equipment– should the witch have equipment, she would do well to incorporate it, but she must do so in accordance with her personal judgement. Phrases to be chanted appear in italics, explanations or instructions appear in parentheses, and translations of given phrases appear in brackets. If you don’t think you can pronounce any given part of this rite, simply do your best to sound it out and known your efforts were sufficient, however incompetent they may have been (the chants still work, dude; they’re just slightly better if you pronounce them perfectly).

This ritual will create a decent sacred space out of Qliphothic energy– that, or strengthen whichever sacred space you already raised with Qliphothic energy. It’s a simple self-empowerment rite which calls upon the Goetikon to strengthen the psychic senses, empower one’s natural spiritual defenses, and increase one’s overall magickal power. The reason that I wrote this was so that my audience would have an easily accessible, magickally productive, and re-performable go-to rite for developing an energetic rapport with the Goetikon.

Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia! Io Khaosophoros-Goetikon! Liftoach Kliffot! Liftoach Pandemonium! Liftoach Hekel Lebanath Ha-Adamas Ater! Yehi Aur Chashakh! Liftoach Sitra De-Smola B’Shem Ha-Goetikon!
[Numinous is the Alchemical Quest and Magickal Undercurrent of Demon Magick! Hail to the Goetikon, the Bearer of Chaos! Open the Qliphoth! Open the Infernal Plane! Open the Palace of the Pavement of the Black Diamond! Let There Be Qliphothic Light! Open the Sinister Left Side, in the Name of the Goetikon]

I call upon the black-scaled emissary of chaos— the viperous singularity, the wrathful god of magickal alchemy. Make we witness to your influence and power as the world around me grows dark. I call forth the seventy-two nightside regents established in authority over the kingdom of deathful wombs– the infernal spirits of the Goetic mysteries who have made themselves beloved of the Black Lodge.  I call to you for your blessing on my path of spiritual attainment. I call you to subject me to black magickal alchemies and permutations of essence. Descend as the sempiternal, bewinged divinity– the metagod Zobeteuma!

Salve Zobeteuma-Goetikon (x9)
[Hail to Zobeteuma-Goetikon]

Artorzozam! Manifestos! Don-Graph! Chasheinphos! Mavethol! Saphorozos! Xuliphazoth!  Shaloazoth! Samitrakashah!
[(Above: Various Words of Power to Strengthen the Rite)]

Amplus Goetikon, Veni (x7)
[Mighty Goetikon, Come]

The essence of chaos emanates from the Qliphothic pathways to transmute the universe and percolate my arena of ritual as the deity I have called to turns his attention unto me. By my rite of sorcery, the destroying spirit of seventy-two-as-one visits his influence unto me. I call to the invincible metagod known as Zobeteuma to improve my psychic senses,  engender the increase of my magickal power, and strengthen my natural spiritual defenses. I ask to receive the blessing of your empowerment, for I am among the magickians of the Black Lodge, and you are the everlasting patron of alchemy. Engender my ascent and spiritual attainment. Hail unto the Goetikon.

Zobeteuma, Goetikon, Atozephos, Aeonifer (x9)

Ya Namosh Sitra De-Smola Alogos Drakosophia Exat!
[In the Name of the Sinister Left Side, the Unwritten Gnosis, and the Undercurrent]


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