The Black Rite of Zobeteuma

This rite serves to call upon the Goetic metagod known as Atozephos, Zobeteuma, or the Goetikon for the purpose of magickal ascent. This version of the rite is for intermediate and advanced practioners; the Goetic Rite of Atozephos is suitable for novices who are almost intermediate. If you don’t know what the Goetikon is, follow the hyperlink below to read my essay about it:

My rituals are written to be powerful as fuck with or without equipment– should the witch have equipment, she would do well to incorporate it, but she must do so in accordance with her personal judgement. Names to be vibrated appear in bold, phrases to be chanted appear in italics, explanations or instructions appear in parentheses, and translations of given phrases appear in brackets. If you don’t think you can pronounce any given part of this rite, simply do your best to sound it out and known your efforts were sufficient, however incompetent they may have been (the chants still work, dude; they’re just slightly better if you pronounce them perfectly).

You will notice that the paragraphs consisting of magickal chants each consist of nine chants (7 + 2). 13 and 7 are both numbers apt for all demon magick. Many of the translations provided for my chants will reference concepts which may be unfamiliar, but this will not be a problem (I wrote, empowered, and consecrated almost all of them myself– trust me, you won’t need to know what Tohu is).

This ritual will create a decent sacred space out of Qliphothic energy– that, or strengthen whichever sacred space you already raised with Qliphothic energy.

Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia! Io Khaosophoros-Goetikon! Liftoach Pandemonium! Liftoach Hekel Lebanath Ha-Adamas Ater! Yehi Aur Chashakh! Liftoach Sitra De-Smola B’Shem Ha-Goetikon!
[Numinous is the Alchemical Quest and Magickal Undercurrent of Demon Magick! Hail to the Goetikon, the Bearer of Chaos! Open the Infernal Plane! Open the Palace of the Pavement of the Black Diamond! Let There Be Qliphothic Light! Open the Sinister Left Side, in the Name of the Goetikon]

I call upon the black-scaled emissary of chaos— the viperous singularity, the wrathful god of magickal alchemy. Make we witness to your influence and power as the world around me grows dark. I call forth the seventy-two nightside regents established in authority over the kingdom of deathful wombs– the infernal spirits of the Goetic mysteries who have made themselves beloved of the Black Lodge.  I call to you for your blessing on my path of spiritual attainment. I call you to subject me to black magickal alchemies and permutations of essence. Descend as the sempiternal, bewinged divinity– the metagod Zobeteuma. Oh, hear the names!

Goetikon + Khaosophoros + Goessabbim + Xulogos + Aeonifer + Semolshedim + Diabalachara + Ala-Mashavah + Rimkaggaggathal + Limkallaggor + Goetikon

Artorzozam! Manifestos! Don-Graph! Chasheinphos! Mavethol! Saphorozos! Xuliphazoth!  Shaloazoth! Samitrakashah!
[(Above: Various Words of Power to Strengthen the Rite)]

Salve Zobeteuma-Goetikon! Salve Aeviternitas Dominator Atozephos! Agios Ischyros Zobeteuma! Salve Megist Atozephos! Io Khaosophoros-Goetikon! Obtestor Xul De Tohu, Bohu, Et Chasek– Infernalia Fundam Anados! Provenite Sam, Akasha, Alogos, Et She-Ein Bo Mashavah! Amplus Goetikon, Veni! Voco Te Goetikon!
[Hail Zobeteuma-Goetikon! Hail to the Eternal Lord Atozephos! Numinous and Mighty is Zobeteuma! Hail to the Great Atozephos! Hail the Goetikon, Bearer of Chaos! I Call the Black Light of Tohu, Bohu, and Chasek– the Infernal Fundaments of Magickal Ascent! Provide the Venom of the Adversary, the Fifth Element, the Unwritten Gnosis, and the Black Light! Mighty Goetikon, Come! I Call to the Goetikon]

Zobeteuma, Goetikon, Atozephos, Aeonifer (x13)

Shalasaddae (x7)
[(Channeled WoP to Summon the Goetikon)]

(At this point in the ritual, verbalize your requests– don’t worry about wording shit perfectly; demons can sense your intent. You get five requests, but they must be for spiritual attainment. You could ask the Goetikon for stronger astral sight. You could ask it to strengthen your psychic senses in general (that’s one request). You could ask it to strengthen your natural spiritual defenses. You could ask it to empower or increase the open-ness of a given chakra group– for example, the seven chakras of Sushumna, or maybe the subpersonal chakras. You could ask it for a better connection to your Higher Self and/or Spirit Animal. You could ask it to strengthen your astral double. You could ask it to strengthen any given magickal ability or improve your competence with a given divinatory mechanism. Alternately, you could ask to be better at divination in general– that’s one request. Etc)

In Nomine Adamas Ater, Aperiatur Acharayim, Et Germinet, Et Germinet Atozephos! Arcesso She Ein-Bo Mashavah– Megist Pyros De Drakosophia! Invoco Atozephos In Nomine Qliphoth! Voco Te Goetikon! Agios o Sitra Ahra– Drakosophia Gloria! Gnosis De Solis Atricolor Peto– Et Obtestor Alogos Ex Abyssus! Agios Ischyros Zobeteuma! Amplus Goetikon, Veni! Salve Zobeteuma-Goetikon!
[In the Name of the Black Diamond, Open the Backwards Tree, and Bring Forth, and Bring Forth Atozephos! I Send for the Black Light of the Qliphoth– the Great Fire of the Black Flame! I Call Atozephos in the Name of the Qliphoth! I Call the Goetikon! Numinous is the Other Side– Glory to the Energetic Undercurrent of All Demon Magick! I Reach for the Spiritual Knowledge/Revelation of the Black Sun– and I Call for the Unwritten Gnosis of the Abyss! Numinous and Mighty is Zobeteuma! Mighty Goetikon, Come! Hail Zobeteuma-Goetikon]

Ya Namosh Sitra De-Smola Alogos Drakosophia Exat!
[In the Name of the Sinister Left Side, the Unwritten Gnosis, and the Undercurrent]


2 thoughts on “The Black Rite of Zobeteuma

  1. Thx for the post/links, I read and every now n then I read something and it sounds rite , invocation , true invocation has me studying and looking for a system that fits me,you have my attention, thx


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