Invocation of Satan

Physis is a term within Greek philosophy which signifies the ever-changing spiritual essence and character of the celebrant. Olam Ha-Qliphoth [Qliphothic World] is a Qabbalistic moniker for the physical plane. Translations of foreign phrases appear in brackets, and magickal chants appear in italics.

Agios Octinimos-Drakosophia! Io Satanas Khaosophoros To Mega Antikidos!
[Numinous (is) the Demon Magick and Alchemical Attainment of the Current of the Adversary! Hail Satanas, Bearer of Chaos, the Great Accuser!]

Regent of the Black Sun and the Qlipha of Stars Suspended Aloft,
I Conjure You Forth into this Temple of Flesh,
To Descend Within Me Amongst Chaos and Fire
And Imbue My Physis With the Essence of Your Being.
Hearken Unto the Magickal Words and Make Your Power Known Within Me.

Io Satanas Khaosophoros To Mega Antikidos! Ascende Seminator Diabolus! Aperiatur Qliphoth; Invoco Satan! Io Ho Kantegor! Cio Exitosus Sophos Satan-Zabulus! Salve Sathanas Megist Agente Ex Sitra De-Smola! Baruch Ha-Sathanas! Aperiatur Acharayim, Et Germinet Satanas! Voco Te Domine Satanael-Zabolus! Omnituens Diabolus-Sataniel Gloria! Salve Megist Satanas– Aedifex Sol Tagimiron!
[Hail Satanas, the Bearer of Chaos, the Great Accuser! Arise, Father Diabolus! Open the Qliphoth; I Call to Satan! Hail the Accuser! I Praise You, Destructive and Wise Satan-Zabulus! Hail Sathanas, Great Emissary of the Sinister Left Side! Blessed is Sathanas! Open the Backwards Tree, and Bring Forth Satanas! I Call to Lord Satanael-Zabolus! Glory to the All-Seeing Diabolus-Sataniel! Hail Unto the Great Satanas– Artificer of the Sun of Tagimiron]

Hail unto Satanas,
The Great Muse of Olam Ha-Qliphoth,
Master of the Temple; the Lord over All.
Patron of Alchemy and Self-Hood,
The Hammer and Dragon of Justice,
Saturnian, Black-Solar Spirit,
Fiend over Thaumiel.
Hail, Artificer of the Black Flame,
Father and First-Born of Darkness.

Satan Darzarrenna (x7)

Sathanas, Sathan, Sathanel (x9)

Diabolos, Deofol, Satanael, Satanas (x9)

Io Satanas Khaosophoros To Mega Antikidos! Ya Namosh Sitra De-Smola Alogos Drakosophia Exat! Io Ho Kantegor!
[Hail Satan, the Bearer of Chaos, the Great Adversary! In the Name of the Sinister Left Side, the Unwritten Gnosis, and the Undercurrent of Sinistral Demon Magick, Let it Be So! Hail the Great Accuser]



14 thoughts on “Invocation of Satan

    1. The ONA is a shithole. The sigil of Satanas-Shaitan is crap, there is no Vindex, Shugara is adopted from Japanese Witchcraft and so on. The only person they adore is Hitler. They are anticosmic not knowing what comes after destruction of the Universe. Look Shugara-Syndicate. Those bastards all will be roasted.

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  1. His energy, when directed against your forehead, can make one lose consciousness and waking up refreshed and a better person.;-). The Yanomami-tribe in Venezuela also know a Satan-Figure: Canaima. They say, they can enter his world via snorting Yopo. They say those unbelievable beautiful fluorescent hypergeometrical patterns you will experience are his truer aspects. Satan is awesome to work with and yes, I also someday could sense that he and Lucifer are rivals. The same thing I later found in VK’s Grimoire of the Deadful Wombs – one of the best books ever written on this subject. When it comes to art, those medieval pictures of him are really funny but I recommend the paintings of Scott Derrickson – that’s the deal.

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  2. It is damn easy to get to Heaven. Just do what your God or Goddess want. To get to Hell-it is much more work. There is no ultimate recipe and some will find themselves being crazy worshippers and never knew this before. Haitian Bokor Elmera said: “Hell is where all the awesome people go.” It is definitely not a place for nihilist ego-delivered delusional people sitting under a tree and smiling all the time like idiots.


  3. Mysticism is the philosophical part of religion, not a way to liberate yourself from the “tyrannical” and “manipulating” teachings of organized religion, nor an excuse to engage in disgusting sexual acts wιthout any moral limitations.

    “Manipulation”… sounds bad, right? Sorry to burst your bubble, but masses will always be manipulated. So, it’s better to be manipulated by a Church or a Rabbinic council, than by trends promoted by the globalists.

    Additionally, I suggest you quit criticizing the clowns of ONA and JoS, because you are doing the exact same thing. The fact that you are a cuck doesn’t make you more credible or less ridiculous. You are making up rituals and claim to possess some kind of hidden wisdom just to promote an anti-religious, anti-satanic, internationalist agenda just like they do. The only diffence is that you are also a homo, judging from some feminist comments I spotted.

    Apropos, your “powerful” Greek phrases of your “invocation” actually made me laugh. “Khaosophoros to mega antikidos”. Haha…


    1. By the way, I see you insisting on interacting with demons and discussing with them as if they are humans, just like the losers of J.o.S. Well, do you have a ritual to invoke your so called “great goddess” to drill her insides with my rod? Hope you don’t mind if I turn her face into hamburger with my punches and then extract her womb with my sacrificial knife like Jack the Ripper, while filling the core of her existence with my load. Is that ok with you or there are limitations to the sexual freedom you keep preaching?


      1. It is quiet OK to contact and talk to them in this manner. I had no problems with that. That they are different and envy our flesh is obvious, too. And to attack someone on his sexuality shows me exactly that 90 percent of the ascended masters are not able to jump over their shadow. Pity.


      2. Are you high? What part of this post contains “immoral sexual acts”? Your second comment was so disguisting that you kind of shat in your own mouth by even mentioning that. What made you so angry? Your disagreement with author’s views? Than give as the link to your blog, so we can judge your material, if you have any. If not, your comment was nothing more than worthless self-approval seeking by a very weak attempt at discrediting other’s work.

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  4. I came to the same results, in 9 out of 10 cases Satan won’t correct you but in 10 percent he does – it is when he deeply agreed. Then you start to learn and perceive his finest essence – justice. About those Hollywood-Satanists he says: “I serve everybody. They think they can control me, get more favour – I let them think. I prefer the freedom of thought.” Also I found that it indeed becomes abnormally easy to counter any magickal attack, whether it is Voodoo, Wicca, whatever – when he deeply agrees.


  5. Satan is also this “powerful understatement”-type of entity, asking fluffy question, making pseudo-smalltalk, testing people out, giving them cocaine and enjoying their ego-inflation etc. You definitely having him inside, the last video with this Aztec-priest-guy (who was probably heavy coked at that moment) proved me that. ;-)) This year we had lots of mushrooms and demons seem to be obsessed with them because they can utilize their energy without filtering or transmutation. For the sorcerer certain types of mushrooms are very benefitial: Inonotus obliquus (“Chaga” from Siberia) is one of them, you can by it at good food-stores and prepare a mild tasting tea that will help you recover fast from consuming magical operations and that will give longevity and protect from cancer.


  6. Satan and Met Kafou called me “Rabbit”. I thought because I am so shy and so on. Then I thought they meant my obsession with sex. Then I found that every night Canis Majoris chases the Hare constellation over the night sky. Satan revealed his connection to Canis Majoris, the star. And guess what they found around him: Huge amounts of Titanium. The element that is more related to him than Gold.


  7. Shugara popping up today in a bluish-white flashing light like an EMP that numbed and disorientated my sensen, inspired me to think that the Qliphoth are maybe related to elementar particles physics. If she can appear everywhere in the room without a sacred space and a ritual – where is she? Is it really a geometrical border, line that separates the worlds? It is probably that those worlds are topographically intertwined in manifoldness of a very high but probably defined grade. The Qliphoth are called kingdom of manifoldness. What if it all is meant much more scientific than we would assume? So to speak, the spirits hide behind every single atom in the air in the room as “shadows”, and the mage makes in fact physicist’s operations: he is thinking of them and thereby creating an electromagnetc field around his head and so on. And when there is a match, a congruence – the connection is made, a portal is created, a sigil is opened and the spirit can appear.

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