Names: Ziz, Ziz Saday, Renanin, Sekwi, Bariuchne
D/N: Diurnal
Sacred Numbers: 14, 9, 29
Colors: Green, Pink, Purple, Grey
Direction: Northwest; Northeast; South
Stellar Attributions: Algol; Polaris; Capella
Qliphothic Attribution: Gamaliel; Satariel; Gamchicoth
Planetary Attribution: Uranus Mars Mercury Neptune Earth
Element: Ziz is Equally Attributed to All Four Elements

Above: Original Sigil of Ziz
(You’ll like the sigils I make. Their appearances will disappoint you, but their manifestations will not!)

Interpreting the Mythology of Ziz

While Behemoth is the apocalyptic beast of the earth, Ziz is the apocalyptic beast of the air and aerospace. Ziz is held to be the ruler of all birds. He is described as an enormous bird, and his size has been compared to that of Leviathan. Hebrew lore depicts him sitting atop the earth with his head reaching far into the sky. It is said that his wingspan can block out the sun, and that when he does unfurl his wings to that extent, he shields the earth from “the winds of the south” which would, according to myth, destroy this planet otherwise. When his wings spread, a total eclipse ensues, and the entire world is said to darken.

“Ziz” is a word in the Hebrew language the same way that “Meh” is a word in the English language. It’s used to (inarticulately) describe the taste of a given food. The idea here is that one day the Abrahamic deity is gonna kill Ziz and feed him to the Jews. Despite the derogatory intent behind the name, something about an apocalyptic demon having a name that both starts and ends with the last letter of the alphabet and reads the same backwards and forwards feels… apt.

The other apocalyptic beasts are possessed of extreme metaphysical significance, so it is appropriate to assume that Ziz does as well. Perhaps whatever this significance is can be inferred from his name via esoteric name analysis. The name would appear to signify something to the tune of “Ashes to Ashes,” except, in this context, “Aeons to Aeons” makes a lot more sense.

Ziz is often compared to the Greek phoenix, which bears huge esoteric significance for Ziz’s interpretation in demon magick. This comparison proves my esoteric name interpretation accurate,* but it does more than that. In Thelemic esotericism, the phoenix represents the entirety of the universe– the supersoul or superstring field. Behemoth is considered to be the mechanism whereby the causal world is made to be stable, right? Well, if Ziz’s name has the esoteric meaning of “Aeons to Aeons,” and if he is attributed to the Phoenix/Supersoul, and if he is equally attributed to all four causal alchemical elements, and if his wings prevent the earth from being destroyed, it seems most likely that Ziz is, like Behemoth, a sentient deity who operates as or at least exerts agency such that he is perceived as a fundamental component of creation– you know, like Nyx in Greek mythology.

Alright, now that I’ve been successful with one of Ziz’s names, I’mma interpret the other ones. Ziz’s name “Renanin” means “Celestial Singer.” Since Ziz is sometimes described as a rooster, and roosters crow when the sun comes up, I interpret this name as esoterically signifying Ziz being the demon-god who declares the onset of the next aeon. He is also called Sekwi, meaning “Seer,” in reference to his purported “relation to the heavenly regions.” I can’t interpret that. Lastly, his name Bariuchne is translated as “to be roasted at this feast.” What’s that you’re telling me Hebrew lore? Ziz is gonna burn? Like a PHOOOOOEEENNNNNIIXXXXX????? Boom! Aeonic inference again, bitch! If the universe is to be signified by a phoenix, the cyclic burning and rebirth of the Phoenix is to be interpreted as the cyclic procession of aeons.

*Yes I’m going back and forth between writing this article and doing the research for this article. I know that’s strange, but you have to admit, my esoteric name interpretation is pretty fucking dope.

Ziz in Demon Magick

Ziz is powerful in rites of baneful magick, specializing in binding spells, lethal execrations, and vampyric sorcery. He can help the magickian integrate her shadow and commune with her Higher Self. His auspices are apt for the divinatory usage of Tarot cards and bones.

Ziz presides over necromancy, nature magick, psychic vampyrism, the creation of egregores, sex magick, glamour spells, mind control, sanguine vampyrism, shapeshifting in dreams and astral projection, lunar magick, Vodoun, and the usage of Norse runes in sorcery. He is greatly knowledgeable regarding the Eleusinian mysteries and he can be called upon to strengthen the magickian’s personal magnetism.

Ziz can cure (in full or in part depending on the strength of the rite) addiction, remove or diminish insecurities, and fix digestive problems. He can initiate the witch through Bapki [the Planetary Sphere of the Earth] and Shams [the Planetary Sphere of the Sun].

Ziz can increase the magickian’s social skills and make her a better writer. He can teach the witch how to read people as well as seduce them, and he can make her a better liar. He can impart courage, creativity, and femininity to people.

Ziz is greatly knowledgeable regarding automobile mechanics, welding, and quantum mechanics. He can improve the witch’s physical reflexes and teach her to do all that cool shit that that one friend you have who used to street race can do.

Ziz can help you perform a pretty dope vampyric sex magick technique. With his help, you’ll create an egregore which will feed upon the sexual energy of someone you’re fucking, refine it, and then give it to you. That sounds fucking great.

The internal nexion of the magickian will become either a Black Flame or a “White Flame” based upon which energies she integrates into her physis [ever-changing nature of a being with spirit]. Ziz can be called upon to give you either, or something inbetween. If you want your internal nexion darker or lighter but stronger either way, Ziz is the demon that you call on.

Ziz can be called on in spellwork to bring about healing, fidelity, love, and luck. He can help the witch strengthen her ability to remember her dreams and/or attain lucidity within them. He specializes in work with the Red Kundalini as well as all chakras, no matter how obscure (he still does specialize a bit in the seven spinal chakras).

Conspiracy Theory

Behemoth has appeared in the ritual praxis of Primal Craft, the Draconian Tradition, Traditional Demonolatry, and more, so there’s really no question that he’s no servant of Jehovah– after all, he appears prominently in medieval demonology as well as more obscure strains of Qliphothic demonology. But I think there might be something behind the claim that Behemoth was created by, serves, can only be killed by, and will eventually be killed by Jehovah. I honestly wouldn’t blame you if you skipped this section of the article.

Hebrew lore’s descriptions of Jehovah’s relation with the apocalyptic beasts seems like deliberate slander on the part of Jehovah. Hebrew lore purports that both Behemoth and Ziz are faithful servants and creations of Jehovah, which is odd, because Hebrew lore prophesies that, once the world ends, Ziz and Behemoth will be killed, eaten, and then served at a great feast alongside the corpses of the two Leviathans.

The Leviathans were Jehovah’s enemies– why would two faithful servants of Jehovah alongside their “master’s” enemies, and why would Ziz and Behemoth be lumped in together with the Leviathans at all? Hebrew lore claims that Jehovah is the only entity that can kill Behemoth, but why would Jehovah feel the need to posture like that– especially if Behemoth serves him?

Alright, so if you were a tribal war god who wanted to be venerated as if you were the only deity and existence, what type of shit would you tell your prophets about the group of incomparably powerful demon-gods whose agencies are or appear to be cornerstones of this universe’s creation and sustained existence? You’d definitely wanna downplay the fuck out of them, right? If Jehovah wants to pretend that he created Satan, and that Satan once served him, and that Satan rebelled because he basically wanted to be Jehovah, what do you think Jehovah would tell his prophets about the demon-gods who played a role in the manifestation of the causal realm? Let’s imagine that for a moment, shall we?

“Oh, that Ziz guy? He’s totally my bitch. I’m basically his dad. He does whatever I tell him to and all his wisdom comes directly from me. I could totally kill him by the way. You know what? I think Ziz is bitchmade– I think I’m gonna fucking feed him to you! And I’ll do the same thing with that Behemoth dude– he serves me too! He may be a cornerstone of creation, but he’s a cornerstone of my creation, and he totally does whatever I say. Did you know that I’m the only entity in existence that can kill the Behemoth?”

Who got roasted now, bitch?

Magickal Chants

Ziz + Renanin + Bariuchne + Ziz Saday + Sekwi
Name-Vibration Formula for Ziz

Devoco Ziz, Seminator Alogos, Et Aedifex Aeva Et Azoth
“I Call to Ziz, Father of the Unwritten Gnosis, and Artificer of Aeons and the Fifth Element of Ether/Spiritus!”

Advoco Ziz-Aeonifer Erus Sitra De-Smola
“I Call to Ziz, the Bearer of Aeons, Lord of the Sinister Left Side!”

Adoro Te Domine Ziz
“I Adore You Lord Ziz!”

Obveni Ziz, Exorna Xul, Aperi Sitra Achara
“Come, Ziz, Provide the Black Light of the Qliphoth, Open the Other Side!”

Sekwi, Ziz Saday, Bariuchne, Renanin
Magickal Chant Composed of Four Names for Ziz

Io Dominator Ziz Khaosophoros
“Hail Lord Ziz, the Bearer of Chaos!”

Ia Ia Sekwi-Renanin
“Hail, Hail Sekwi-Renanin!”

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


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    1. Walk in yourself, and take the money
      You the only one that can take yourself there, just like your the only one that wipes the shit from your butt
      I’m not bashing you bro, you gotta peep game nigga


  1. Had no idea how to make a rite so i just made one, it worked this rite was made from cross referencing vk’s articles, was originally mint for the activation of the chakras, but after invoking some demons and geting no results I realize’ed why his the articles says (“chakra ‘work'”) cuz only I can do that, or i’m just a special case, any-who this rite still works wonders i’ve preformed it twice now and reworked it a few times.

    My result’s very strong & vivid dreams and imagination, i felt them touching me in my sleep, and working on my body, I already had good astral smell i could pickup scent though imagery especially when vk smokes in videos, now i need but think about it to get a good wif, and i feel a-lot better when exercising.

    But your results may very depending on energetic makeup and body awareness and blockages
    I don’t recommend preforming this before bed but you should still sit in one place or do one thing

    Rite of common attunement
    It call upon Phenix, Ziz, Ustrina, Lapaca, Barbatos
    This rite bring about argumentation of the body, mind, and over all connection and attunement, argumentation of the senses to sense on a imaginary and astral level, (and optional call lapaca to refine the subtle body for astral travel)
    Should be done at dawn or dusk for ziz is the only Diurnal spirit.

    Ah callfor Phenix, Ziz, Ustrina, Lapaca, Barbatos, forthaus perpis-avf asie bod oawenhtashion ta oawenhegh ov Ma boes ahear-nhf-io efszs ahen kahnhftacas cienzis, ta oa-wen-htegh ov asie bodi okectio, ext-io hul-io betragh ma asi-mina okectio ith tma asistra ahen ethric boes tatio, ahen oawenhtegh saed bodio tyaoi heyest-sis wizon, oawenh ahen dev-lop ma cinzis oi tat-avf eptl sapiasia-ind sinetiv, ith tma refini ma subbtl boes astrallus padricktio.

    [I call forward phenix, ziz , ustrina, lapaca for the purpose of mind body argumentation, the augmenting of my body awareness reflexes and kinesthetic senses, the augmenting of mind body connection, as well as bettering my mental connection with all my astral and etheric bodies alike, and augmenting said body in your highest wisdom, augment and develop my senses so that they’re aptly spiritually sensitive, as well as refining my subtle bodies for astral projection]

    Liftoach Pandemonium, et Germinet Lepaca” 11

    I call forth lapaca the great master of opening for the purpose of refining and augmenting my astral and subtle bodies to make them more apt for astral projection

    Agios ischyros Lepaca

    Veni, Veni, ustrina– Divinitas Et Creatrix x11

    Venire– Ambrosia Mater Ustrina

    I conjure forth ustrina the great feminine of the infernal Devine
    For the purpose of Augment my physical and physic reflexes, and kinesthetic senses and body awareness argument and refine my mind body coordination and mental connection and awareness aswell as over all mind body attunement

    Sagatara Agatala Rarakara Narathal x 11
    Phoeniex, Phenex, Pheynix, Phoenix, Phenix

    I call forth the great phenix bringer of transformation for the purpose of refining and augmenting of my energy body, subtle body, and improve my over all mental and subconscious connection with them, so that my senses will feel on a imaginary and astral level, Augment my ability to move my conscious awareness though out my body so that I can easily become fully conscious of any of my body parts, aswell as all that hold them together and resides within them, and argument my ability to easily move my conscious awareness out of my self.
    Ave Marchioni Phenex
    Eveta Fubin Barbatos.x11

    I Call upon Barbatos master of voices and great wild archer for the purpose of understating augmenting and bettering my relationship and communication with my body and the energies it holds and is subject to, give me the augmenting, understating, and bettering of my relationship and communication with my emotions primal aspects and natures alike, as well as my selfs in general. And bring about the bettering and understanding of my spiritual sides selfs.
    Agios ischyros Barbatos

    Devoco Ziz, Seminator Alogos, Et Aedifex Aeva Et Azoth
    “I Call to Ziz, Father of the Unwritten Gnosis, and Artificer of Aeons and the Fifth Element of Ether/Spiritus!”

    Advoco Ziz-Aeonifer Erus Sitra De-Smola
“I Call to Ziz, the Bearer of Aeons, Lord of the Sinister Left Side!”

    Adoro Te Domine Ziz

    “I Adore You Lord Ziz!”

    Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet x 9

    I conjure forth ziz ruler of all birds, initiator of the spears of bapki and sham the planetary sphere of the earthen sun and Master of a great many skills I call you forward for the purpose of augmenting my physical reflexes and body awareness

    Io Dominator Ziz Khaosophoros
“Hail Lord Ziz, the Bearer of Chaos!”
    Agios ischyros Lepaca
    Ave Omnituens Ustrina Deitas Magicae
“Hail All-Seeing Ustrina, the Goddess of Magick!”
    Ave Marchioni Phenex
    Agios ischyros Barbatos
    Ia Ia Sekwi-Renanin
“Hail, Hail Sekwi-Renanin!”

    For I have spoken so let it be done


    1. sorry If i’m violating some unknown rule, if theres another place to put this plz notify me, cuz it did not translate well, all credit of magical chant and words used in this rite goes to Vk


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