Ustrina or Barbelo

Colors: Green, Purple
Planetary Attribution: Saturn
Direction: North (Primary); Southeast
D/N: Equally Nocturnal & Diurnal
Trans-Qliphothic Veils: Tohu; Bohu; Chasek
Primary Qliphothic Attribution: Sathariel
Other Qliphothic Attributions: Gamaliel; Golachab; Nahemoth

Above: Original Sigil of Ustrina (Designed & Dedicated, Not Channeled)

Update: Since writing this article, I have learned that the Trans-Qliphothic demoness known as Ustrina was known to the Gnostics by the name Barbelo. Researching Barbelo and seeing the conceptions of the Gnostics who venerated her may aide you in developing a stronger understanding of Barbelo-Ustrina.

Ustrina resides beyond the Qliphoth alongside Hecate and Samael, and yet she’s attributed to all Three Veils Before Samael as well as to four Qliphas. Her primary Qlipha assignment is to Sathariel (Saturn/Lucifuge Rofocale), and yet she is attributed to three other spheres, which three other spheres are precisely tied for second place, which is something unusual. These other three Qliphas as Gamaliel (Black Moon/Lilith), Nahemoth (Black Earth/Nahema), and Golab (Mars/Asmodeus).

It is interesting to note that Gamaliel and Nahemoth are both ruled by succubi– specifically two of the Four Brides of Samael known as the Four Matron Demonesses of (Primarily Clerical) Prostitution. Golab is ruled by a familial relative of those two succubi, who is largely considered a cambion, which is to say that he’s halfway incubitic. Sathariel is, of course, where the true throne of Lilith resides, as well as where Eisheth Zenunim (the eldest of the four brides) dwells.

Despite the fact that Ustrina is attributed to two Qliphas on the Qliphoth’s left column, two Qliphas on the central column, and none on the right column, she is attributed to all three veils before Samael. And the weird part is that she’s literally only attributed to one planet. Every demon has planetary attribution or two that historical (as opposed to modern) demonology left out,* but somehow, Ustrina literally only has one planetary attribution: Saturn.

Notice that Ustrina’s primary (or in this case, only) planetary attribution is the same planet that her primarily assigned Qlipha is attributed to. That is really fucking rare. Nahemoth, Gamaliel, and Sathariel are the spheres most related to the infernal feminine. Golab is attributed to Mars, which planet is known as the Lesser Malefic. Saturn is known as the Greater Malefic.

In her relationship to the Three Veils and her residence beyond the Qliphoth, Ustrina represents one of the highest manifestations of the infernal feminine. This is the 128th demon I’ve written an article about and even I’m fucking surprised. Some reason, reading Ustina’s name never got me even slightly interested in figuring out who she was. As it turns out, I wasn’t sensing that she was unremarkable or something (not that I thought she would be)– I was sensing that she was transcendent. Very, very fucking transcendent.

Ustrina can strengthen the witch’s personal magnetism, and her auspices are extremely helpful in dream work and oneiric sorcery. She can grant the magickian the abilities to recollect, interpret, and attain lucidity within dreams– and she can teach her to shapeshift within her dreams and dreamwalk other people.

Ustrina can be called upon in spellwork to restore fidelity, repair romantic relationships, get someone friends, take all of someone’s friends away, get one out of legal trouble, achieve employment, ensure safe travel, get someone a fuckbuddy, get someone a promotion, orchestrate the acquisition of money, improve someone’s luck, engender concealment, and make someone fall in love with you (never fucking do that).

Ustrina rules over caves, oceans, and rivers. She is one of the best demons around for chakra work– she specializes in every chakra individually, even the most obscure. She presides over welding and she can impart reasoning skills, determination, She can improve hand-eye coordination and physical reflexes. She can make the magickian a better liar and liberate her from feelings of shame.

Ustrina can cure one of anxiety problems unless the rite to do so isn’t powerful enough, in which case the symptoms of the anxiety problem will be permanently and noticeably diminished. She can also improve the magickian’s long-term memory. She can teach the witch psychology, welding,

In divination, Ustrina specializes in hydromancy and the use of Ouija boards, tea leaves, bones, and pendulums. She can impart knowledge of Voudon, Voodoo, Hoodoo, and the Eleusinian Mysteries. She can impart guidance regarding and/or magickally empower rites which call upon tree spirits or serve to create egregores. Her auspices are of great use in sex magick, mind reading, necromancy, healing spells, glamour magick, astral shapeshifting, and binding spells.

Ustrina can greatly empower magickal operations focused on the spiritual realms she has power over: Arezura, the Vaults of Zin, the realm I call Purgatory or the core of the earth, Falak Al-Aflak [the Primary Emanation], Shams [the Planetary Sphere of the Sun], and every region of the Egyptian Underworld (Ammit, Sekhet-Aaru, Wernes, etc.). She can be called upon to guide one to those realms.

*This is because the recorded attributions of given demons limited by the restrictive systems/hierarchies that the grimoiric demonology fit them into. The demons are more than what our ancestors could understand them to be. The spirits of the Qliphoth have hitherto unrecorded planetary attributions outside of the Qliphoth, and the demons delineated in the Ars Goetia have attributions to Qliphas that have yet to be discovered. Part of what I do is tap into the faculties of given demons that were overlooked in accordance with religious/cosmological tradition.

Magickal Chants

Ave Omnituens Ustrina Deitas Magicae
“Hail All-Seeing Ustrina, the Goddess of Magick!”

Obveni Ustrina Genetrix Sitra Ahra
“Come, Ustrina, Mother of Sitra Ahra!”

Venire– Ambrosia Mater Ustrina
“Come– Eternal Mother Ustrina!”

Molsathae Oznagar Yozsathae Orsutton
Channeled Chant to Invoke Ustrina

Chada Tazimga Asingon Arintara
Channeled Chant to Evoke Ustrina

Kontindon Kandrinda Sagara Oritha Ontala
Channeled Chant to Evoke Ustrina

Nadalalon Anintara Adimpatal Adindada Hadindala Hadratara Taginda Sagontimga
Channeled Chant to Evoke Ustrina


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V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


4 thoughts on “Ustrina or Barbelo

  1. According to ‘Gnosticsisium’ And its mythos
    Barbēlō, Barthenōs, Barba-Elo, Balbel, Barbeliotae.
    lives “above in the 8th heaven” titles of hers were :
    ‘The Deity-in Four’, ‘the Supreme limit’, ‘Mother-Father’, ‘First Human Being’, ‘The Triple Androgynous Name’, or ‘Eternal Aeon’, ‘First Thought in Three Forms’, ‘Meirothea’

    Barbelo was mother of ‘Yaldabaoth’ or ‘Sabaoth’ who took the 7th heaven,
    witch resulted in Barbelo always appearing to the Archons in a beautiful form, in hopes by beguiling them she’d reclaim her power.

    (Wonder what her true form was like?)

    in the book of “Baruch” of the Gnostic it states
    “”She’s identical with Aphrodite, and is enjoined by her mother to cause adulteries and desertions among men, in revenge for Edem’s desertion by Elohim””

    Obscurely described by Irenaeus as “a never-aging aeon in a virginal spirit”

    regardless thats all according to ‘Gnosticsisium’. and its mythos, I personally don’t think they do her justice, nor that its mythos is completely accurate or true, Theres alot more to Ustrina, and her origin, ALOT MORE.


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