D/N: Diurnal
Direction: Northeast; South
Element: Watery Part of Earth
Sacred Numbers: 7, 17, 18, 21
Dates: February; Late Winter
Greater Stellar Attributions: Capella (Primary); Deneb
Lesser Stellar Attributions: Algol; Arcturus
Colors: White, Green, Blue, Indigo
Planetary Attributions: Moon (Primary); Uranus; Neptune (Lesser)
Non-Qliphothic Planetary Sphere: Qamar [Sphere of the Moon]
Primary Tunnel of Set: Samael-Golachab
Secondary Tunnel of Set: Golachab-Sathariel
Qliphas (Listed from Most to Least Significant): Gamaliel; Golachab; Nahemoth
Ingredients & Substances Attributed: Narcissus, Rose Petals, Jasmine, Patchouli, Motherwort, Cinammon, Sandalwood

Above: Original Sigil of Unsere

Unsere is one of the nine demonic divinities integral to the praxis of Traditional Demonolatry. He’s a demon of life and growth– a spirit of gnosis and sorcery who presides over matters of sorcery, fertility, family, and motherhood. While most practitioners of demon magick experience Unsere as a wise female authority, the demon appeared to me as male.

Unsere is an incredibly powerful witch-god who can help the celebrant ccommune with her Higher Self and its bestial aspect as the Spirit Animal. He can align the sorceress to her True Will and create egregores which will make channeling/spirit communication a lot easier. He presides over Shadowmancy, execration, torture magick, thursic magick, and initiation through Qamar [the Planetary Sphere of the Moon].

Unsere can impart maturity, wisdom, patience, foresight, growth, and positive change. He can be called upon in spellwork to bring about healing, “fix” existing romantic relationships (and bring about fidelity in those relationships), get a person out of legal trouble, engender concealment, bring about employment, and ensure safe travel. He can also be called upon to impart patience or to make somebody lose all their friends.

Unsere can teach the magickian to shapeshift her astral double into a wolf or a bear and guide her through the Vaults of Zin. He can remove or at least diminish the witch’s insecurites and diminish or remove the mental barriers to her psychic percipience and the manifesting of her sorceries. He can significantly and permanently diminish the symptoms of learning disabilities– if the rite for this purpose is strong enough, the disability can disappear entirely overnight. He can be called upon to strengthen the magickian’s imagination (i.e., visualization skills and more) and open portals to a given spiritual realm.

Unsere is a spirit of knowledge, witchcraft, alchemy, arcana, esotericism, and secrets. He can teach you about love spells and explain exactly why you shouldn’t use them. He can initiate the witch into the mysteries of Babalon and teach her to work with the Planetary Spirit of the Earth in rites of magick. He can impart knowledge of quantum mechanics, strategy, astrology, and archaeology– shit, he can even impart gnosis of Hebdomadry (i.e., the O9A’s “Sevenfold Way”). I’m not kidding: Unsere can teach you about the Tree of Wyrd and Star Game from the praxis of the Order of the Nine Angles.

Unsere can strengthen the witch’s natural psychic defenses and strengthen the Black Flame and the chakras of her spinal cord. He presides over singing and painting and his auspices of Unsere are useful in rituals focused on the spiritual realms known as Asgard and Svartalfheim. He can also be called upon for rites centered on any given region of the Egyptian underworld (Aaru, Wernes, Duat, Sokar, Ammit, etc.).

According to S. Conolly, Unsere imparts “an understanding and feminine wisdom of the self and others. She is the connection from the mental to the divine/spiritual. This leads to enlightenment.”

Magickal Chants

Unsere Tasa Lirach On Ca Ayar
The Traditional Summoning Chant or “Demonic Enn” Used to Call Unsere

Io Aeonifer-Unsere Dominator Reshut Ha-Rabbim
“Hail to the Bearer of Aeons, Unsere, Lord of the Infernal Plane!”

Agios Ischyros Seminator Unsere
“Numinous and Mighty is Father Unsere!”

Malzinthar Azae Nosthor Palthar Kaeon
Channeled Chant to Evoke Unsere
Kaeon is Pronounced Like the “K On” in the Phrase “Write the Lettrer K On It.”

Dalzor Kondol Bozdaethal
Channeled Chant to Invoke Unsere

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


One thought on “Unsere

  1. Narcissus is associated with Pluto, so she probably is Plutonian too. Said to be one of the wifes of Satan (other could be Azanigin) who also has Pluto as planet. Actually working with Satan, he brought me here. She is full of life, I feel the same.


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