The Nemean Lion

Names: Leonta Nemea, Moles Nemeaea, Leon Nemeaios, Leo Nemeaeus, Neméos Léōn, Leon Nemeios, Leo Nemeum
D/N: Equally Diurnal & Nocturnal
Sacred Number: 10
Element: Water
Colors: Indigo, Yellow, Grey, Green
Stellar Attributions: Arcturus; Sirius
Planetary Attributions: Mercury; Venus
Direction: Northwest; Southwest
Attributed Rivers of Hades: Cocytus; Lethe; Styx
Miscellanious Attributed Realms: Wernes; Sokar; Olympus
Attributed Norse Worlds: Muspellheim; Helheim; Asgard; Jotunheim
Attributed Non-Qliphothic Planetary Spheres: Falak Al-Aflak; Shams
Qliphothic Attributions: All 10 Qliphas; All 22 Tunnels; All 4 Hidden Tunnels; All Three Trans-Qliphothic Veils; Daath; the Vaults of Zin

Above: Original Sigil for the Nemean Lion

Referred to as “the mightiest dread of Nemea”, the deity known as the Nemean Lion is held to be the offspring of one of my favorite goddesses: Luna/Selene. I’ve always had wonderful experiences working with the obscure mythological offspring of the deities I value (e.g., Asmodeus’s son Alfpunias and Hecate’s daughter Scylla), and something about the Nemean Lion called to me. He was a shapeshifting dweller-within-the-darkness of caves who beguiled and devoured his human prey, and upon his mythological vanquishing by Hercules, he was established in the night sky as the constellation Leo– that’s one of the Zodiac signs. There are only twelve of those. How badass do you have to be to become a fucking Zodiac sign when you die?

It really should have been obvious that the Nemean Lion would be an incredibly powerful and influential deity, but I was fucking shocked when I saw him. He fucking towered above me with indigo energy pouring from his body, and upon his manifestation, he imparted a series of spiritual revelations to me, greatly increasing my understanding of my True Will and granting me gnosis of the Qliphoth’s deepest mysteries. And the more information I channeled about him in rituals to come, the more astounding his power revealed itself to be.

Let’s start at the beginning. Luna/Selene is a spirit of chaos and corruption who presides over vampyric sorcery and gives auspices in rites of lethal execration. While Luna is more than willing to empower and be venerated the operations of the White Lodge, she herself has become darkened by self-imposed alchemies of black magick.

The Nemean Lion, as the devouring trickster and blight to the common man, was the pride of his mother. He grew up suckled by Selene in a two-mouthed cave and trained by Hera to be a blight on all mankind. The Nemean Lion, regarded as the king of all beasts, was an enormous shapeshifting trickster with impenetrable fur, and when he took residence in the caves of Nemea, he fed primarily on sheep, only endeavoring mortal combat with the trained warriors of Nemea.

Leonta Nemea is the therionick witch-god “born of the moon” whose legacy is mapped out in the starscape as “the constellation of mid-summer.” He can be called forth to open, presence the energies of, or guide the witch to any given Qlipha or Tunnel of Set, so he;s one of the best initiators and psychopomps for Qliphothic magick that I’ve communed with thus far. He even holds authority over the Vaults of Zin and all three of the Trans-Qliphothic Veils.

Moles Nemeaea manifests as either a male or a hermaphrodite. He can teach the witch to shapeshift within her dreams and interpret the meanings of the dreams she remembers. He can teach her to shapeshift her astral double into a lion or a ghoul. He rules over mountains, deserts, and forests and he specializes in execration: lethal curses, non-lethal destruction rites, vampyric malediction, and even binding spells.

Leo Nemeaeus can empower and awaken the Black Kundalini as well as the subpersonal chakras. He guides the witch and/or gives her aptitude for the endeavors of painting and seduction. He can teach the witch about psychology and math.

Leo Nemeum can impart wisdom, maturity, mindfulness, discipline, and masculinity unto the witch, and he can improve her short-term memory. He imparts gnosis of the True Will and past incarnations and he presides over the divinatory arts of pyromancy, casting runes, and skrying by mirror.

Leon Nemeaios specializes in sex magick, stellar magick, psionics, planetary magick, nature magick, banishing, shielding, draconian magick, the mysteries of Babalon, and magickal operations which call on tree spirits and/or the Planetary Spirit of the Earth. He can empower the Evil Eye, strengthen personal magnetism, and empower the witch’s natural psychic defenses. He presides over the Eleusinian Mysteries, lunar magick, astral shapeshifting, and Voudon.

Leon Nemeios can guide the magickian through the Vaults of Zin, as well as to Helheim, Asgard, Jotunheim, Olympus, Wernes, Sokar, Muspelheim, Daath, and the Akashic Records. In addition to being able to initiate the celebrant through any region of the Qliphoth, he can also give aid in a Non-Qliphothic Sphereworking: initiation through Shams [the Planetary Sphere of the Sun]. In Hades, he is attributed to the rivers of Cocytus, Styx, and Lethe. He’s also attributed to the Zodiac sign of Leo (I specified that in this paragraph with the sole intent of insulting your intelligence).

Magickal Chants

Obveni– Voco Te Leo Nemeum
“Come– I Call to the Nemean Lion!”

Invoco Leo Nemeios– Megist Dominator Anados
“I Call the Nemean Lion– Great Lord of Alchemical Ascent!”

Ave Leonta Nemea
“Hail the Nemean Lion!”

Agios Ischyros Leo Nemeum
“Numinous and Mighty is the Nemean Lion!”

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


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