Words of Power for Draconian & Qliphothic Sorcery

This is an invented magickal name which can be used to refer to any demon or group of demons. It means “Bearer of Aeons.*” Aeonifer can be vibrated to strengthen the calling forth or summoning (invocation & evocation alike) of any demon, group of demons, demonic metagod, or selection of demons (i.e. all the demons being called on in the rite). I have constructed other invented magickal names which have an identical use & effect to Aeonifer: Semolshedim, Khaosophoros, Diabalachara, Ala-Mashavah, Xulogos, and Goessabbim.

An invented magickal word of power which serves to strengthen an evocation or calling-forth of any spirit or group of spirit.

Empowers Any Rite & Brings the Witch Deeper into a Spiritual State

Prescences Qliphothic Energy & Arouses Both the Black & Red Kundalini Serpents

Presences Qliphothic Energy and Strengthens Sacred Space

Empowers Any Rite and Presences Qliphothic Energy

Presences Qliphothic Energy & Strengthens Summonings

Strengthens Sacred Space

Strengthen Summoning & Sacred Space

Strengthens Any Ritual & Leads the Celebrant Deeper into a Spiritual/Gnostic State. Its Linguistic Purpose is to Be Used as a Title/Name for the Abyss, But Its Effect Is Not Connected to or Affiliated with the Abyss in Any Way.

Phaos Abussos
In English, “Light of/from the Netherworld.” Calls on demonic energy to empower the chakras of the spinal cord, as well as the subpersonal and transpersonal chakras should the witch have opened them. Very powerful and not for beginners.

Strengthens Any Ritual. This is a constructed/invented magickal name for the Qliphoth and may be exlcaimed and/or vibrated as a magickal word of power.

This WoP has the Same Linguistic Meaning as Gashar-Abyllo-Kresh and the Same Effect as Mavethol.

This WoP has the Linguistic Purpose of Serving as a Title/Name for the Black Light and/or the Black Flame. Its Effect is to Strengthen and Increase the Open-ness of all Major Chakras and Empower the Black Flame. Not for Beginners.

Aur Achara
This is a Name for the Black Light Meaning “Other Light.” As a Word of Power, it Calls Upon the Black Light to Empower the Black Flame and All Chakras.

This WoP Functions Exactly Like Mavethol and Adhassyth, Save that its Linguistic Use is to Refer to the Spiritual Realm in the Core of the Earth. These Three WoP’s are Only to Serve their Linguistic Purpose in Magickal Chants, Enochian Scripts, Etc.

This is a Channeled Word of Power which Dissolves the Ego and Weakens the Psychic Filter.

Being the person who created all these chants, I give everyone permission to use them for any reason in any context from a forum post to work published for profit without direct permission from me. While it is not necessary to give me credit (you won’t find me under your bed), it is a courtesy I would appreciate.

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


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