Chants for Luciferian & Draconian Magick (Tiamat)

The Nemean Lion

Obveni– Voco Te Leo Nemeum
“Come– I Call to the Nemean Lion!”

Invoco Leo Nemeios– Megist Dominator Anados
“I Call the Nemean Lion– Great Lord of Alchemical Ascent!”

Ave Leonta Nemea
“Hail the Nemean Lion!”

Agios Ischyros Leo Nemeum
“Numinous and Mighty is the Nemean Lion!”

Above: Original Sigil for the Nemean Lion

Tiamat, Kingu, & Apsu



Tiamat, Kingu, & Apsu are the principle deities and original creators of all practitioners of vampyrism. These three entities are invested in the success and magickal development of vampyres– they want the best for vampyres and are pretty much always inclined to grant them assistance.

The following chants are of my own invention– they call on all three of those deities, and like all of my original chants & words of power, they may be used by any person for writing in any publication, blog, forum post, whatever with or without giving me credit. The secret magickal name that I have channeled for this deific triumvirate (sometimes I call them the “Vamparents”) is Attathengalla. The constructed magickal names I have coined, empowered, programmed, & consecrated for the Vamparents include Lasibharzunas, Zillingassa, Dawamphiahom, Aphinamte, Qimurarun, and Dassazzakhisat.

Dawamphiahom Zillingassa Artorzozam Dassazzakhisat
Three Invented Magickal Names for the Vamparents & a Word of Power for Multi-Spirit Calling-Forths Organized Into a Chant

Kingu Omorka Tisalet Apason Rishtu Kingu Attathengalla
Two Names of Tiamat, Two Names of Absu, the Name Kingu Twice, and My Secret Channeled Name for the Vamparents

Dassazzakhisat Dawamphiahom Lasibharzunas Attathengalla
Four Constructed Names for the Vamparents as a Chant

Orbiazozoth Tiamat Kingu Absu Saphorozos Mavethol Zillingassa
Names and Words of Power Composed into a Chant to the Vamparents.

Agios O Lasibharzunas
“Numinous is the Trinity of Vamparents!”

Lasibharzunas Liftoach Gashar-Abyllo-Kresh
“Vamparents, Open the Abyss!”
Calls forth the Trinity of Vamparents, Strengthens Any Rite, Strengthens the Sacred Space, & Induces a Gnostic State. Doesn’t Literally Presence Abyssal Energy.

Liftoach Sitra De-Smola B’Shem Ha-Dawamphiahom
“Open the Sinsiter Left Side in the Name of the Vamparents!”
Calls Upon the Vamparents & in Doing So Presences Qliphothic Energy to Strengthen a Sacred Space. Also Strengthens All Summonings (Evocation, Invocation, Simple Calling-Upons, Etc.) and Any Rite to Follow.

Advenite Coelestes Hydri– Kingu, Thalassa, Et Rishtu
“Come, Eternal Serpents– Kingu, Thalassa (Tiamat), and Rishtu (Absu)!”

Avete Zigarun, Tiamtu, Et Kingu– Intervenite Divi Khaos
“Hail Zigarun (Absu), Tiamtu (Tiamat), and Kingu– Come, Abyssal Spirits!”

Io Dawamphiahom!
“Hail the Trinity of the Vamparents!”

For those whom this interests, the various names of Tiamat are Hubar, Mummu-Tiamat, Mummu-Tiamatu, Omurca, Omorka, Nammu, Omoroka, Tamtu, Tiawath, Tauthe, Thalassa, Thalatta, Thamte, Tismet, Tiamtu, Tihamtu, Tisalet, Tisallat, and Ummu-Khubar or Ummukhubar. The various names of Apsu are Zigarun, Apason, Rishtu, Apzu, Abzu, Apsu, Aphson, and Engurru.

Above: Original Sigil for the Vamparents (Kingu, Tiamat, & Absu)


The Four Leviathans

A Leviathan is the apocalyptic beast of the water, just as Behemoth is the apocalyptic beast of the earth and Ziz is the apocalyptic beast of the air. Some myths depict there being two original Leviathans– one male and one female– which battled the Abrahamic deity in the primordial chaos before the universe was created. These two Leviathans are considered to have been Satan and Lilith in their Draconian-Watery-Primordial manifestations. The Leviathanic manifestation of Lilith is usually referred to by Taninsam as coined by the order(s) of the 218 Current, but since the Leviathanic aspect of Satan is the most renowned, he is simply referred to by the title Leviathan.

In addition to Taninsam and Leviathan, Rahab is considered the third Leviathan, and Rahab is hermaphoriditc. The fourth and final Leviathan is known as Tanin’iver or Taninniver– the blind serpent who dwells in Gamaliel (Black Moon/Lilith). Taninniver is viewed as the mechanism of the manifestation of the Black Light, and if he were awakened and made truly manifest, it is believed that a procession of aeons would result. The magickal name for this group of four Leviathans, which name I have constructed/invented, empowered, programmed, & consecrated, is Raviasamin. It’s meant to be used as a singular proper noun.

Liftoach Sitra De-Smola B’Shem Ha-Raviasamin
“Open the Sinister Left Side in the Name of the Raviasamin!”
Strengthens the Qliphothic Energy of the Sacred Space, Strengthens the Witch’s Magickal Act-of_Making-Manifest (i.e. Evoking) all the Demons to be Called Upon After This Chant has Been Recited.

Avete Serpentes Ex Qliphoth– Taninsam, Leviathan, Rahab, Et Taninniver
“Hail to the Serpents of the Qliphoth– Taninsam, Leviathan, Rahab, and Taninniver!”

Agios o Raviasamin
“Numinous are the Four Leviathans!”

Raviasamin Liftoach Acharayim
“Raviasamin, Open the Backwards Tree!”
Calls Forth the Raviasamin & Calls Upon them to Empower the Witch OR stimulate either the Black Kundalini or the Red Kundalini.

Chants calling upon one of Raviasamin individually can be found by following the hyperlinks below:

Above: My Original Sigil of Taninniver
(Note: When I ‘Spam’ My Articles with Unnecessary Sigils in this Fashion, I do so with the Express Intention of “Spreading the Love” in Regards to Given Demons for Whom Sigils are Difficult if not Impossible to Find Outside of My Work)

Lilith, Eisheth Zenunim, Aggereth, Naamah

Above: My Original Sigil of Aggereth

Laudate Qlindisherethema
“Praise the Four Matron Demonesses of Sacred Sex!”
Qlindisherethema is My Invented Magickal Name for the Four-Goddess Group Known as the Brides of Samael, Queens over Incubi & Succubi, & Matron Demonesses of Sacred Prostitution. The Qlindisherethema Include Eisheth Zenunim, Agrat Bat Mahlat, Lilith, and Na’amah/Nahema.

Lilith, Eisheth, Agrat, Nahema
The Names of the Four Qlindisherethema Recited as a Magickal Chant to Call Them Forth and/or Call Upon them to Strengthen Any Ritual.

Above: My Original Sigil of Eisheth Zenunim


A’athiel, Belia’al, Qemetiel

Avete Athiel, Beliar, Qematial
“Hail Athiel, Beliar, and Qematial!”

Salve Beliaynachera
“Hail the Archdemons of the Trans-Qliphothic Veils!”
The Beliaynachera, Being My Invented Magickal Name for the Three-Member Group of Demons who Rule the Three Veils Before Samael, is comprised of Belial, Athiel, & Qematial.

Salvete Domine Qematriel, Basileus Gothiel, Et Rex Belial-Mortifer
“Hail Lord Qematriel, Lord Gothiel, and King Belial the Death-Bearer!”


Magickal Chants for Necromancy

Obvenite Divi Manes
“Come, Spirits of the Dead!”
Summons a Number of Those Who Died Nameless and Forgotten. Use with Caution, Guidance, Etc.

Pervenite Sapientes Divi Manes– Exanimia Et Ambrosia Venefici
“Come, Wise Spirits of the Dead– Dead and Immortal Sorcerers!”
Summons Forth the Ascended Masters and/or Ghost-Witches Who Venerated the Infernal Divine in Life. Use with Caution, Guidance, Etc.


New Chants for the Goetia

Praedicate Divina Gremory
“Praise to the Numinous Gremory!”

Ave Ambrosia Belua Ex Abysso– Venire Aethereus Gomory
“Hail unto the Immortal Fiend from the Abyss– Come, Everlasting Gomory!”

Inclammo Immortales Haborym
“Hail to the Immortal Haborym!”

Salve Aim Erus Sitra Achara; Venire Haborym Forti
“Hail Aim, the Authority of Sitra Achara; Come, Mighty Haborym!”

Ave Exitosus Induperator Uvall
“Hail to the Destructive Lord Uvall!”

Ave Procell; Adveni Cordatus Crokel
“Hail Procell; Come, Wise Crokel!”

Agios o Balan Arbitrator Acharayim
“Numinous is Balan, Lord of the Backwards Tree!”

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


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