Second Magickal Hymn for Primal Craft

After I wrote and consecrated a magickal hymn to the Trident of Draconian Magick and the Atlantean Current, which Trident consists of Lucifer, Belial, and Hecate. A friend channeled instructions for two additional magickal hymns for the praxis of Primal Craft. This hymn calls to the four demonic princes: Lucifer (also Lucifero or Lumial), Belial/Belias, Uriens, and Hasmodey/Asmodeus. Specific instructions were delineated to him by Hecate and thereupon relayed to yours truly. I have followed the instructions to the letter. Triodathannis is the magickal name that I wrote and consecrated for the Trident– it’s a singular proper noun which refers to Belial, Hecate, and Lucifer as a group. It is magickally charged and somewhat powerful.

Agios Ischyros Genitor Lumiel.
Exsurige Alogos Omnium Genius.
Adlaudate Lucifero, Et Adlaudate Belias,
Agente Ex Sitra Ahra,
Agente Ex Triodathannis.
Dominus Ex Inferno, Rex Meterbuchus!
Invoco Dominus Uriens,
Plasmator Azoth Gehennalis.
Ave Regulus Infernum,
Et Salve Asmoday.
Laudate Genitor Golab.
Agios o Hasmodey!
Salvete Principes Inferni!
Orire Spirituum Sitra De-Smola!
Aur Chashakh Pandendos– Aparete Spirituum Qliphoth!
In Nominibus Et Potestate Triodathannis,
Sub Imperio Et Voluntas Hecate,
Regina Coeli, Regina Terrae, Regina Inferos!
[Numinous and Mighty is Lucifer/ Arise, Patron of the Unwritten Gnosis/ Praise Lucifer, And Praise Belial/ Emissary of the Trident/ And Emissary of the Other Side/ Lord of Hell, King Belial/ I Call Lord Uriens/ Creator of the Black Light/ Hail the Prince of Hell/ And Hail Hasmodey/ Praise the Father of Golab/ Numinous is Hasmodey/ Praise the Father of Golachab/ Hail the Princes of Hell/ Arise, Spirits of the Sinister Left Side/ And Spread the Black Light– Appear, Spirits of the Qliphoth/ In the Names and Powers of the Atlantean Trident/ Under the Dominion and Will of Hecate/ Queen of Heaven, Queen of Earth, Queen of Hell]

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia



3 thoughts on “Second Magickal Hymn for Primal Craft

  1. October or November 2015 I met Lucifer on the street. I found that out only recently. I remember phoning a healer who is Clairvoyant. Days later I walked thru the local park and there was a young man in elegant clothing standing on the street with an I-Phone in his hand pretending to take pictures of the leaves and branches of the trees. I remember that the screen of the I-Phone was black. A scent of good After shave in the air. I said hello, he replied in a calm, somewhat lethargic voice, black eyes. He even looked a bit like this Clairvoyant but why he should stand at a park I am walking thru almost every day? Right in the moment passing him I looked at his side of the throat, there was lilac sigil on his skin like the sigils from Grimoire of Honorius (found out later), like a watered tattoo. After maybe 100 meters I stopped and walked back but he was gone. Disappeared. The sight at the park was good, no places to hide that fast. At the place where he was standing a word was lying on the ground, made of the golden leaves. The same word I visualised a day before before sleeping. The same word. I took pictures and sent them to 2 persons. A physical appearance of Lucifer at a park in Berlin.


  2. Lucifer helps to transcend the Demiurge. He is the one who renders people static, insane, without progress. Steiner was in this case right, Lucifer and Ahriman need to be balanced. I found Buddhistic aspects useful for that: grounding, meditating, balancing, not romantizising, searching miracles etc. Tantric Buddhists were powerful Demonolaters. It is allowed to make mistakes. We are human. The gods errate, too. Lucifer was not cast out, he left. For us. Of course, all of them have their own agendas and secrets. Do we need to be always sure and safe? If you wish that, Magic is definitely not for you. VK, Enoch, Eric – I wish you all great great success on your path. My personal recommendation for sorcery is Madame Cagliastro’s Blood Magic – but do not rash, it is very intense stuff. I love you guys.


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