Magickal Hymn for Primal Craft (Lucifer, Belial, & Hecate)

This magickal hymn calls upon the Trident– Hecate, Lucifer, and Belial– which Trident is comprised of the primary divinities of Primal Craft as codified by Mark Allan Smith in his series of grimoires. The Trident has become integral to the modern Draconian Tradition or Draconian Current as well.

A lot of my articles about deities and gods feature original sigils. If these sigils are of my invention, they appear in lackluster artistic representation on paper and are photographed via cellphone.

This magickal hymn was clearly more important than ones I’ve written before in that it was a gift to a valued friend and a contribution to a wondrous tradition. I made an entire ritual out of consecrating it, which I have never done in the past. I called on Hecate, Aradia, Lucifer, and Belial to empower it.

My magickal hymns may be used for any intention selected by the celebrant. They can be integrated into any ritual to call on the deities named to empower the rite or empower oneself. My magickal hymns can be recited without any added ritual for a specified intent as miniature self-empowerment exercises– one of the advantages of reciting some of my hymns in times when a full ritual cannot be performed is that these hymns will strengthen your energetic resonance with its deities, making it easier to call forth, perceive, and communicate with said deities.

Lykania is the TotBL’s name for Hecate’s lycanthropic aspect, which aspect the TotBL claims is specific to the 218 Current (its tradition). I have always said that currents, as defined in this context, do not exist at all, and the inclusion of a clearly identical lycanthropic aspect of Hecate in Queen of Hell by Mark Allan Smith lends evidence to this standing assertion of mine. Allu is the given title for Hecate’s hellhounds (called Kunes Aidao in Greek).

Queen of Hell makes the assertion that Belial is the same entity as Beelzebuth, and I have verified the accuracy of said assertion with my own guiding spirits, although I doubted it at first. Hence the name Baal Zebul is used in reference to Belial in my hymn alongside Belial’s alternate names Beliar and Belias. Alternate names for Lucifer appear as well, including Lucifero, Lumial, and Lucibel. I am sure you will find this of use.

Concelebrate Divina Lykania,
Matrum Allu, Monstriger.
Salve Erus Lucifer.
O Arbitrator, Admirabilis.
Et Conladaute Belias,
Rex Ghagiel Et Rex Bohu.
Io Domine Belial.
Evoco Megist Baal Zebul.
Concelebrate Cordatus Lucifero,
Aethereus Lumial, Rex Acharayim.
Salve Hekate Trioditis,
Et Salvete Sanguinalis Beliar
Et Praeceptor Lucibel.
Adveni, Spirituum Sitra Achara.
Invoco Deitas Hecate!
[Praise the Divine Mother of Werewolves/ Mother of Hellhounds, Producer of Monsters/ Hail Lord Lucifer/ Oh Master, You are Wondrous/ And Praise Belias/ Lord of the Qlipha of Uranus and the Veil of Emptiness/ Hail Lord Belial/ I Call the Great Lord of the High Place/ Praise the Sagacious Lucifero/ Immortal Lumial, King of the Qliphoth/ Hail Hecate who Frequents the Crossroads/ And Hail the Bloodthirsty Beliar/ And Lord Lucibel/ Come, Spirits of Sitra Achara/ I Call the Goddess Hecate]


10 thoughts on “Magickal Hymn for Primal Craft (Lucifer, Belial, & Hecate)

  1. Let the black earth below me take heed

    And the stars that gaze upon me see

    This deed of witchery

    Resounding forth from my depths

    Lord Lucifer, Horned God of the Sabbat

    The Left Hand Sign I make

    Your cunning to my spirit

    Your instruction upon my rite

    Aperiatur terra, et germinet Lucifer

    Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer

    Lord Belial, Black Lord of the Earth

    I beat the ground for you

    Your strength to my bone and sinew

    Iaus Belial, Agios Ischyros Belial


    Queen of Hell, Royal Lady of the Witchflame

    Keeper of the Secret Keys

    Hekate I salute you

    Your blessings upon this work of Art

    Io Hekate Io Ho

    Ananna Hekate Ayer

    Old Earth and Sky, my limbs I spread

    Make a cross of me!

    Belsabub Goity, Belsabub Beyty

    Atazoth, Azothoz

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  2. Some personal findings on Belial/Beelzebub: one and the same entity oscillating, aspects. Says, Azazel and Paimon are separate beings. Beelzebub more for Witchcraft, Plants, Genetic and physic engineering, Nature Magick, Destruction; Belial more for daily things, shining bright, having success – that type of shit. Completely resistant to banishing, exorcisms etc. Loves to make fools out of wise men. Possession very hard due to the dualistic and toxic effect of his “radiation”, enters the body not like most spirits via the chakras but instead via the neck into the Formatio reticularis (ARAS), causing extreme agitation, exhaustion and drowsiness simultaneously, Transgender Nature and their Patron; some rivality with Lucifer; not a horned deity but a Reptilian appearance, calls, along with Ahriman, most actual deities “synthetic”. Gave a frequency of “713 Hertz” but I dont know the background. Makes hissing sounds, a real King with a 5-toothed crown which holds beneath the both equal dualistic aspects that are finally hold at the bottom of the sigil by a single man, a oneness – man cannot divide duality, he has to take it and has no power out of his own to transcend that without help. If he desires to transcend even without knowing the consequences. Gave a receipe to sort out lesser and higher demons, tricksters etc: take big sugar-crystals, bleed on them, offer: lesser spirits get intoxicated and reveal themselves unwillingly, true demons take and behave constantly. Calls the concept of unconditional love as illusory, like “the love of a dog to his bones buried in the soil.”


  3. You can take raw meat or raw liver, imbibe it magically with information, let it rot and infested with maggots, then take the puppets, put them in a jar and you will have later flies that will carry the specific task. The shamans of the Shuar walk thru the forest and occasionally ingest insects to digest their information and character. Those need to be swallowed alive because the agony in the human stomach adds as death-energy to the other energy forms praeexistent. They also believe that every animal can function as your guide but insects not because they are carrying “evil spirits”.


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