Names: Grimarigor, Rahab, Rahab Seriel, Ramuel, Voviana
D/N: Equally Nocturnal & Diurnal
Color: Black, White, Green, Yellow, Purple
Element: Water (Primary); Fire
Primary Planetary Attribution: Sun
Lesser Planetary Attributions: Earth; Uranus; Jupiter; Venus
Trans-Qliphothic Veils: Tohu; Chasek (Primary)
Primary Qliphothic Attribution: Thaumiel
Lesser Qliphothic Attributions: Samael; Golachab; Satariel
Tunnel of Set: 15 (Ghagiel-Thagirion); Hidden Tunnel
Compass: Northeast (Primary); Southeast
Magickal Numbers: 19, 23, 51, 84, 93, 87, 61, 86, 97, 58
Stellar Attributions (Listed from Primary to Lesser): Algoral, Algol, Sirius, Arcturus

I know of three primordial dragons of Khaos in demon magick: Leviathan (an Aspect of the Devil), Taninsam (an Aspect of Lilith), and Rahab, the most mysterious. I call these spirits the three Leviathans. I have been told that five Leviathans exist, but I sense that there are seven. I simply am not familiar with them.

Update: Cort Williams asked me why I didn’t count Tanin’iver/Taninniver as the fourth Leviathan. I told him that I didn’t consider Taninniver to fall under that category. I had a chat with a demon recently though, and it turns out I was wrong. I do have an invented magickal name which refers to this group of four Leviathans: I call the group Raviasamin.

Rahab is alternately described as male and female alike in Demonology, but his true essence is hermaphroditic. I will use male pronouns for my personal convenience.

Rahab is a primordial demon of the sea. He was amongst the 200 angels known as the Iyrin [Sleepless Ones] and Grigori/Egregoroi [Watchers] which were led by Azael, Semyaza, and Azazel whose desertion of Heaven is described in The Book of Enoch and The Book of Genesis. Rahab is the guardian angel of Egypt, a crowned prince of Hell, and the prince of the ocean. Demonology records his three appearances as (i) a whirlwind, (ii) a woman riding a donkey, and (iii) a water-dragon.

The teachings and auspices of Rahab are useful in endeavors of practical chakra magick, Qliphothic magick, lunar magick, solar magick, earth magick, and the sorcerous mysteries of Uranus. He pursues the furtherance of the Black Lodge– he does not protect members of the Black Lodge, but he does punish those who persecute them.

IMG_0702Above: Original Sigil of Rahab

Rahab holds authority over Daath, Purgatory, and the Vaults of Zin. He is primarily attributed to the Qlipha known as Thaumiel (Neptune & Pluto/Moloch & Satanas), but he is also attributed to all three Qliphas of Sitra Achara’s left column– namely Samael (Mercury/Adramaleck), Golachab (Mars/Asmodeus), and Satariel (Saturn/Lucifage). He is attributed to the fifteenth pathway of the Qliphoth, which Qliphothic tunnel is ruled by Hemethterith and spans the distance between Ghagiel (Uranus/Baelzebuth) and Thagiriron (Black Sun/Belphagore). There are four hidden pathways within the Qliphoth, and Rahab is attributed to one of them as well. He is attributed to two of the Trans-Qliphothic Veils– he is attributed to Tohu (Ain/Qemetiel), but he’s attributed to Chasek (Ain Soph Aur/A’athiel) first and foremost.

Rahab is well-informed regarding street-fighting, modern warfare, police training, martial arts, criminal operations, forensics, assassination, and detective skills. He presides over necromancy, death magick, hydromancy, scrying, tarot divination, divination via Norse runes, and nature magick.

Rahab specializes in astronomy, astrology, and stellar magick. He can teach the witch a lot regarding psychology (not neurology), vehicle maintenance, hormones, Gematria, numerology, Taoism, and Western esotericism. He can impart teachings regarding the O9A’s Tree of Wyrd and he presides over the red and black kundalinis alike. He can ensure that your vehicle stays in top condition. he can empower the magickian through communion with, gnosis of, and operations of alchemy involving nature spirits.

IMG_0703Above: Original Sigil of Rahab

Magickal Chants

Agios o Aethereus Phylarchus Rahab
“Numinous is the Everlasting Prince Rahab”
A Latin chant for calling upon Rahab.

Advoco Ambrosius Vipera, Regulus Magnus, Immortales Rahab
“I Call to the Deified Serpent, Mighty Prince, Immortal Rahab”
A Latin chant for calling upon Rahab.

Diabalachara, Rahab Seriel, Grimarigor, Voviana
This is a magickal chant composed of four god names. Diabalachara is an invented magickal name which can be used to refer to and call on/to any demon, demonic metagod, or group of demons. Voviana is an invented magickal name which can be used to refer to and call on/to any of the four Raviasamin. Grimarigor is just a name for Rahab which I made, empowered, and consecrated myself.

Ramuel Ala-Mashavah Rahab
This chant is comprsied of two names of Rahab and an invented magickal name which can be used to refer to and call on/to any demon, demonic metagod, or group of demons.

Praedicate Dynastes Rahab– Ambroscus Iaculus Ex Chao
“Praise unto Prince Rahab– Immortal Serpent of Chaos”
A Latin chant for calling upon Rahab.

Qodesh La-Rahab Seriel Egregoroi Va-Theli Ha-Sitra De-Smola
“Holy to Rahab Seriel, Watcher and Serpent of the Sinister Left Side”
A Hebrew chant for calling upon Rahab.

Extollate Primordia Goes
Aethereus Ramuel, Ambrosius Hydro
Magna Rahab Seriel, Bellua Ophites Ex Acharayim
Praedicate Patre Prophetarum– Divinus Solaris Stilio
Voco Te Ramuel Forti, Sors Conclamatus Serpentipedi
Antitheus In Abyssum Irent, Xulogos Phylarchus Magia
Cio Aethereus Rahab Dominator Regnum Et Mare
“Praise to the Primordial Sorcerer/ Undying Ramuel, Everlasting Dragon/ Great Rahab Seriel, Viperous Demon of the Backwards Tree/ Praise the Patron over Prophets– Theomorphic Serpent of the Sun/ I Call to the Mighty Ramuel, Fearsome and Serpentine Oracle/ Demon of the Abyss, Black-Light-Establishing Prince Over Magick/ I Call the Eternal Rahab, Lord of Transcendence and Seas”
A magickal hymn in Latin for calling upon Rahab.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


7 thoughts on “Rahab

  1. 7 Leviathans would make sense: the 7 atomic-shells, the core and the K,L,M,N,O,P,Q-shell. 7 Ouroboros. The Mandala is in fact a drawing of the inner structure of the atomic nucleus. Makes all sense. Let them party with Lucifer, we make the Leviathans. ;-))


  2. 23 is an extremely powerful magickal number, 23 chromosomes, the list is long. It is also a secret number of the Adversary. There is a movie called: “23 – Nichts ist so, wie es scheint” a German movie based on a true story about Commodore C64-hacker Karl Koch who probably was killed by the government because he knew too much. The number 23 plays an important role in this film.


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