Naberius (Goetia #24)

Names: Naberius, Nuberus, Nebiros, Naberus, Naburus, Naberios, Cerberos, Cerbere, Cerberus, Kerberos
Subordinates: Ipes, Alefpene’ash, Glasya-Labolas, Ornias
Planet: Venus Illegitima; Pluto; Moon; Neptune; Uranus
Superiors: Astaroth, Tezrian, Uriens, Rahab
Rank: Marquis; Field Marshal; Inspector General
Legions: 19
D/N: Mostly Nocturnal & Yet Functionally Diurnal
Tarot: 7 of Cups
Color: White, Red, Black, Indigo, Green, Violet
Holy Day: Winter Solstice; Halloween; New Year’s Eve
Gematria: 252
Time of Year: Mid-July
Element: Earth; Air; Fire
Compass Direction: North
Zodiac: 20-30 Scorpio
Date: Nov 13-22;
Stellar Attributions: Algol (Primary); Algoral
Primary Qlipha: Gamchicoth (Jupiter/Astaroth)
Secondary Qlipha: Gamalielim (Black Moon/Lilith)
Lesser Qliphas: Thamiel (Neptune & Pluto/Moloch & Satan); Goloheb (Mars/Asmoday)
Attributed Plants, Metals, Etc.: Silver, Jasmine, Ash Wood, Neptunium, Tin, Mullein, Wormwood, Elder Berry

NaberiusAbove: Image of Naberius for Magickal Use and Meditation Journeys
(Picture Credit: GAR/G.A. Rosenberg)

In Greek mythology, Naberius/Cerbere was the offspring of Typhon and Echidna, making him the sibling of Orthus, the Chimera, and the Hydra. While Cerberus was originally depicted with fifty heads and later a hundred, later writers reached the consensus that Cerberus has three heads. There is nothing unusual about the guardian of the Greek underworld appearing in the Ars Goetia, which grimoire also includes Hecate’s son, Mormo/Murmur. Euronymous, originally a spirit of Hades, appears amongst the Nine Demonic Divinities of Traditional Demonolatry, and Hecate’s emissary Gargophias appears as an archdemoness of the Tunnels of Set.

Naberius is a psychopomp who rules the barrier between our world and the spirit plane. In Greek mythology, he acts to prevent the escape of the dead from the underworld. He rules over the faculties of psychic perception, the True Will, alchemy, the Great Work, the bestial manifestation of the Higher Self as the Spirit Animal, mirrormancy, vehicle enchantment, shadowmancy, stellar magick, warding, lunar magick, scrying, tarot divination, pyromancy, hydromancy, necromancy, prescience, the use of fire in magick, and death magick. He can inflict suffering, assault, and tragedy upon any given person.

Naberius can be called upon to control an animal and coerce it to harm things or persons. He can reveal the Hand of Glory help the magickian commune with the Planetary Spirit of the Earth. The spirit can be called upon to give assistance in matters of protection and travel, as well as engender introspective epiphanies of self-understanding and help the magickian overcome addiction. He has authority over the underworld of Greek Paganism as well as Da’ath and a third spirit plane (you’ll know what I’m referring to if you’ve kept up with my YouTube channel).

52977613_599714473788385_1218767107055943680_nAbove: Sigil of Naberius’s Serpentine Aspect Channeled by Augustus Grigori

Kerberos/Naberus can restore lost dignities and honors or divest a person of them. While he is said to present himself as amiable, fair, friendly, and eloquent, his presence intimidates many practitioners of demon magick– which is to say that he emanates fear like Aosoth and Merihim do. This fear will strengthen the spiritual faculties of the witch and strike down mental barriers to spiritual/psychic perception and sorcerous manifestation. Perhaps he only does this sometimes.

Naberius is an insanely powerful and wicked smart emissary of Hecate. He imparts confidence, strength, and courage in the witch. He helps the black magickian do the right thing, conduct herself with honor, and stand up for what she believes in even when it’s hard or scary to do so.

Naberus makes a man  knowledgeable of all arts and sciences– especially rhetoric. He is knowledgeable regarding meteorology, vehicle maintenance, nutrition, neurology, and astrology alike. He can teach the witch about the nature and magickal properties of given vegetables, metals, minerals, and animals. He can give much guidance to preppers and lend guidance in the act of physically barricading/fortifying a home.

In Cerberus’s three-headed form, he has a snake for a tail and a myriad of serpents protruding from his body– a depiction strongly reminiscent of Amon’s depiction in the Ars Goetia. Artwork usually depicts Cerberus with two heads, and occasionally with one. One depiction gives him fifty heads, three of which were dog heads, and the rest of which were the heads of all manner of animal.

An apprentice of mine has seen the spirit manifest as a man in a black trench coat with a black hat and a horde of hellhounds seeing to his intentions. He has appeared to me as a man with snow-white skin and pitch black eyes with two black serpents protruding from somewhere– I think it was his shoulder blades. Mike Belmont describes the demon’s “human” or anthropoid form as appearing with green skin.

He often appears to me as a black dog with completely red eyes, with the look and posture of a gargoyle. One traditional depiction of Cerberus attributes one head of a god and a hundred pythonic heads around it. He is also recorded to appear as a black crane, raven, crow, or cock.

The three heads of Cerberus should be compared to the three heads of Asmodeus and Hecate. Hecate was depicted with three heads long before she was attributed to the moon. Her triple-headed form originally

The numerical value of Naberius’s name in Gematria is 252, which number is equivalent in value to the Hebrew words meaning “To Be Strong/Brave,” “Scatterer,” “Pitchfork,” “Music,” “Den,” “the Light,” and a Hebrew word (Mazzaroth/Mazzarah) which means the 12 Zodiac signs and their 36 constellations.

Magickal Chants

Io Naberius Domnus Kunes Aidao
“Hail to Naberius, Lord over Hell Hounds!”

Salve Sanguinarius Et Sapiens Nebiros
“Hail to the Wise and Murderous Nebiros!”

Adveni Dominator Magnus Kerberos
“Come, Great Lord Kerberos!”

Naburus, Kerberos, Naberios, Cerbere
Magickal Chant Consisting of Four Names for Cerberus/Naberius

Eyan Tasa Volocur Naberius
This is the Traditional Summoning Chant or ‘Demonic Enn’ for Naberius



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-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


8 thoughts on “Naberius (Goetia #24)

  1. After starting to work with Astaroth I was so scared of Cerberus. But, propelling ears and playing acoustic guitar? – he seems to be funny. But at the same time I could feel that he is very powerful. They train you, slowly and with care.


  2. When I summoned him he appeared with a trench coat and a black hat, with kinda a mob boss feel to him. I’m glad my gnosis was backed up! Love a VK!

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