Names: Abraxas; Abrasax
Color: Red; Grey; Blue
Star: Deneb, Algedi, Procyon
Primary Direction: East
Secondary Direction: Northwest
Primary Planetary Attribution: Sun
Secondary Planetary Attributions: Black Sun; Saturn; Jupiter
Lesser Planetary Attribution: Earth
Element: Fire (Primary), Earth (Secondary), Air (Lesser)
Known Incense Preferences: Nag Champa & Spicy Patchouli

“The basilisk is related to the all-powerful Gnostic god Abraxas, ruler of magic and spiritual powers in the universe, who is portrayed in art as having the head of a cock or lion and the body of a man with legs that end in serpents or scorpions.” -Carl Jung

As I will explain in the article to follow, I believe that Abraxas is an avatar of the Cosmic Mind/Supersoul. In my original version of this article, I used the titles “the Absolute” and “the Supreme Being” as synonyms for the Supersoul. I have learned better. The Supersoul is the Cosmic/Created All, but the Cosmic/Created All is far from being “the Absolute” or “the Supreme Being.”

Abraxas was featured as a deity in Egyptian religion, as the Demiurge in Gnostic cosmology, and as a demon in Christian demonology. His conflicting depictions throughout world religion made me hesitant to approach him at first, but I was drawn to him all the same.

I channeled my personal gnosis of Abraxas’s magickal specialties from my guiding demons and found him to not only be phenomenally useful in alchemy but to be potentially one of the best allies that a practitioner of demon magick can have, despite the fact that Abraxas is not really a demon (or the Demiurge). Later on, I asked Nyx whether or not Abraxas was the Supersoul, and she told me that he was. In fact, she specified that Abraxas is a direct projection of the Supersoul into an avatar– a semi-sentient and theomorphic intelligence which can be worshiped, summoned, etc. The Supersoul’s self-projection in the form of the manifest divinity known as Abraxas is a temporary occurrence– it’s the Supersoul’s act-of-manifesting in response to the endeavors of men to contact the Absolute.

I wasn’t going to share my personal gnosis that Abraxas is indeed the Supersoul (or at least, the entity which allows us to commune with it directly) with the public because I thought that I had no right to answer a question of such great importance to the magickian based on my own gnosis, even though I firmly trust my personal gnosis. I thought I should just list Abraxas’s specialties and tell the reader to find her own gnosis about whether or not Abraxas really was the true Supreme Being. Gifted practitioners have since verified the information I channeled.

Abraxas is invested in the furtherance of the Black Lodge. He works to foster the mainstream’s tolerance for the Black Lodge and receptivity to its practices. Despite not being a demon or part of the Infernal Divine, Abraxas facilitates the manifestation of the Black Light within the Cosmos and pursues the furtherance of the phenomenon of the generation of the Black Flame.

The teachings and auspices of Abrasax are apt for the use of Ouija boards and the practice of necromancy. He teaches sex magick and rules fertility. He can help the witch establish genuine, sustained opulence. Abrasax rules the Higher Self, the revelation and experience of the witch’s true physis,* and the Higher Self’s bestial or therianthropic/theriomorphic manifestation as the Spirit Animal.

*Physis is a term from Greek philosophy which refers to the inner nature (both character and spiritual essence) of a person. The word physis carries the philosophical connotation of being an ever-changing emanation of the Numinous.

Abraxas is knowledgeable regarding stellar magick, the use of sensory deprivation in spiritual endeavors, and meditation. Abraxas can help the witch attain gnosis of and control over wyrd (destiny/fate) and glimpse the connections between us all. He can help the witch ascend to the point of apotheosis.

For a list of magickal chants to Abraxas, follow the hyperlink below:

I’m going to provide links to my favorite articles about Abraxas. The first article I will provide a link for has a sigil and a summoning chant for Abraxas.



-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

11 thoughts on “Abraxas

  1. Some niner and his Krishna bullshit. Laughing my ass off. Dude you dont need chvth..you yourself
    as VK. Wife beater tank top smoke in mouth and a broomstick could defeat Krishna.
    I have never in my travels encountered a more
    bloodthirsty concept.


    1. There is truth in what you’re saying, a witch who is self-assured is said to be able to back down deities on her own (I’ve done this). But I wanted to do damage. I felt betrayed. Moreover, the Niner who cursed us always talked about demon magick like it was powerless compared to his Hindu deities. He called on Krishna to curse us both once and Shiva just to curse my apprentice once. Maybe demon magick prevailed. Maybe I prevailed. The point is, fuck Krishna.

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      1. Krishna is extremely dangerous to work with. He steals the butter off your bread. On the other hand, he and Lucifer seem to cooperate to some extent.


  2. “Now, the esotericism of the O9A is a matter of personal interest, and the truth behind Nazi Occultism is a matter that my ex-apprentice was seeking gnosis of because of the past life he had as a Nazi. I know exactly what to infer from this and it will never pass my lips. While my teachings are never disingenuous, the majority of my tradition is secret.”

    Yes, as an African American woman who is New to the Left Hand Path and the study of Demons, I was crushed to learn of the links between Satanism and racism. Heartbreaking. But I Will not let this information deter me from learning as much as I can. I appreciate you even grazing the subject, as you could have chosen not to being it up at all. But, that’s why I respect you so much V.K. I just found out about you yesterday and I have learned so much in just a few hours. I appreciate your contributions to my experience. I just embraced my path as a Black Magickian and I am not going to allow human hatred to stop me as I am positive that the Demons and Lords of the Infernal Realm are likely not racists.😂👌

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    1. The links between Satanism and Nazism are non-existent. While a couple of the first public groups were interested in and even, in one case, aligned with white nationalism, those times have passed.

      I do not like racists at fucking all. I used to think that I could overlook their “differences of their opinion,” I have never met a trustworthy racist in my life.

      My former mentor was black– I overtly left my first mentor for him because I preferred the second one’s tradition. I’ve had Jewish and black apprentices as well.

      The passing curiosity with the truth beyond Nazi esotericism only exists because persons I know practiced it in past lives. That’s all there is to it. I’ve bashed Adolf Hitler’s Occult proficiency and significance and Nazism in general in various articles and videos, and I once cyberbullied a Nazi fan because of his racist bullshit until he cried and praised the Jews in the hope of forgiveness.

      Not to pander to you, but you’ll find that various strains of African spirituality is far more relevant to demon magick than Nazi esotericism. The concept of the brass vessel which Solomon trapped the demons inside is really a telephone-game recollection of a spirit pot.


      1. There are demons like Ose who are associated with Vodou, yes. But in Vodou is a Loa, known as Erzulie Freda, who is racist towards Ghede Nibo but is married also to black Ogoun and Met Agwe. It is everywhere. Satan has its own agenda and also works with racists. It is that some just want to believe that he doesn’t do this. How especially fascist esoteric groups are that good at sensing demons etc? Satan is elitist, Lucifer is anarchist. So finally nobody will know it correctly. Many Bokore in Haiti are racist towards white people and claim that whites simply cannot work with African gods. You will find tons of facts about that shit. In fact, spirits don’t give a shit about our believes. But they give a shit when mages start to mix everything up in their rituals.


  3. Okay, maybe my approach was not efficient and clear enough, but Abraxas is a crazy entity. He wouldn’t stop talking and I probably couldn’t handle his presence. I see it as my personal duty to be grounded enough to be able to handle it next time.

    Oh, by the way, people in the S&S community love you! I mentioned your name and they went crazy lol

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  4. So aside from the Chants to Abraxas, is there a more direct route to summoning him? There is hardly any info in regards to this task. I wish to summon him to guide me to reach the Omega Point.


  5. The link originally posted with the sigils for summoning Abraxas are now broken / gone. Would you still have those images somewhere?


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