Calls to Nyx, Luna, and Hecate

{The falling are my calling-forths of Nyx, Luna, and Hecate which I integrate into my rituals as add-ons. They are very short. The Call to Hecate uses chants from Liber Azerate and the Temple of the Ascending Flame’s mantra of Hecate. While the most well-known magickal numbers of Hecate are 3 and 81, the numbers 9, 10, 11, 14, and 18 are apt for her as well}

The Call to Hecate

Ave Agia! Aperiatur Stella, Et Germinet Agia! Appare Infernales Malefica Trivia! Existe Anassa Eneri! Exorire Inferna Prytania! Enascere Prava Soteira– Aedonaea Gloria! Adorire Phosophoros Domina Wamphyri! Hekate Nyktipolos Sumministra Azoth! Exsurge Genetrix Liparokredemnos!
[Hail Agia/Hecate! Open the Sky, and Bring Forth Agia/Hecate! Manifest, Infernal Witch Trivia! Appear Anassa Eneri! Appear Infernal Prytania! Arise, Vicious Savioress– Glory to Aedonaea! Rise Phosphoros Mistress of Vampyres! Hekate Nyktipolos, Provide the Fifth Element! Rise, Mother Liparokredemnos]

Or-tar-gen-lar (x9)
[(Summoning Chant for Hecate)]

Io Hecate! Ol Oecremi A Micalzo Hecate! Arphe Odzamran Gohed Hecate! Zacam Sa Ol Zodameta Hecate! Ol Oecremi a Micalzo Hecate! Ave Agia!
[Hail Hecate! I Praise the Mighty Hecate! Descend and Appear Everlasting Hecate! I Move You and Conjure You Hecate! I Praise the Mighty Hecate! Hail Agia]

The Call to Nyx

Io Nyx! Ol Oecremi A Micalzo Nyx! Arphe Odzamran Gohed Nyx! Zacam Sa Ol Zodameta Nyx! Ol Oecremi A Micalzo Nyx! Invoco Nyx Philia– Divina Matrona De Augurium! Interveni Nox, Diva Perpetua, Ambrosia Genetrix Nex! Nyx Phylia, Admirabilis, Divina Astraea, Patefi Caelis! Exorire Matercula Nyx! Praevalida Nox Exorna Regnum!
[Hail Nyx! I Praise the Mighty Nyx! Descend and Appear, Everlasting Nyx! I Move You and Conjure You, Nyx! I Praise the Mighty Nyx! I Call the Kindly Nyx– Theomorphic Mother of Enchantment! Come Nox, Eternal Goddess, Immortal Mother of Death! Kindly Nyx, Wonderful Art Thou, Eternal Astraea, Open the Sky! Come Forth Mother Nyx! Mighty Nox Provide Transcendence]

Astraea-Nyx Phylia-Nox (x14)

Above: Original Sigil of Nyx

The Call to Selene

Ave Luna Nocticula! Io Selene! Ol Oecremi A Micalzo Selene! Arphe Odzamran Gohed Selene! Zacam Sa Ol Zodameta Selene! Ol Oecremi A Micalzo Selene! [Hail Luna Who Shines At Night! Hail Selene! I Praise the Mighty Selene! Descend and Appear, Everlasting Selene! I Move You and Conjure You, Selene! I Praise the Mighty Selene]

Luna + Noctiluna + Selene + Phoebe + Cynthia + Phoebe + Mene + Pasiphae
[(This is My Name-Vibration Formula for Selene. It Uses the Name Phoebe Twice)]

Salve Mene Regina Qamar (x3)
[Hail Mene/Selene, Queen of the Planetary Sphere of the Moon]

Veni, Siderum Regina Bicornis (x3)
[Come, Two-Horned Queen of the Stars]

Salve Phoebe-Mene-Selene-Noctiluna-Cynthia! Veni, Siderum Regina Bicornis! Ave Luna Noctilcula! [Hail Mene/Selene, Queen of the Planetary Sphere of the Moon! Come, Two-Horned Queen of the Stars! Hail Luna Who Shines At Night]



One thought on “Calls to Nyx, Luna, and Hecate

  1. Hekas Hekas Este Bebeloi
    Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas
    Proto Eos Mii
    Nama Weica Aster
    Nama Hekau Asenu Sek
    (Call of Opening from Azoetia)
    (Be ye far from Here all ye profane/Ye Gates if the Hidden One be Open/Fir I am Witness to the Dawn of my own Light
    Hail to the Star of Wisdom/Hail to the Spells of the Imperishable Stars)

    “O Nyx, Mother of Mysteries, and all ye golden Astra (stars), who with Selene succeed the powers of day, and thou, numinois three-formed Hecate, who knowest all my enterprises, and dost fortify the arts of witchcraft, I call to thee!”
    (Adapted from a quote of Medea from Ovid’s Metamorphosis)

    Then these calls in order of Nyx, Selene, Hecate

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