Magickal Chants to Moloch

Molock + Melchom + Mulak + Minotaur + Makal + Asterius + Moloch + Malkam + Ignifer + Malik + Milcom
This is a name-vibration formula I consecrated for one of the rituals in my upcoming book. As you can see, it consists off eleven names because 11 is the number of all magick and the Infernal Divine.

Don-Graph + Molock + Melchom + Mulak + Minotaur + Makal + Asterius + Moloch + Malkam + Ignifer + Malik + Milcom + Aeonifer + Goessabim + Xulogos + Semolshedim + Khaosophoros + Ala-Mashavah + Diabalachara + Manifestos + Artorzozam
This is my super-duper overpowered name vibration formula of Moloch, for those super super long rituals. Don-Graph is the number 87 pronounced in Enochian as a magickal word of power. Manifestos and Artorzozam are both words of power for summoning, and the seven names before the word Manifestos (starting with Aeonifer and concluding with Diabalachara) are invented magickal names which are useful in the calling-forth of any demon.

Agios Molekh, Salve Rex Ignifer
“Numinous (is) Molekh, Hail the Fire-Bearing King!”

Baruch Ha-Malcam Melech Ha-Thaumiel
“Blessed is Malcam the King of Thaumiel!”

Aperiatur Acharayim, Et Germinet Makal
“Open the Backwards Tree, and Bring Forth Makal!”

Rex Molock, Rex Athanor, Rex Ignifer
“King Molock, King of the Alchemical Furnace, Fire-Bearing Emperor!”

Qodesh La-Molock Sar Thamiel
“Holy to Molock, Prince over Thamiel!”

Assurge Ignipotens– Concalo Moloch
“Rise, God of Fire– I Call Moloch!”

Erige Moloch-Asterius Rex Mavethol
“Rise, Moloch-Asterius, King of the Qliphoth!”
(this does not mean that he is the only king, nor does it intend to literally ascribe a monarchial structure to the Other Side)

Molock ish Milchamah ve-Sar Thaumiel
“Molock is a Man of War and the Prince of Thaumiel!”

IMG_0696Above: My Original Sigil for Moloch

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


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