Magickal Hymn to the Nine Goetic Kings

{Magickal hymns may be incorporated into any ritual or may be recited alone with a predetermined intent (such as spiritual empowerment) as a spiritual exercise in themselves. This hymn may be recited once or recited repeatedly. The more you work with a spirit, the easier it becomes for you to manifest them. While magickal hymns will generally produce small amounts of spiritual development if recited one time every once in a while as a stand-alone exercise, but the fact is, every time you take the two minutes it takes to empower yourself by reciting one of these hymns, you are developing an energetic rapport with the entity you are calling on that will benefit future workings to them. This hymn calls upon the nine kings listed amongst the 72 demons recorded in a medieval grimoire called the Ars Goetia. I personally empowered the hymn magickally and thereafter asked the Goetikon (i.e. the Metagod comprised of the 72 demons) to consecrate (accept & empower) it as well. While the hymn is written almost entirely in Latin, certain demonological concepts were referred to by their Hebrew names. If this hymn is being recited as a stand-alone exercise, then it may be repeated more than once– 2, 7, 9, & 11 are all numbers conducive to demon magick, so I would recommend the number of repetitions be selected from that list}

Voco Te Acharayim; Invoco Domini De Etz Ha-Daath
Creatores De Lapis Exilis Et Di Omnes Aur Chashakh
Divini Goeteumata Et Traditores De Veneficium
Agios o Belial– Aethereus Mortifer Gloria
Agios Ischyros Basileus Balaam. Agios Es, Ambrosius Arbitrator Bael
Rege Divinus Asmoday. Caelestes Beleth Et Balan Gloriae
Avete Zagam, Beliar, Et Paymon– Divini Sitra Achara
Laudate Domine Paimon; Salvete Zagam Et Vinea
Agios Ischyros Beleth, Divinus Patrona Magnum Opus
Agios o Bael, Rex Qlipha Ha-Nogah. Laudate Rex Vinea
Agios o Pursan; Ave Basileus Asmoday. Advenite Diis Infernum
Venite, Ambrosii Spirituum, Et Germinent Akasha
Incipit Illustratio– Agios Aeon De Drakosophia
[I Call to the Infernal Plane; I Call on the Lords of the Tree of Death/ Creators of the Black Magickal Philsopher’s Stone and Instructors of Witchcraft/ Numinous is Belial– Glory to the Everlasting Bearer of Death/ Numinous and Mighty is Lord Balaam, Numinous Art Thou, Eternal Ruler Bael/ Reign, Immortal Asmoday. Glory to the Eternal Beleth and Balan/ Hail Zagam, Beliar, and Paymon– Gods of the Infernal Plane/ Praise Lord Paimon; Hail Zagam and Vinea/ Numinous and Mighty is Beleth, Eternal Patron of the Great Work/ Numinous is Bael, King of the Venusian Sphere of Hell; Praise King Vinea/ Numinous is Pursan; Hail Lord Asmoday. Come, Deities of Hell/ Come, Immortal Spirits, and Generate the Fifth Element/ Let the Enlightenment Being– Numinous (is the) (Coming) Aeon of the Current of the Adversary]


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