The Incantation of the Qliphothic Pearl

{This 15-stanza incantation may be used at the end of any rite or spell of self-initiation, self-empowerment, or self-transformation. It uses two chants from Book of Belial and one from Modern Demonolatry— these three chants serve to empower any rite of demon magick. The remainder of the incantation consists of my own original chants, which chants I have personally written, empowered, and consecrated (it’s a three-step process). These chants call on all manner of demons to strengthen the effects of your rite or empower the celebrant directly. It calls on Phenex, the Lords of the Three Veils Before Samael, Amaymon, Amprodias, Qalilitu, Curiel, the Four Brides of Samael, Raflifu, the Three Leaders of the Grigori/Watchers (i.e. the Three Primary Fathers of the Nephilim),  the First Two Magickal Adepts (i.e. Cain/Qayin and his Wife Luluwa/Qalmana), and Amducious. This incantation may be recited once or multiple times: I would recommend twice as two is the number of the Infernal or seven times if the witch won’t be overwhelmed (seven is the number of all things magickal, infernal, and demonic). The numbers 9 and 11 are also wonderful for demon magick.
Don’t worry about your ability to pronounce the words and names– simply do your best and it will be more than enough. There is no need for you to be familiar with all of the entities called upon. Make sure to FOCUS on the desire to empower yourself and your rite as you recite this incantation– the better you focus, the more powerful it’ll be}

Et Revertetur Ad Tenebras!
Melus De Quo Magma!
Salve Phenex Pater Kelippot!
Salvete Domine Qematriel, Basileus Gothiel, Et Rex Belial-Mortifer!
Salve Amaymon Pater Sitra Ahra!
In Nomine Domine Amprodias, Aperiatur Kliffoth!
Qalilitu Venire Et Germinet Xul!
Curiel Liftoach Qlipha Ha-Thaumiel!
Lilith, Eisheth, Agrat, Nahema!
Domine Raflifu, Agente Ex Qliphoth, Gloria! Veni!
Invoco Azza-Shemhazai, Venire Azael, Voco te Azazel Rex Thaumiel!
Voco te Luluwa– Invoco Qayin– Spirituum Inferni!
Agios Ischyros Amducious Rex Kliffot!
Porro Triumphator In Inferno Sunt!
Agios o Sitra Ahra– Drakosophia Gloria!
[And All Returns to Darkness/ Reality Emanates from the Demonic/ Hail Phenex, the Father of the Infernal Plane/ Hail Lord Qematriel, Lord Gothiel, and King Belial the Death-Bearer/ Hail Amaymon, Father of the Infernal Plane/ In the Name of Lord Amprodias, Open the Qliphoth/ Qalilitu, Come and Manifest the Black Light/ Curiel, Open the Plutonic-Neptunian Sphere of the Qliphoth/ (the Names of the Four Brides of Samael)/ Lord Raflifu, Emissary of the Qliphoth, Glory to You! Come/ I Call to Semyaza, Oh Come Azael, I Call to King Azazel of Thaumiel/ I Call to Luluwa, I Call to Qayin, Spirits of the Infernal Plane/ Numinous and Mighty is King Amducious of the Qliphoth/ Victory Resides with the Infernal/ Numinous is the Infernal Plane– Glory to the Current of the Adversary]


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